Film with Connery's best hair?



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    I do recall in the Barbara Walters interview Sean saying he wore one on DR NO. I suppose he could have been mixing it up with GF.
    I wonder what products were used for Sean on DR NO, assuming it was all his own hair? Pomade, Brylcreem, hair tonic? In DR NO, as well as DAF it's far longer on the sides, but combed behind the ears. It's probably as long as Tim's TLD cut on the sides, but tapered at the nape of the neck as opposed to blocked. In fact, NSNA is the only Bond in which Sean's neck is squared instead of tapered.
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    ToTheRight wrote:
    Matt S wrote:
    Here he is during the time of From Russia with Love, and I don't think he's wearing a toupee:


    With the proper haircut, proper shampoo and some scalp paint, a toupee was not needed for the effect seen in the film.

    And here he is with the wrong shampoo at the time, probably after filming From Russia with Love:


    That picture of Sean grubbing on pasta is easily the funniest thing I've seen this week!
    I think his Hill hairdo is similar in length to Danny's SF cut- just trimmed slightly different.
    I actually think his Cuba toupee might have looked decent for NSNA. It was very Goldfinger in the hairline.

    As others have said on here, Connery aged badly in NSNA both facially, and the way he moves, even if he is more in shape than he was in 1971. He looked fitter and younger in Time Bandits and Outland, made a couple of years before.

    The Cuba hairstyle was basically a greyed version of the GF style (to me this was his best style), and would have looked much better in NSNA.
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