Possibly using 60s Connery footage in a different way



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    (note to Barbel: you should retitle your thread to describe what your idea is!
    it was hard to find this thread now that I'm looking for it only four weeks later...)

    Having just rewatched Marnie...
    Connery's not really playing his character that different from how he plays Bond. He's cool, detached and superior to all around him. Its just that he's mostly standing round a corporate office and a posh mansion full of relatives. No running and shooting or any typical Bondlike actions. But there is... an ocean liner scene, and they go to a racetrack!
    The story is him falling for and marrying a troubled young woman, psychologically damaged, with a deep dark secret going back to her childhood.

    so is there any unadapted Fleming could all these shots be repurposed for?
    yes there is indeed: Diamonds are Forever!
    Tiffany Case was a troubled young woman, psychologically damaged, with a deep dark secret going back to her childhood, and Bond thought about marrying her and actually did live with her for a full year in between books. And the Fleming book had the two characters consummate their attraction on an ocean liner, though in Marnie ...
    Connery takes his new bride by force when she wont sleep with her husband
    Bond and Tiffany don't go to the racetrack together, though Bond and Leiter do... but Tiffany could easily have been written into the Saratoga scenes in the book.
    So theres a couple dozen pages from the middle and end of the book already filmed for us by Alfred Hitchcock!

    But what about the deep dark secret? Tiffany's mother was a bordello madame, Marnie's mother...
    ...paid the bills by sleeping with sailors
    ... and the trauma was the result of the mother's employment, though Tiffany's was much worse. But of course they never could have depicted or even implied such an event in a 1964 film, so maybe Marnie's childhood trauma would be as close as they could get.

    So Barbel I think you're on to something! there's half our missing 1964-era Bond film right there, just waiting to be re-edited and overdubbed!
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    Thread retitled as suggested, cp. :)

    Intriguing ideas there! I hadn't thought about the parallels between Tiffany and Marnie, but they're there as you say.
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    thanks boss!
    your idea isnt completely silly after all, so I hope the thread continues to live and be added to!
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    I see your Panther and raise with Game of Death '78 :#

    "huge catalogue of performances to view in movies they made whilst they were alive"

    Bruce Lee only made 4 films plus 1/3 of Game......the question is will they ever be able to duplicate his movements 100% , prolly not for many yrs. Still i must admit had they made 1-2 cgi Lee films id see them provided the scripts were good

    Theyve done Fist of Fury II , III , New FoF , Enter Game.....but theyve never really done a Boss sequel (minus Big Boss part 2 with imitator Bruce Le , the famous missing movie)
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    Didn’t they even use Bruce Lee’s actual corpse in Game of Death? :))
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    Some people even think Chow killed him (or that Golden Harvest was triad financed.....i suspect many HK film companies are or at least were back then) and that Lazenby was just used as an alibi at the restaurant , "Chow was here with me all the time , he couldnt have been involved if Lee was killed" (Laz never said that but he couldve had police questioned him)

    Chow stalling and stalling time instead of calling ambulance immediately......Lee was found dressed in bed wearing only 1 shoe

    Chow had the rights to the films so he would profit regardless if Lee was dead
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    Wouldnt mind cgi Bond films provided scripts are decent but thats just me......
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    Sean Connery in LALD deepfake footage.

    This is an interesting clip which shows the potential for such things. Although it is a good effort I'm sure the film industry would be able to do far better?


    Imagine. Sean Connery in OHMSS? or George Lazenby in LALD? (with their own voices mimicked of course!)
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    If only they couldve recorded additional dialogue from Connery/Moore , that dialogue couldve been used in a video game where you could play all the Bonds......of course theres always possibility that Tim would turn it down 8-)
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    Joshua wrote:
    Sean Connery in LALD deepfake footage.

    Well, that was a weird experience.
  • JoshuaJoshua Posts: 963MI6 Agent
    It is, but it does show the potential to make new Bond films, in the original style using this technology to bring Sean Connery and perhaps even George Lazenby back to the screen.
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