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Just saying hello to the Bond community having just joined this forum. My first cinema Bond film was "The Man With The Golden Gun" when I must have been eight. I have seen every Bond film in the cinema since. I'm not a hardcore Bond fan but have visited the Bond In Motion exhibition (brilliant!) and been to see Q The Music Show, again superb. I look forward to each new movie instalment to see how the franchise is evolving.

My partner and I have just started our 007 Lottery. We put all the titles of the movies into an envelope - the M-velope :)) and pick one out at random on a Saturday night to watch (HD blu ray of course). We are three weeks in and have had a Craig, a Brosnan and a 60s Connery. Its been great re-evaluating the merits of the Bond canon on a random basis. I have enjoyed all the Bond actors, different from each other but embodying the essential ingredient that makes James Bond unique. I am sure we are all frustrated at the delays to No Time To Die, but we'll get there eventually. I'll continue to peruse the forum for others opinions as I am always interested in how others perceive the movies.


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    Hi again, skaro66 (love the name, btw). We have a dedicated thread to say hello, etc and it's here https://www.ajb007.co.uk/topic/34154/welcome-comings-goings/page/99/ so I've closed this one. No worries.

    In the Off-Topic Forum you'll find that we have been watching the Bond movies recently and having a great time. We didn't put the titles into an M-velope :)) , though. We've now watched them all (inc CR67) and have branched out to other movies (the first Austin Powers was on Friday). Please, join in with us!
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