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    thanks for expanding @Asp9mm that all makes sense, especially the limited number of people who would have needed be present for the actual missiles landing scene. Still, there were two more short scenes with principal actors commemorating the dead hero, so those actors at least also had to know.

    re the knighthood...

    that could be from Fleming's the Man with the Golden Gun! in the last chapter, Goodnight reads a telegram from M while Bond is in his hospital bed, containing the offer of K.C.M.G. its a long passage so I wont quote it, but he turns it down because he cannot imagine life as a public hero, being asked to cut ribbons and give speeches to old ladies clubs and such.

    if they had included such a scene it would be one more bit of Fleming on top of the OHMSS and YOLT references, but I think the ending we got was more dramatic. But it'd be cool if they had filmed it, so there'd be one more minor bit of Fleming adaptation even if it was an outtake.

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    Another reason for not quoting it directly is that it's written in telegram speak, which would need an explanation for today's readers.

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    @caractacus potts, I've never really been into MAD Magazine but that definitely was right up my alley 😁🍸️

    After this last one, they really should have done a followup.

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    re Craig's suggestion of "bad oyster" as the cause of Bond's death... that could almost set up further adaptation of You Only Live Twice content in this new film! here's how I see it:

    There is a weather balloon on top of Safin's island, and Bond catches hold just as the missiles hit, and is swept away by the force of the blast.

    But he is concussed, and washes ashore on the beach of a neighbouring island, conveniently populated by topless pearl divers. One of these topless pearl divers is even a former smalltime Hollywood starlet, some babe, and she takes an interest in this strange white man who cannot remember his own name. Wow! look what she's found, can she keep him? Lets call her Kissy Suzuki since that name was never used before in an EON film.

    But the brain damage doesn't just effect Bond's memory, its also somehow obliterated his biologic impulse to make love to a lady. So what does Kissy do to help heal the poor traumatised man? She feeds him aphrodisiacs.

    So far this is literally from Fleming. only thing is, instead of feeding him a potion made from toad sweat, Kissy feeds him lots and lots and lots of oysters, which are supposed to have aphrodisiac qualities.

    "but I'm getting full" Bond says. "no Bondo-san, have even more" Kissy says. "urp, I'm so full, couldn't eat another bite" "no Bondo-san, just one more, please, you'll like it I swear".

    Then the oysters finally start to work and Bond suddenly feels a primal urge in his loins, and starts to look at his topless ladyfriend differently, and is just about to move in close and give the love-starved Kissy what she's been longing for. When all of a sudden he swallows... the bad oyster!!!

    Bond gets violently sick (in the interests of good taste I shall simply refer you to the Mr Creosote sequence of Meaning of Life, and I think we need a mixture of condensed minestrone soup and tapioca pudding for special effects), then after making a big mess all over the futon and paper walls, turns green and goes cross-eyed and ... drops dead in Kissy's arms.

    In one slick move the camera swings to a birds eye view and zooms out to show Kissy clutching the dead Bond to her breast (like the last shot of the first act of Gone with the Wind except with tapioca pudding special effects splattered everywhere), and Kissy clenches her fist and faces the camera with tears streaming down her cheeks, and shouts in sexual frustration some variation of ... "missed it by that much!"

    would that have been a better death scene? it does include a couple chapters of authentic Fleming, except for that oyster which was Craig's brilliant idea!

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    FINALLY saw this last night and finally returned to the forum.

    I don't care too much about the ending and the choice to kill him off. It didn't move me and it didn't startle me. I just found this as a creative way to end an actor's tenure as Bond. They've not done it before, and I don't mind it. But I believe I only don't mind it because it nicely completes Craig's story arc. The other thing is I suspect that they just expect us to forget about it. Fine, I can easily watch Octopussy and happily forget that Craig's Bond even exists anyway.

    There are two reasons why I think I like the completion of the story arc. It's nice and neat as a narrative structure. It's also finally and hopefully the end of the Vesper stuff, the mummy issues, the over-involved use of M and co from MI6 and EON's complicated obsession post-CR with replicating elements from more popular action films.

    My biggest issue with NTTD was after the PTS until the Land Rover Defender promotion sequence in the forest I kind of tuned out and lost interest in what was going on. While it was nice to see Craig having fun (and I could argue this is his best performance, albeit uneven)...I felt we were lacking what feels like a Bond film and to that point - I found parts of the film quite boring. I want some more fun.

    This was much better than Spectre, but continues my dislike of the melodramatic Craig tenure. Hopefully when Bond returns we have a straight mission and a return to basics.

    PS best joke in the film: computer voice saying "Hacking Blofeld's eyeball"

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    Nice to have you back. It's also nice with more people who didn't get a dangerously high blood pressure from watching NTTD. 😀

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    Thanks! Quite a few of my friends and family know that I am a James Bond freak so dropped quite a few hints (not spoilers) that this film was a bit decisive and I honestly went in with pretty low expectations.

