Fleming and The Man from UNCLE



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    chrisno1 said:

    Miss Diketon - did they misspell that...?


    ha, if you notice I had to edit my post because I originally misspelled her name!

    At least in the first half she really likes Ilya, just not in a normal healthy way. I didn't watch the second clip, because I don't want to spoil the exciting conclusion for myself, but I'm assuming she doesn't like Leticia Roman's character, yet nonetheless finds the violence arousing. That thing where she catches her breath with the satisfied smile after she kills is totally what Xenia Onatopp would be doing 30 years later.

    Looking at her bio, Janet Leigh has done a lot of films I like, not just Psycho but Touch of Evil and the Manchurian Candidate, and I'd forgotten she was in Harper. So now this fine performance can join that list. I'd never really noticed her cheekbones before but I suddenly see the facial resemblance between her and daughter Jamie Lee.

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    Janet Leigh, a wonderful and underrated actress. It's sad that today she's mainly remembered for taking an unfortunate shower when she was in so many other good or great films.

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    That first clip I do seem to remember from my youth - this is quite nasty, sadistic stuff isn't it? I suppose the whole 'thank you' stuff is similar to Fatima Blush being given her kill by Largo in NSNA. It did seem to me that UNCLE did have that slightly pornographic side to it, odd that it was pitched more as for the kids than Bond.

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    reopen Channel D

    I might as well complete my report on The Concrete Overcoat Affair, as it'll be a while before I get to the end of Season 3.

    Secondary plot involves Solo hiding in the bedroom of a young lady in Sicily to evade the bad guys, then being forced into a shotgun wedding because he has robbed her of her honour. Her uncles are all mafiosos, played by vintage gangster cinema actors from the 20s and 30s. If you watch close you can even spot an Elisha Cook cameo, don't know why they wouldn't give him a bigger role.

    Solo's absolutely no productive use during part 1, Ilya probably could have saved the world all on his own if it weren't for Solo's problems with would-be inlaws repeatedly complicating matters.

    Second half we get a vast high tech villains headquarters, worthy of one of the better Bond films. On its own island, hundreds of minions, blinking lights and a wide variety of deadly gadgets, and an evil plot to start Global Warming 50 years early. There's even a big baddy behind our principal baddies, played Will Kuluva, who had been the original UNCLE boss Mr. Allison as seen in the pilot and first film. Fired by the teevee network from a good job as boss of the good guys, he gets his revenge as boss of the bad guys! This last half is actually better than the typical Bond finale, because of the character dynamics within THRUSH. Palance tells Kuluva he is dissatisfied with Leigh's performance and wants to have her transferred to another department, and Kuluva says might as well just have her killed, save the paperwork.

    and if you think the mafioso content is silly, consider their position in the plot structure is almost that of the Union Corse in the much revered oh-so-serious OHMSS...

    ...the shotgun wedding of course. But Waverly plans to destroy the island headquarters with a missile strike while Ilya nd the young Sicilian lady are still held prisoner. Solo has to recruit the mafiosos to launch his own attack and infiltrate the island and save the world. Thats pretty much the last act of OHMSS

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    Wasn't some of this is The Spy With The Green Hat?

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    precisely:  The Spy With The Green Hat was the feature film repackaging the same material. Starting with the second season, all the two-parters were repackaged as feature films. In all movie versions I've seen so far there is more sex and violence than than the teevee versions, which I why I'm eager to see what Janet Leigh gets to do in the film that she couldnt do on primetime teevee.

    Will Kuluva's big baddy behind the other baddies is the titular spy with green hat.

    ironically it is Ilya who kills this character. In real life, the network executives saw the pilot and told the producers to fire the guy whose name begins with K, whatever he's called. They meant the character Kuryakin. The producers thought they meant the actor Kuluva and replaced him with Leo G Carroll. A year later when David McCallum became a popculture phenomenenon especially with the young ladies in the audience, the network declared firing the wrong man was the best mistake they ever made. So now the poor actor gets to return to the show he was fired from, and its the character who was supposed to be fired that kills him off!

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