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    Taiga TS2, the first production electric snowmobile. it can do 0-100 km/t in three seconds, but it doesn't have the range of petrol engine snowmobiles. They're more quiet however. The Canadian military are looking for a hybrid snowmobile where they can switch from a conventional engine to electric to go quiet. That sounds Bondian to me.

    Video: Electric Drag Race! - Taiga Electric Snowmobile VS Tesla Model S 85D - YouTube

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    It would be a shame if no future James Bond movie feature a skiing scene in the Lofoten islands in northern Norway 😀

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    The Lofoten island have never been filmed in any international movie. If Bond uses these locations the series will be first to show this wealth of spectacular locations. Here's a drone wideo of the hightest quality to show the area in the summer: Lofoten Islands, Norway 🇳🇴 - by drone [4K] - YouTube

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    Not really a location, but I's love it if we get ski scenes of this quality in a Bond movie in the future:

    Markus Eder's The Ultimate Run - The Most Insane Ski Run Ever Imagined - YouTube

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    That was a brilliant video; thanks for posting it! The castle-type building he skis through towards the end of the video would be a decent Bond location. Perhaps an ally is captured and held there and needs rescuing?

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    Yes, great video. That snow castle reminded a lot of the 007: Nightfire level 'The Exchange'. Drone footage such as what's seen from around the 7-minute mark should really be taken advantage of for future Bond chases.

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    Sub-Saharan Africa has barely been in Bond movies. Ethiopia seems like a great place to start!

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    The real Montenegro has real potential!

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    I've mentioned the posibility of Bond movies using drone taxis earlier. Bond has used cutting edge transportation before and I think passenger drones would fit this tradition nicely. I doesn't have to be in an action scene, it could just be a way to make a exposition scene or transportation scene more visulally interesting. Maybe Bond visits the blillionaire villan by a passenger drone?

    Here is a short video of a taxi drone being tested in Dubai back in 2017. My guess is the first regular taxi drone service will be in service during Bond7's tenure.

    Dubai's flying taxi – the volocopter – takes first flight - Bing video

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    I don't think I've contributed to this thread yet. My thoughts on this topic so far as to where Bond should go next are:

    1) Spain- Madrid or Barcelona- or Lisbon in Portugal. We've seen Bond visit Italy lots of times now, so how about somewhere else in the Mediterranean?

    2) Eastern Europe. Okay, Bond visited the former Czech Republic in TLD. But much of Eastern Europe remains unexplored by 007- I'm thinking specifically Poland, Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. Perhaps a story where Bond gets involved with Russian intrigue in the Baltic states?

    3) The Arctic or Antarctic. A story where Bond has to survive extreme conditions at the North or South Pole while tracking a villain?

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    Chefchauouen in Marocco is mainly painted in shades of blue and very photogenic:

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    I've suggested the beautiful and stunning Moscow underground stations a number of times before. Given the current affairs I don't see Bond filming in Russia this decade, so if they do the station it has to be a set. The Moscow underground has a Flemming connection. The underground system was constructed in the 30's by British engineers. This being Stalin's Soviet Union they were charged with espionage. Fleming was one of the journalists covering the show trails.

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    It strikes me that the Bond movies didn't use the opportunity of a more open Russia from 1991 to the big war in Ukraine started earlier this year. Yes, there was GE. But that was the only time the series had Russia as a real location in the thirty years the chance was there. You can say a lot of negative things about Russia these days, but I hope we can all agree the country is full of places that are perfect for James Bond.

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    I have heard that even at its most open, Russia was difficult place to film both financially and security-wise. I agree entirely about the phenomenal locations, however. It is a shame.

    Locations depend on plots, of course, but Jordan's Wadi Rum would be an amazing location and as western militaries train and advise there, it shouldn't be too difficult to find a reason for Bond to go there. Just not as some giant exploding villain's lair, however!

    I was there when Spectre came out and there were posters advertising it all throughout Amman, so I think the Jordanian people would be pretty excited too.