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    What happened to @Lady Rose and her review? I recall she would wait to see it on DVD rather than the cinema, but it's been out for over a month now.

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    she doesnt seem to have posted since October, hope she's alright

    come back @Lady Rose we need you!

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    No Time To Die is made all the better by the way it breaks tradition, upends expected tropes, and carves a new path forward for the franchise. This film takes risks and innovates, but it does so with a keen sense of respect and acknowledgment for every film before it that helped make the franchise what it is today. Goldfinger exists, The Spy Who Loved Me exists, and I am eternally grateful that No Time To Die exists. We don’t need each film to go through the motions and try to recreate the glory days. We should celebrate the franchise’s continued ability to surprise us and provide new outliers. We should embrace a willingness to shake things up.

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    I have just finished watching NTTD for the first time.

    I am not one for writing long descriptions of films so please accept this as my review.

    It was worth the wait.

    I loved every minute of it.

  • caractacus pottscaractacus potts Orbital communicator, level 10Posts: 3,394MI6 Agent

    thats a fine review, and now youre free to get tangled up in all our debates

    you'll notice now that theres been a lot of debating about what we all saw

    I liked it too, except for the few bits I didnt. I thought it was the most satisfying since Craig's first, and the one bit people really like to argue about I thought was pretty good (I always like when the villains headquarters explodes at the end), though Bond shouldve got to make a speech before he left us.

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    Cue the usual handful of people that will try to convince you it was sh1t 🤣

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    There were a few niggles, as with any film, but they did not spoil my enjoyment of NTTD.

    I thought they could have got a better actress to play the new 007. To me she was unconvincing, especially in the shooting scenes.

    I don't know what I was expecting with NTTD but I certainly was not expecting this and it is perhaps because it was different that made me enjoy it so much.

    I usually don't like the other MI6 characters to have too much of a role and in this one I think they got it about right.

    Just as a tribute to Ian Fleming, I thought it would have been good if they had used goldeneye as Bond's home in Jamaica.

    The only other Craig film I thought was genuinely good was Casino Royale (though I think it was too long), the others I can take or leave - especially Skyfall.

    My main issue is how Bond returns now he has been killed? I did wonder if they will do what IF did in DN and have some miraculous cure?! Bond was blown into cover by the shock wave of the initial blast but survives then, after surviving for some time alone on the island is somehow found and brught back to London where they have by now developed a 'antidodte' for the Herocles? I'm sure they have already worked out how they are going to do that anyway.

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    They actually used Goldeneye for Bond’s house.

    Concerning Bond’s return, I bet they will do nothing to justify it. The Craig era is an entity with a beginning, a middle and an end. It’s not supposed to have any link with the original series in terms of characters and timeline (Tracy doesn’t even exist here). I think Bond 26 will be a reboot involving a brand new iteration of Bond (like Pattinson’s Batman has nothing to do with Bale’s for instance).

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    They actually used Goldeneye for Bond’s house.

    Sorry to dampen your enthusiasm @SeanIsTheOnlyOne , but Bond's house was an especially constructed set built on San San Beach in Port Antonio.

    Goldeneye was the location for prepublicity press jaunts regarding filming in Jamaica, but they never used it's not in the movie.

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    Time lapse footage of Bond's house being built is one of the first things released (before it had a damn title), yet a YouTube video goes up ("Things you didn't know about NTTD or some such) and it claims Bond's house is Goldeneye. The actual Goldeneye is spacious and white and on a cliff - you'd think Bond had become a drug lord if the film found him there. Lovely place but it would have been totally out of place in the film.

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    I enjoyed NTTD more on my second viewing. Most of my issues with it were straightened out with a better understanding of the story (Safin let Mathilde go because he knew he had Bond with the virus he still carried, for example) and anything left is mostly minor niggles. Knowing the ending was coming made it easier to take, even if it left me with a sad note. It's a great film taken on its own merits, but I'm still unsure how to appreciate it as a Bond film.

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    I am looking forward to watching NTTD for the second time but I am going to be patient for another couple of months or so as I want to enjoy it as much as the first time which I don't think I'll do if I watched it again now (if that makes sense! It does to me any way!)

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    I posted this onto another thread yesterday and @chrisno1 pointed out that it may be useful to post here too…so here it is…

    NO TIME TO DIE (2021)

    Records are meant to be broken, so after months of agonising whether to see NTTD before I’ve seen it in the cinema, I finally succumbed last night as this is now available to stream on Amazon free of charge. So, after 60 years of seeing Bond films in the cinema (I first saw DN aged 6 in 1962) due to the ongoing pandemic and with cinemas still closed here in Cebu, and me not even knowing if it will be shown when they do reopen anyway, I decided to watch it. I knew some spoilers, Bond and Leiter being killed and the new 007, for instance, and I don’t think it spoilt the experience.

