Logon not secure?

While logging in I got a warning of 'no secure connection' :# . Passwords are unprotected (or at least send unprotected) at the moment. With all the trading going on... be advised.


  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 32,024Chief of Staff
    Thanks for letting us know, RT. If anyone else comes across something similar please log it here.
  • SiCoSiCo EnglandPosts: 1,360M
    Hi, this has come about because the browsers are updating how they handle passwords. I will move the site to a secure URL which will fix the problem.

    Rest assured that the site is no less secure than it ever was. Just in the old days it wasn't deemed necessary to have a secure connection unless it was for credit cards, banks etc. Times have changed and I am just a bit slow to with keeping up!!

    The secure connection simply encrypts your password when you try to login. The URL is all working it's just you get a white unstyled website when you visit it! https://www.ajb007.co.uk please be advised that the secure and non secure site act as different sites. I.e logging in on one does not log you in on the other.

    I will get this tidied up on Monday.
  • RAINbowTRAILRAINbowTRAIL AmsterdamPosts: 77MI6 Agent
    Thanks for the answer!
  • SiCoSiCo EnglandPosts: 1,360M
    This is now fixed.

    From here on out whenever you access www.ajb007.co.uk you will always be using the secure version of the site.

    You should see the padlock in the address bar and in some browsers it will say 'Secure'.

    If you notice any issues or any pages where (particularly noticeable in Google Chrome) the padlock does not appear or the address bar does not say 'Secure' please let me know.

    The secure domain will always be prefixed with https:// (the non secure was http://)
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