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  • LuciusNightmareLuciusNightmare Posts: 252MI6 Agent

    The notion of formal wear has evolved for younger generations and Bond must surely adapt as well. I want the franchise to accept that fact with a younger Bond. We need a new Bond who dresses like the fashion icons of today.

  • dwf76dwf76 Chesterfield, UKPosts: 46MI6 Agent

    I believe Roger Moore wore similar attire during the circus scenes in Octopussy.

  • Asp9mmAsp9mm Over the Hills and Far Away.Posts: 7,485MI6 Agent

    Bond isn’t a follower of fashion, he’s stylish. Which none of those examples are in any way.

  • Smithers500Smithers500 Spectre IslandPosts: 1,343MI6 Agent

    “M’lud, if I may enter into evidence exhibits A to F, demonstrating why none of those therein featured should ever be allowed anywhere near the James Bond film franchise. My learned friend is clearly taking the proverbial…

    As the late, great Stan Lee put it - ‘nuff said”.

    Japanese proverb say, "Bird never make nest in bare tree".
  • welshboy78welshboy78 Posts: 10,295MI6 Agent

    Cant wait to see Bond take tips from Harry Styles. Walking into Ms office wearing a dress and pearl necklace.

    Instagram - bondclothes007
  • AugustWalkerAugustWalker Posts: 880MI6 Agent

    Michael B. Jordan wearing a Dora the Explorer-themed shoulder holster OVER his suit is nothing I wanna see in a Bond-movie…😅

    The name is Walker by the way.

    IG: @thebondarchives
    Check it out, you won’t be disappointed :)
  • CajunCajun Posts: 483MI6 Agent

    Well, if there was any doubt that LM was simply trolling, there's your sign. 🤣

    I edit, therefore I am.
  • Enjoying DeathEnjoying Death Toronto, ON CANADAPosts: 1,231MI6 Agent

    Oh God. Just no lol.

    Those examples belong on some self-important designer's fashion runway, not in a Bond film and certainly not on Bond lol.

    Pussy Galore: “My name is Pussy Galore.”
    Bond: “I must be dreaming.”
  • ChicoChico Posts: 56MI6 Agent

    Quick question, didn't know where to ask, but I could use anyone's opinion on this thread.

    I'm incorporating sweaters/jumpers in my wardrobe as I am evolving from boy to man 😂 (M23)

    In this event from TGWADT, Daniel obv has a t-shirt peeking through his sweater. (Disregard the bottom half)

    Is this how you're supposed to wear it? I was used to just pulling a crewneck over as a base itself and calling it a day. I am somewhat of a hairy dude so unless it's proper to do so to preserve the fabric, I am willing to sweat it out, but it could prove to be cumbersome. Of course, it's only for the cold season, I understand I will tuck it in the closet until next winter season, but I'd like to know what the right way is.

    What do you think? Tshirt under or not? 🤔

  • TimeyswirlsTimeyswirls Posts: 134MI6 Agent

    It’s usually for comfort, even extra fine sweaters will pull hairs and be itchy so a t shirt solves that problem. If you’re a hairy man then definitely t shirt

  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 2,007MI6 Agent

    @Chico I often wear a crewneck sweater that way, and I always wear a tee underneath (short or long sleeve depending on the temperature and the yarn) . I'm also kind of hairy, and without the tee, my chest hairs find a way to poke through the sweater knit, which looks awful. On a practical note, it's a hell of a lot easier to wash a t-shirt than it is to clean a sweater (especially if it's wool or cashmere). Wearing a tee underneath helps prevent the sweater from absorbing body oils and moisture so you can go longer between cleanings.

  • TennysonTennyson A View to a KillPosts: 606MI6 Agent

    Just seen DZ’s latest Vlog at the Omega gig in NYC.. Suttirat stated that the NPeal commando sweater was actually made of cotton in the film, which makes sense, but means that the retail one isn’t SA.. I know NPeal are not a cotton company, but I wonder if they could be persuaded to make a SA cotton one.. I’m not after SA, I just can’t wear wool, cashmere or any other similar fibre, so a cotton one would be perfect for me…

  • TimeyswirlsTimeyswirls Posts: 134MI6 Agent
    edited March 2023

    Someone mentioned the idea of a cotton commando jumper to Magnoli Clothiers on the rpf so if NPeal can’t be persuaded it may still happen

    I’d be very interested at least

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