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    I've mentioned Stone Town in Zanzibar before, but I think this is the type of location Bond should thrive on. "Everyone" hasn't been there yet, and the place is stunning and exotic.

    Apparently the doors in Stone Town are a sight to be seen.

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    Good call ! I like that !

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    James Bond goes globe-trotting in this years AJB007 Christmas Special!

    Read it here: https://www.ajb007.co.uk/discussion/56289/the-ajb007-christmas-special-2023#latest

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    Or is this "should've been past Bond locations"? I mean, how could the location managers miss Hotel Jested (apart from the fact that it was in communist Czechoslovakia)?

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    The hotel would've been the perfect lair for Hugo Drax, don't you think?

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    Here are the countries and regions I most want to see as Bond locations:

    - India. I'm sure the country has far more to offer than what we saw in OP, a movie that's over forty years ago.

    - The Arctic or Antarctica. Finding places where very few has been is much harder now than in the 60's, but these places are still exotic to almost everyone.

    - Africa south of the Sahara. Rarely visited by people from the rest of the world and very under-used in movies. Exotic and exciting.

    - Georgia. Not the US state, but the small country in the Caucasus. Very beautiful and as far as I know unused in big movies.

    - A major city covered in snow. A city in one of the Nordic countries or Canada perhaps?

    - Norway. No surprise there. Especially the fjords on the west coast.

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    India is the one that comes to my mind quite often too when this question is raised: proper modern India rather than the tourist version in OP. It's such an important country it's not hard to imagine espionage going down there.

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    It's time for Bond to ski again and of course spend time in front of the fireplace with a beautiful woman in a luxurious cabin. this type of cabin would be perfect!

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