Fleming and The Man from UNCLE



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    napoleon sez:

    Well, I got around to scanning the 1983 edition of the US magazine Starlog. ... And here's the George Lazenby interview, I think CR's Barry Nelson gets a go too!

    excellent @Napoleon Plural those are nice clear scans and a fine addition to our scholarly archives

    napoleon also sez:

    However, my memory fails me because though some of what I've scanned re the Lazenby interview is interesting, I can find zero reference to his Return of the Man from Uncle film cameo. 

    no its there in the third and fourth paragraphs, he said he took the part "because they paid me!"

    I gotta say he does come off as clueless all these years later, and bitter. He says he cant get work because he played Bond! His idea of getting Blood Sweat and Tears to perform the theme isn't so bad though, they were a horn-driven jazz rock group, their sound might've fit. Our pal @Higgins will appreciate the insight that James Bond is not supposed to cry!

    The Barry Nelson interview is quite interesting too. he on the other hand comes across quite humble, and its interesting to get some insight to how that TV special was made because we know so little about it. That bad script he didnt like was co-written by Charles Bennett who worked on Hitchcock's 30s spy films!

    napoleon if you don't mind, I think I'll link back to your post from the OHMSS and Climax Mystery Theatre threads, because people might not find it otherwise, and there's good info in both those interviews.

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    Oh yeah! Was in such a hurry to scan the thing I didn't really read it and spot the UNCLE mention - you'd think they'd have got in a picture from it!

    If you want to link that to another thread, fine, or upload the pictures again, I don't mind either way.

    At some point I may upload the pics from the earlier Starlog edition about the 1983 Bonds, in another thread as it has no UNCLE connection.

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    @Barbel found this one

    a nice half hour review of the UNCLE series, covering the basics of the history accompanied by a good selection of clips to give you a taste, from the Stam Fine Reviews channel

    I especially appreciated all the clips from the Girl from UNCLE, as its almost impossible to find those episodes online

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