picture links down and a fix

As I'm sure you've all noticed all pictures embedded from are no longer working. I don't know if this is permanent. For the time being at least you can fix the links by editing your post and changing to wherever it appears in the link. I've fixed some links here and on the forum using this substitution.

Likewise you can view others' pictures by clicking on the link and changing 'org' to 'cc' in the url.


  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 33,211Chief of Staff
    Thank you! {[]
  • Rainier WolfcastleRainier Wolfcastle Posts: 484MI6 Agent
    It's a shame that so many of the photos are no longer visible. :# Especially as the photos are not really lost or deleted - just the link addresses have changed.

    Would it be possible for SiCo, with a few magic lines of code, to replace the "" with "" in every link on the whole forum? :007)
  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 33,211Chief of Staff
    Good question. That would be up to him, of course, and I've no idea how long and complicated a job it would be.
    I wouldn't mind fixing one or two specific links if they're pointed out below, if that helps.
  • SiCoSiCo EnglandPosts: 1,360M
    Long time coming but fixed.
  • JTMJTM Posts: 3,027MI6 Agent
    I didn't even know changing all instances of something on a site was possible, but it's worked and hundreds of pics are now brought back to life! Much appreciated Simon -{
  • Westward_DriftWestward_Drift Posts: 2,898MI6 Agent
    Woo Hoo. Glad to be obsolete. :)) :)) :))
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