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    I'm reading them out of order, but I'd still started on Casino Royale which was great, I really liked the romance between Bond and Vesper, the plot was realistic, one of Fleming's strongest novels. The story, it's near perfect, Bond does actual spying, Le Chiffre was a great and scary villain, he's full of menace, Vesper was a great Bond girl, ahead of her time, competent, complex, almost like Bond himself, they are the mirrors and reflections of each, they're cut from the same cloth, a perfect match, the ending was heartbreaking. One of Fleming's best. The film was also great, but I'm still leaning on the novel because it's not that much action oriented, the 50's noir spy thriller drama (almost Hitchcockian) type of thriller and story. But I liked both, but the novel has that special feel to me.

    Moonraker is the Bond novel I'm re-reading the most, a perfect Bond novel, Fleming was firing all of his cylinders here, all were top notch from Gala Brand, the realistic plot, Hugo Drax, and the scenes. The most entertaining Bond novel, the most fun, the most thrilling, the most exciting, you can't go wrong with this novel, Fleming's absolute Best, it's such a roller coaster ride of a Bond novel, a great experience. The number one in my novel rankings.

    Then Diamonds Are Forever, though I'd think this one was severely underrated, Tiffany Case is one of the best Bond Girls, her romance with Bond was realistic, believable and fleshed out, yes the villains didn't have much of a presence, but everything in this book is good, the henchmen (Wint and Kidd), the SPECTREVILLE lair, it's a good novel.

    My favorite will always be Thunderball, I'd found it even better than the film, it has the combination of action, comedy, thrill, intrigue and suspense. The best of the Blofeld Trilogy for me. The plot was realistic, menacing villains, fully fleshed out characters and great descriptions.

    The weakest of the trilogy? Sorry, but OHMSS for me. But there's so many things in that book that didn't feel right, granted, Fleming's writing is great, but there so many issues I've had with this book.

    I'm starting on the big one, Tracy, yes it's her character what keeps this book down for me, she's annoying, whiny, more of baggage for Bond, a liability than an asset, she's problematic. I know that she has a backstory but I felt that the backstory was too much, it's very OTT, like all of that happened to her, how unlucky was she, was she born on Friday the 13th to happen all of that things to her?, Tiffany Case's backstory was so much better because it's realistic, simple and not over the top tragic, with Tracy, like Fleming had put all of the problems in the world in her backstory, it's a bit too much, over the top tragedy.

    She's the typical damaged woman that Bond needs to cure and cling to him after that. She's weepy, the way she treats Bond, I just didn't liked it, Bond loves her for sure, but I'm not sure if Tracy does the same, if she also love Bond, based on my reading, no, she didn't. She didn't served anything to the story, what did she do? Nothing. She's just like a drama queen who arrived at the story and when Bond is in trouble she didn't helped him, the car escape? It's only a coincidence, she even just drives him out of the situation, then she's gone again for many pages. Her inclusion was only an afterthought because Bond needs to fall in love, that's all, but she didn't served any purpose. Then after her lost of presence for the majority of pages, she returned only to be a subservient character, she's weak she's devoid of personality, then she's killed. Do I felt any emotion? I felt pity for Bond, but their romance, I didn't feel anything.

    And don't get me started on some of her dialogues like "Treat me like the lowest whore in creation?" I can't believe that she could tell something like that to a stranger, to a man that she didn't know that much?

    And that's why of the many reasons I truly loved the film so much, Diana Rigg's Tracy is so much better, she played it with inner fire, vulnerable yet competent, her participation in the story, her presence, great.

    Another one is Blofeld's plot in the book, I'd get it, Biological warfare, but his plan was only aimed at UK when he's making this very wide plot? He's brainwashing Irish and British women, like really? It lacked realism that I liked in the previous novels, Blofeld's description here was a bit of a let down.

    It's the same as in the film, but at least in the film, it's international and his plot was aimed at worldwide, making the stakes higher.

    There's also a bunch of foreign words like German, Swiss and French that's very hard for me to understand, and don't get me started on the repetitive use of exclamation points.

    It's an overrated novel for me, but an underrated and divisive film.

    You Only Live Twice? It's a great novel, the characters are great compared to OHMSS, where the characters only functioned as plot devices, here, they felt like real people. Blofeld's description here was again like in Thunderball, he's menacing again here. It's the most darkest Bond novel I've read, Fleming's writing was really great probably one of the best. I was so disappointed of how No Time To Die wasted those elements from this novel, but here's hoping that they could use it again and much better im the future Bond films.

    I'm continuing my review of other Bond novels.

    Ranking of Ian Fleming Novels/Books

    1. Moonraker 2. Casino Royale 3. From Russia With Love 4. Thunderball 5. You Only Live Twice 6. Dr. No 7. Diamonds Are Forever 8. Goldfinger 9. Live And Let Die 10. On Her Majesty's Secret Service 11. The Spy Who Loved Me 12. The Man With The Golden Gun

    Ranking the Short Stories:

    1. The Living Daylights 2. From A View To A Kill 3. For Your Eyes Only 4. The Hildebrand Rarity 5. Risico 6. Quantum Of Solace 7. Octopussy

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    Early in the year I fizzled out a bit with my reading and didn't make as much progress, but now I'm back on the wagon again, and overall I'm still doing good with my quest to read through every Bond novel in order. Currently on Goldfinger.

    Dr. No has been my favourite so far. More fantastical than the others, but that's what I enjoyed about it. A tense, epic adventure, and surprisingly heartfelt too.

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