Big Chief Studios 1:6 Scale Collectables

Does anyone know if there are any new releases coming soon? They seem to have gone very quiet on this line which is a pity as their products are really good.


  • MFisherMFisher Posts: 685MI6 Agent

    Ive heard little of nothing - have been a 1/6th collector for decades now... I was most wishing they'd have done a set of three for Skyfall with Bond and Silva in the clothing from the lodge scene.. and perhaps a Moneypenny from the pretitle sequence..

  • B549WUUB549WUU Posts: 19MI6 Agent

    Blast Process recently did a preview of BCS upcoming Doctor Who figures and you can make out a Dalton and Craig tuxedo clad Bond in the background (could have been Red Grant I suppose). Dalton I have seen in the background before but not Craig so I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that they’re not done with the line.

  • HalfMonk HalfHitmanHalfMonk HalfHitman USAPosts: 1,985MI6 Agent

    Background case, 15-minute mark.

  • B549WUUB549WUU Posts: 19MI6 Agent

    So I think it is a Craig figure (rather than Red Grant - although this was hinted in their Easter egg dossier)

    Definitely a Timothy Dalton

    One appears to be a Stan Laurel figure

    Can't make out if either of the other 2 are bond related. I'd previously seen a Desmond Llewelyn head sculpt in a video but wonder if that's been scrapped now?

  • MFisherMFisher Posts: 685MI6 Agent

    Yeah Laurel & Hardy were conformed some time back.... I just wish they had opted to do Craig in something other than a tux.... There's a proliferation of options in 1/6 for tuxedos to do a custom one easily...

  • B549WUUB549WUU Posts: 19MI6 Agent

    TBH I’d love to get all 6 Bonds in Tuxedos and display around a casino table so I have no issue with this but also take your point that a bit of imagination would be welcome

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