Chivers Audio Books - read by David Rintoul



  • candyman2candyman2 BedfordshirePosts: 39MI6 Agent
    Hi, yes still able to do these, PM'ing you now to get your details!
    pmo1985 wrote:
    Hello @candyman2- I'm hoping to prevail upon you regarding the Rintoul collection. Hope I'm not too late! Just joined tonight :)
  • DigitguyDigitguy Posts: 1MI6 Agent
    Candyman2.....I stumble upon your site while trying to locate a copy of these audio books....Are these still available.....I have a friend who might be interested in acquiring a set of these......
  • scubamasterscubamaster Posts: 1MI6 Agent

    Hello Candyman2, likewise left you a message

  • Rintoul16Rintoul16 Posts: 7MI6 Agent


    Are you still doing copies of these audiobooks?

    Happy to cover costs.


  • DutchJamesBondFanDutchJamesBondFan the NetherlandsPosts: 398MI6 Agent

    Hi, I'd really like to have a copy of these! I've already listened to Goldfinger on YouTube which was marvelous. Thanks in advance! :)

    MI6Community: DoubleOGeauss
    YouTube: DutchJamesBondFan
  • candyman2candyman2 BedfordshirePosts: 39MI6 Agent

    Hiya, not checked the board for a while sorry, hopefully I have rel=plied to you all now.

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