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    After overusing Italy, Turkey and the Alps region in the DC movies I hope the series will use locations that few have seen in movies before. One example is Georgia, and I'm talking about the country in the Caucasus and not the state in the USA. Georgia is a beautiful and exotic country. It's also worth mentioning that Russia has "peace keeping" forces in the Abkhazia and South Ossetia regions and has recognized them as seperate republics. Sounds familiar? One can easily imagine a PTS where 007 is up against agents in Georgia. It's not said what country the agent are from, but it's implied.

    Russian "peace keepers" in Georgia.

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    These are illustrations of two planned ships from Ulstein Maritime, a local shipyard that develops and makes high-tech prototypes for ships. The ships run on zero emission thorium and the illustrations looks like it's taken from a Bond movie!

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    The next Mission Impossible movie will shoot (among other locations) in Bergen and Svalbard/Spitsbergen. Tom Cruise is using up some of the best locations in Norway while Bond movies have been shot in Italy and Turkey at a stately pace. Will a third MI movie shoot in Norway by the time Bond26 gets made, I wonder?

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    The ships are very Bondian to look at, but in one respect not particularly sensible safety-wise. If there was an accident, that matt midnight blue or matt olive would be very difficult to see by search-and-rescue teams if it ran into trouble in an open ocean, especially if it capsized, and even more so in a remote fjord. Just what the villain wants, but not great for the average sea-goer (not that I'd say no to one, or even no to a trip in one, of course!).

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    I think ships' keels are usually painted dark red. Is it because of some special chemical to repell the kind of things that grow on ships (my English fails me) or for the reason you mention? I don't know.

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    you mean like Barnacles?

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    Great flat-footed grizzly bear! It is! 😁

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    Good question N24. I've always assumed that polar-region ships have red hulls so that they can be more easily spotted if they capsize, but perhaps it is a barnacle-deterrent!

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    I've googled it and to my mild surprise and great joy I was partially right! Back in the age of sailships barnacles were an even greater problem. They painted the hills with copper oxide that's poisonous to barnacles and is red. Now other chemicals are used on the metal keels, but they are usually red because of tradition.

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    If the bond movies need a small airport location in spectacular/beautiful surroundings? They can do much worse than Værøy in the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway. For some insane reason the location has never been used in movies.

    Location on Google Maps (just to see how far north and isolated Værøy is) : https://www.google.com/maps/place/V%C3%A6r%C3%B8y+flyplass/@60.1387688,0.0422984,4.5z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0x45de2ddbcf60af7b:0x95254d10854d7e79!8m2!3d67.6895718!4d12.6772443!16s%2Fm%2F043kmd2?hl=no

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    First of all I'd like to encourage other members to post in this thread! ☺️

    Mission Impossible and Tom Cruise are filming on the Svalbard islands in the Arctic. In my opinion Bond26 should be filming there right now instead:

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    Couldn't agree more N24, would love to see some Bond Artic Circle action.

    "Any of the opposition around..?"
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    I've posted more than once about the Loen Skylift and the Hoven restaurant on the mountain at the end of the gondola ride. But this isn't the only restaurant in this region with a gondol and a spectacular view. Eggen restaurant is in Rauma, not far from where Tom cruise will make a parachute landing in the next MI movie. I think this will look great in a Bond movie!

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    Using locations in sub-Saharn Africa is long overdue. I listened to a podcast about Nigeria the other day and heard about Makoko, a suburb of the mega-city Lagos and the world's largest floating slum. Makoko has 250 000 people and is sometimes called "the Venice of Africa". I'd love to see a speedboat chase in Makoko. Such a scene will remind fans of TMWTGG and maybe TWINE, but it could be a far larger and more dramatic sequence. Imagine 007 in a car chase that starts in the city center, a good way to show the modern and more affluent part of Africa:

    The chase goes on and 007 and the villain switches to narrow and fast boats and continue into Makako:

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    This ... building ... structure was opened last year in Rosendal just north of Bergen in Norway:

    It's called Rosendal Salmon Eye and it's an aquaculture "learning experience" about salmon.

    The place also has a gourmet restaurant, and unsurprisingly it focuses on seafood.

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    I'm watching a documentary about the only country starting with an O - Oman on the Arabian peninsuala. This is the sort of place future Bond movies should get as a location isntead of endless revisits to Italy and Turkie.

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