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A few of you know that I have done a few videos on living the James Bond life, first with Remmert's amazing site, James Bond Lifestyle and then my own site The Bond Experience ( The reality is that AJB began and continues to drive my passion for connecting with all Bond fans and has truly inspired the over 72 videos which have over 850,000 views on both vimeo and our youtube channel:

This thread will add as a one stop for the videos and updates as we are beginning to head into the velocity of SPECTRE, thus a new video should be coming out nearly every two weeks. I will first be posting the older videos then will use this space to debut the new ones. Because my heart is with AJB, I will be posting the new videos here before anywhere on the web, including my home site. You can also go to the youtube channel and subscribe....

The Bond Experience is a social site built for Bond fans by Bond fans. It is made up of impactful moments of excitement, discovery and camaraderie around all things Bond. This haven was created to share those experiences with like-minded people all over the world. The site will change daily with fresh videos, Bond product news and reviews, and of course YOUR contribution around YOUR own Bond experiences. Now it’s time to enter the world, your world, of The Bond Experience…where living like Bond is one moment at a time.....



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