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    OGG007 wrote:
    4. Thunderball
    Connery Bond looks great in GF, but he never looks sexier or acts more suave than the epic movie of Thunderball. Domino is one of the best Bond girls, Connery Bond is hilarious every moment he's on screen, and give or take some scenes that drag on too long, and this movie has some great action, and iconic scenes. I used to really dislike this movie, but after a recent viewing, I appreciate it more. Though.. there are some, awkward and .. strange scenes in the movie I can't help but dread everytime I watch the movie. In a lot of ways, It's better than GF. It's not perfect, but it doesn't deserve all the flak it gets.
    It ranks at number eighteen in my overall list.

    I'm curious as to know what particular scenes you are referring to? Dalton in 'LTK' when he looks at Pam Bouvier and his eyes are about to explode or Moore in 'TMWTGG' when he chases Nick Nack around a cabin I can relate to as being cringeworthy.

    I think the choreography at the end in the 'Disco Volante' leaves a lot to be desired but I can't honestly think of any strange or awkward moments in the film at all.

    I have always seen the spine-stretching scene as if Connery Bond was humping the machine. The close up thrusting motions it makes doesn't help either. Bond almost blackmailing and threatening the nurse/employee to have sex in the beginning of TB always seemed hard to explain to non-Bond friends, and the ending scene with the projection hasn't aged well.

    But they don't bother me really, I just like the other films more, just as I also like Thunderball.
    1. TLD 2. CR 3. OP 4. OHMSS 5. FYEO 6. AVTAK 7. TSWLM 8. GF 9. FRWL 10. SF 11. LTK 12. TB 13. QOS 14. YOLT 15. LALD 16. DN 17. TWINE 18. GE 19. TND 20. MR 21. TMWTGG 22. SP 23. DAF 24. NSNA 25. DAD
    1. Roger 2. Timmy 3. Connery 4. Craig 5. George 6. Pierce
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    If you take away the iconic scenes in GF, there's very little movie left.
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    1. From Russia With Love
    2. Goldfinger
    3. Dr No
    4. Thunderball
    5. You Only Live Twice
    6. Diamonds Are Forever
    7. Never Say Never Again
    1. FYEO 2. OHMSS 3. LTK 4. FRWL 5. TLD 6. TSWLM 7. GF 8. AVTAK 9. MR 10. DN 11. SF 12. LALD 13. TB 14. OP 15. CR 16. GE 17. YOLT 18. TMWTGG 19. SP 20. TND 21. TWINE 22. QOS 23. NTTD 24. DAF 25. DAD 26. NSNA 27. CR '67

    1. Dalton 2. Moore 3. Connery 4. Craig 5. Lazenby 6. Brosnan
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