Sunspel Riviera Polo in NAVY no longer on website - are they no longer made?

Hey guys, i was browsing on sunspel website and noticed that the CR Navy sunspel polo isnt availlable anymore, is it because the navy is now not produced anymore? or maybe leading up to NTTD they have did this on purpose ? hope to hear from you guys if you guys have any info about this. cheers

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  • StiffassBritStiffassBrit United KingdomPosts: 203MI6 Agent
    I'm sorry......that last hand...nearly killed me
  • Remmert007Remmert007 Posts: 230MI6 Agent

    They won't take this out of their collection anytime soon. It sells out regularly though.

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  • The Domino EffectThe Domino Effect Posts: 3,215MI6 Agent

    I would love to know how many they've sold since CR came out. It must be their single biggest-selling item, judging by how often it sells out. I'm on my third one now and it's still my favourite polo. Funnily enough, a few weeks ago we had a casual attire day at work and I wore that polo. I walked in to see someone and she said "Well hello, Mr. Bond." We've never discussed Bond and she has no idea of my interest so I was confused. It was only a few minutes later that I realised I was wearing the Riviera and it must have been the polo which triggered her subconscious recognition (either that or she's another closest Bond fan!).

  • Hart008Hart008 Posts: 605MI6 Agent

    wow thats good to hear, and also good tos ee its back on the site haha - in terms of sizing do they go slim fit ? thanks Domino Stiff and Remmert for the replies, cheers guys, cant wait to see the premiere at albert royal hall via youtube haha have a great weekend guys, love from Indonesia

    Yes i did ride the CAT
  • Alex006Alex006 Posts: 86MI6 Agent

    On a similar note, does anyone know how the fit of the current iteration compares to the original release? I believe I read they slimmed down the arms, but is the body still the same?

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