Chivers Audio Books - read by David Rintoul

I recently managed to complete my collection of these! thats the first 14 written by Fleming and read by David Rintoul (except the Rula Lenska one obviously). Plus 2 I didnt know existed until recently written by John Gardner, also read by Rintoul with the same box art and all. So thats all 16!

Anyway I have converted these to MP3 and have been listeneing to them in order since November time and im only half way through Dr. No. It occured to me that you chaps might also appreciate these hard to find audio books, if so drop me a message or email and we'll sort something out. Im not selling for profit but if you cover the post and cd costs you can have yourselves a copy :).


  • candyman2candyman2 BedfordshirePosts: 39MI6 Agent
    Had a few enquiries about these, they are all the unabridged versions, mostly 6-8 hours or so each.

    1 - Casino Royale
    2 - Live and Let Die
    3 - Moonraker
    4 - Diamonds are Forever
    5 - From Russia with Love
    6 - Dr No
    7 - Goldfinger
    8 - For Your Eyes Only
    9 - Thunderball
    10 - The Spy Who Loved Me
    11 - On Her Majestys Secret Service
    12 - You Only Live Twice
    13 - The Man with the Golden Gun
    14 - Octopussy
    15 - Nobody Lives Forever (gardner)
    16 - Licence to Kill (gardner)

    and all were this style of box art:


  • David SchofieldDavid Schofield EnglandPosts: 1,528MI6 Agent
    Highly recommend these.

    Rintoul's Bond can slip into cod-Connery from time to time, but being unabridged they wonderfully highlight Fleming's superb writing.

    What could be better - out and about or in the car with Fleming's brilliant words in your ear. Forget the films; this is th real James Bond.
  • candyman2candyman2 BedfordshirePosts: 39MI6 Agent
    any more for anymore on these?
  • James BoldmanJames Boldman Amherst, MAPosts: 456MI6 Agent
    Thanks for shipping them as quickly as you did to me in the states! I'm listening to them now. Anyone thinking about getting theses need not worry, this guy is on the up and up!
  • alexeberlinalexeberlin Posts: 104MI6 Agent
    thank you very much candyman2
  • LadybondLadybond Posts: 1MI6 Agent
    :)Thank you so much I have been trying for quite some time to collect David Rintoul reading James Bond and have a few but to have the complete set would be fantastic!!! Kind regards-{
  • LexiLexi LondonPosts: 2,973MI6 Agent
    PM sent :D
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  • fredfernlyfredfernly Posts: 1MI6 Agent
    I was glad to get these so quickly; my local library threw out all their audio cassettes including some of these! David Rintoul is much better than other readers I've heard. Thanks, Candyman2!
  • tobypricetobyprice Posts: 1MI6 Agent
    just sent you an email - would be great to get hold of some of these!
  • candyman2candyman2 BedfordshirePosts: 39MI6 Agent
    emailed you back mate
  • BasildonBondBasildonBond Leeds, UKPosts: 49MI6 Agent
    Hi Candyman2,
    Just PM'ed you about these.
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  • candyman2candyman2 BedfordshirePosts: 39MI6 Agent
    anymore for anymore :)
  • Leeloo SquirrelLeeloo Squirrel Posts: 1MI6 Agent
    Please please please dont tell me am too late! Desperate to get copies of Dr No, Live and Let Die, The man with the golden gun and On her Majestys Secret Service. The Chivers audio books were fantastic, and have listened to most versions on the market! Can you help?
  • candyman2candyman2 BedfordshirePosts: 39MI6 Agent
    No problemo :)

    ANyone else want these, im burning all the audio books in MP3 format onto a dvd disc (5gb) then you can load them onto your pc. Im shipping worldwide and only charging to cover my costs.
  • mrpmrp Posts: 1MI6 Agent
    Hi Candyman2,
    I am a great fan of Fleming, Bond and Audiobooks.hanks
    I would love to get a copy of your DVD if its still available.
  • candyman2candyman2 BedfordshirePosts: 39MI6 Agent
    Yes, PM'd you my details
  • candyman2candyman2 BedfordshirePosts: 39MI6 Agent
    Im still around if anyone else would like the set of MP3's :)
  • Smithers500Smithers500 Spectre IslandPosts: 1,032MI6 Agent
    Hello Candyman 2, I'll have a copy please, if you send me a PM with the details, costs etc, thanks.

    I have most of the originals on cassette and can't recommend them enough, but wanted them on cd, now I've got an i-pod and can't think of a better addition -I take it you can sync these to an i-pod? (tech things go over my head :s), thanks.
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  • David SchofieldDavid Schofield EnglandPosts: 1,528MI6 Agent
    PM sent.
  • candyman2candyman2 BedfordshirePosts: 39MI6 Agent
    edited February 2011
    All mailed out today guys!

    if anyone is interested, these are all the covers form the original cassettes, none of which I own anymore! :))








  • candyman2candyman2 BedfordshirePosts: 39MI6 Agent
    Im still around should anyone want these fab audio books in MP3.
  • Aston Martin DBSAston Martin DBS Derbyshire, EnglandPosts: 650MI6 Agent
    Does anyone have any hi-res copies of the audiobook covers they would be willing to share please?

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  • Jib21Jib21 Derby, UKPosts: 12MI6 Agent
    I wouldn't mind the Gardner ones if they're still available?
  • MooChaqaMooChaqa Posts: 6MI6 Agent
    Wow. I know I'm late to the party but damn I would like to get hold of these. Been searching for the Rintoul recordings for ages!
  • candyman2candyman2 BedfordshirePosts: 39MI6 Agent
    Dont worry, im still here :)
  • Odd_Job_007Odd_Job_007 Posts: 1MI6 Agent
    Hey Candyman2,

    I've just sent you an email hoping that you still have a copy of these excellent books on mp3

    Aware that this is an old posting and not sure if candyman2 is still a member... so if anyone else has a copy of these on mp3 i'd be really greatful for a copy!

    All the best,
  • candyman2candyman2 BedfordshirePosts: 39MI6 Agent
    Im still around :D

    pm'ing you
  • Guntram ShatterhandGuntram Shatterhand Posts: 1MI6 Agent
    Wow, those covers bring back memories :) I listened to them all on tape in the mid 90s, and irritated many a librarian with late returns :)

    If possible, I'd love to get copies of them if they're still available.

    If you could, email me at or PM me on here. Thanks so much for making these available as I've been looking all around for them!
  • shakersshakers Posts: 1MI6 Agent
    just listened to diamonds are forever and loved it just PM 'd would love a copy :)
  • drew_mdrew_m Posts: 1MI6 Agent
    Hi candyman2, I know it's been a few years since you started this thread, but I was wondering if you were still making copies of the audiobooks?

    I first listened to these when I was 15 and I really want to relive them! I can't find them anywhere else.

    Please candyman2, you're my only hope!
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