    There are a lot of faults, it’s far too long, a good 30 minutes could be shaved off to pace it properly. What is it with today’s movies having to be so bum achingly long? All of Craig’s tenure has been spoilt by them being too long, even QOS, which is about 80 minutes too long 😂. The PTS is like a mini movie in itself and becomes boring long before we see the title sequence which is good but embellished with a humdrum song. The premise is ok but the emphasis on Bond’s personal life is overdone and it’s pretty much all we’ve had over the 5 films and it’s become boring, boring, boring. The death of Leiter should have been poignant but it wasn’t, as the relationship hadn’t had time to develop into a proper friendship. Where the film scores is the island base, this is proper Bond stuff and what we have missed over Craig’s tenure. The ending is kind of sad, but because this Bond MkII, or Earth-2 Bond, has only been around for 5 films it doesn’t really have that OMG factor, Craig’s Bond hasn’t got into my heart like the Connery-Lazenby-Moore-Dalton era did. And to use the OHMSS music is sacrilege 🙁

    Now that the 5 film reboot is over it’s time for a reassessment. CR is a brilliant film and stands alone as a genuine top Bond film in any era. QOS is a terrible movie, best forgotten. SK and SP are ok but too long and too much emphasis on Bond’s personal life. When I first saw SP I thought it was a fantastic entry but on further viewings it has paled somewhat. I think it was an experiment gone wrong. How much was influenced by Craig, I don’t know, he’s a decent actor but there has been far too much angst, I felt devastated for Lazenby’s Bond In OHMSS but cannot feel anywhere close to that for Craig’s Bond.

    Was it worth the wait? Probably not. It’s ok, and aside from CR, that’s all it is for what followed. 

    I want Bond to have single missions, I want the villains to have nefarious plans to destroy the world, I want bases to be blown up at the end, I want Bond discarding lovers left right and centre, I want some fun back into the movies. Unless Amazon take it over I don’t think we will get it.

    Yeah, well, sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand.
  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 2,630MI6 Agent

    Thanks for the review @CoolHandBond

    I share you feelings in many aspects, that I imparted on the threads after my first viewing upon it's release, so won't repeat myself.

    But I do love QoS😊👍️

    I do hope they just get over the continuation awkwardness of death of Bond in the opening of Bond 26. Just use the "This never happened to the other fellow" again, and be done with it and move on.

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  • chrisno1chrisno1 LondonPosts: 2,062MI6 Agent

    I'd agree with that, The Red Kind. I don't think the producers need to be clever about bringing Bond back, they don't even need to refer to a code name, or insert an incompetent reference to past times, or to Craig-Bond or any other Bond. They just need to start all over again: no back story, no origin story, no wife, nothing: just Bond on a mission handed out by M in the office, a beautiful girl, a dastardly villain and a whole roster or fights and stunts with a few caustic asides and contemporary allusions. It isn't hard. Jason Statham made low-brow examples of this kind of fare three times a year for goodness sake. We should be enjoying OO7, not intellectualising the poor fellow.

    And I too have warmed immeasurably to QOS 😁

  • ichaiceichaice LondonPosts: 512MI6 Agent

    Despite buying the NTTD blu ray on release day I’ve still only watched it once. That’s a record for me and not a good one. I really disliked Spectre but still bought the blu ray and watched it several times. I can’t quite put my finger on it, not sure if it’s the silly ending, the whole 007 code nonsense, another weak villain or the impression that DC was running the show.

    CR was sublime, just a wonderful film. I like QoS a lot. SF was good until Silva arrived. Spectre was dreadful and NTTD ultimately a disappointment. I can’t help but look back at the DC era as a brilliant start and then slowly downhill from there.

    Yes. Considerably!
  • caractacus pottscaractacus potts Orbital communicator, level 10Posts: 3,394MI6 Agent

    finally got the No Time to Die dvd a few weeks ago, and last weekend watched it for the first time since seeing it in the theatre. For the last six months I've had all our debates more clear in my mind than my memory of the actual film, and then the Shakespear-ified version confused my memory further. So, as of last weekend, once again my memory of the real film EON gave us is relatively clear.

    I watched it over three nights:

    Night 1: precredits and Cuba (mostly very enjoyable)

    Night 2: London and Norway (a helluva a lotta blablabla)

    Night 3: the villains headquarters (good set for a Bond movie, pity about the story that unfolds there)

    I never did a formal Review in this thread, and can’t organise my thoughts into essay format like all of you can, so prefer to use the Pros n Cons format to collect all my scattered thoughts into one place. I have collected various scattered thoughts inspired from my fresh viewing over in the Pros and Cons: No Time To Die thread.

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