Which Films have the best and worst scores?



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    I can't listen to the Golden Gun soundtrack knowing that most of the cast (and admittedly, Barry himself) are now deceased.
    Still, it's a fun soundtrack but hate the fact that there are so many pieces missing.
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    I got my copy from oxford street London...... cant remember the shop
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    These came pretty quick to me- not much thought, as I do this evaluation in my head on a fairly regular basis lol :P

    In an occasionally changing order:

    GE- Big fan of Eric Serra since Nikita. The GE gunbarrel is still considered king of the gunbarrels to many. I also listen to the Experience of Love pretty regularly (meant for the film Leon originally)

    TB- One of John Barry's best, Tom Jones as well. Jones is known for belting out some amazing vocals, and TB's score was very influential on me growing up.

    TLD- Cold War back with a vengeance, and so is Bond by Timothy Dalton. The music very much captured the vibe of an old school spy thriller, and not some over the top actioner.

    MR- Despite the over-the-top plot, the music was just magnificent. Barry outdoes himself with a British invasion of space. Bond blows up nerve gas pods in a laser-armed space shuttle. Sweet.

    Honourable mentions:

    YOLT- Pretty good overall score, but it's Nancy Sinatra who is just mesmerizing to listen to.

    AVTAK- Again, a nice overall OST, but the real gem is Duran Duran and the opening theme.

    And the worst? Well, I didn't hate any of the scores, but these are among the bottom of my list. Mostly because i didn't feel they held up to the test of time:

    FYEO- I saw Sheena Easton live performing the title song in Vegas. The only magic to come from this mediocre score/OST. Bring Barry back.

    TMWTGG- Stuck firmly in the 70s. Break out the disco balls.
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    Here we go.
    My fave.
    1. FYEO- I don't care that it gets heaps of hate. This soundtrack is KILLER. That gunbarrel has swagger, oozing with cowbell and that 80's funk, without being too over the top. It the score I listen to the most, with some of the grooviest action scenes and also with the best romantic music. (Take me home, anyone... -{ )
    Best Tracks: They're all good but Drive in the country (Probs favourite track ever) Take me Home, Submarine, Runaway, For your eyes only instrumental.

    2. Moonraker- Barry at his best. Lush sounds with beautiful orchestration.
    Best Tracks: Bond lured to pryamid, Flight into space (How good is that?), Cablecar and snakefight)

    3. TWINE- Underrated soundtrack with Arnold at his best. Nice combination of eletronics and orchestra, plus weaving of the main titles.
    Best Tracks: Submarine, Come in 007, your time is up.

    4. OHMSS- Purists have it right. This is a classic, and a lot of it comes down to the main instrumental track and how Barry weaves We have all the time in the world in tracks like Bond meets Draco.
    Best Tracks: Over & Out, We have all the time in the world, Gumbold's safe.

    5. LALD-
    I think James Bond Radio helped me appreciate this groovy soundtrack a lot more, done by the fifth beatle. It's groovy and rocky, no doubt, but some beautiful romantic stuff as well.
    Best Tracks: Bond drops in (SO AWESOME), San Monique and Baron Samedi's Dance of Death.
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  • chrisno1chrisno1 LondonPosts: 1,177MI6 Agent
    Best: OHMSS
    Worst: LTK

    The whole John Barry period from 1963 - 1971 is outstanding and frankly any score from that era pisses all over almost every other soundtrack IMHO. Honourable mention to MR in 1979 - I'd love an extended version of this score to be available.
  • Danvers NettlefoldDanvers Nettlefold Posts: 19MI6 Agent
    Agreed that Barry's scores went from strength to strength until DAF - although I have to admit to being not so fond of the rather staid orchestral version of the Bond theme that he seemed to favour during the Moore years. But such things are all a matter of taste, I suppose.
  • urhashurhash USPosts: 930MI6 Agent

    GE, Skyfall, SPECTRE, FYEO

    I do love the Goldeneye Overture though.
  • walther p99walther p99 NJPosts: 3,394MI6 Agent
    I'm not going to claim its the best Bond score but I think Thomas Newman really stepped up to the plate on SF then almost completely whiffed on SP.
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