Lack of new Bond game news



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    I hope this game they are working on actually happens.

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  • PPK 7.65mmPPK 7.65mm Saratoga Springs NY USAPosts: 1,236MI6 Agent

    I am still feeling pretty confident that Project 007 will be released, I doubt that a major game publisher would pursue getting the license if they were not serious about getting a game produced and sold to consumers.

  • Miles MesservyMiles Messervy Posts: 1,762MI6 Agent
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    If you follow IOI on social media, they make fairly regular references to Project 007, and they continue to hire onto the team that’s developing it. There is no reason to think it won’t come to fruition. In public financial statements, the company is projecting that this game will be its next major source of revenue. A smallish, independent studio like IOI—i.e., unaffiliated with Microsoft or Sony or EA—would not undertake a project like this lightly. AAA games usually take 4-5 years from announcement to release. And when this game was announced, my sense is it existed as a concept and nothing else. I’d say late 2024 or early 2025 is probably when we can expect it, assuming they don’t hit major setbacks. If that happens, I’d say late 25 or early 26. But once it comes, we can look forward to years of expansion content based on what they’ve done with Hitman 3.

    I’m guessing we’ll get Project 007 before we get Bond 26, but it should be close!

  • Trigger_MortisTrigger_Mortis Posts: 100MI6 Agent

    I hate to break your heart but...the lead programmer has only just joined the team weeks ago.

    I wouldn't expect the game until around 2028.

  • PPK 7.65mmPPK 7.65mm Saratoga Springs NY USAPosts: 1,236MI6 Agent

    This trailer just dropped online: Cypher 007 - Official Announcement Trailer - YouTube

    Apparently, this game will be available on Apple Arcade beginning on September 29th. Despite not being knowledgeable about games for mobile devices I must say that this is a pleasant surprise. With the delays that Project 007 has encountered, at least we have this to hold us over until next year.

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