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  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 35,964Chief of Staff

    That's the official version. There have been a lot of others over the years where he dies though not necessarily in film/tv.

  • ThomoThomo ReadingPosts: 949MI6 Agent

    Ah I see thanks, but officially not been killed off ?

  • Royale-les-EauxRoyale-les-Eaux LondonPosts: 805MI6 Agent

    Just as an aside Gatiss was at the Royal Premier, looking suave.

  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 35,964Chief of Staff
  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 35,964Chief of Staff

    Hmmm, I wonder if he got any chance to speak with BB....?

  • wordswords Buckinghamshire, EnglandPosts: 249MI6 Agent

    Not posted for years but felt the urge after watching this.

    Enjoyed it as a movie but as a Bond? Not so much. Came out feeling a bit depressed rather than uplifted and excited like I normally would. Not what I really want from my Bonds.

    I sincerely hope we go back to Bond being given a stand alone mission by M in each film and stop getting bogged down in Bond's private life and linked storyline. It's been fine for the Craig years but I feel it's run it's course. Personally I don't need to see Bond as a family man and dealing with kids.

    Loved the Death Garden btw..proper Fleming.

    Ultimately a decent movie but made me feel like watching Sir Roger in action to cheer myself up. Not sure that's the reaction the producers would be looking for 😆.

  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 35,964Chief of Staff

    The Garden of Death comes from Fleming as you say, "You Only Live Twice".

    There is another excerpt from that book in the film which I haven't seen mentioned here. When M reads "I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time" this Jack London quote is said in Bond's YOLT obituary, although there it was Mary Goodnight quoting. I found it very affecting to hear this in NTTD, and M was the right person to say them- assisted by Ralph Fiennes' talents, of course.

  • ThomoThomo ReadingPosts: 949MI6 Agent

    I wanted to watch a Roger when I came out last night too, which isn't normal for me LOL

  • Charmed & DangerousCharmed & Dangerous Posts: 7,358MI6 Agent

    I personally loved it. It achieved a degree of conflict and drama absent from most Bond films, and while the ending was tough on us all, I’m impressed the producers didn’t shy away from it. The dialogue, which included some perfect nods to Fleming (especially Felix quoting Mathis’s speech on heroes and villains from CR) was superb.

    As Barbel notes above, the chief source for this film is Fleming’s YOLT. Not just in the Garden of Death, but in the novel’s brooding obsession with death, Bond killing Blofeld by strangulation, and Bond’s ‘death’ on the Japanese island.

    Perhaps the best way forward would be to set the films in the 50’s to get closer still to Fleming. The thought of a Marvel-esque Deus Ex Machina to enable Bond to survive would be ridiculous.

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  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 35,964Chief of Staff

    I like that idea very much, though some here have dismissed it as unworkable.

    It's a bit soon right now, but in a while I'd like to start a thread (possibly in a new forum) discussing ideas for Bond 26.

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    C&D, even Bond's "Die, Blofeld, die!" as he's strangling Blofeld comes from YOLT. There are probably a few more quotes, too, that I'll catch on 2nd viewing.

    Edit- I'm thinking about starting a thread on that subject, ie parts of Fleming's YOLT used in NTTD.

  • Live and let DriveLive and let Drive BelgiumPosts: 56MI6 Agent

    I felt exactly the same, up to the point where I'm ready to give Octopussy its 37th viewing.

    As a movie, it's good, but it doesn't feel like a Bond movie. It's very different from the Moores and Brosnans I grew up with. I can rewatch most of those movies any time, but I suspect I'll have a harder time doing that with NTTD. It lacked the fun factor which made me love the series. I'm all for keeping up with modern times, and every actor brought us a different style of Bond, but if I want to watch a drama, I'm not expecting it be centred around 007. I realise that comes across as a child saying "you took my toy, give it back!". Maybe I need more time to appreciate what it wants to be.

    The ending didn't surprise me, with the Casino Royale starting from scratch and this being Craig's last, but it felt heavy. Almost depressing. It's the first Bond film to have that effect on me. Any other one, I left the theatre with a smile. This had me puzzled, or thinking. So if that was their intention, it worked.

    That doesn't mean I don't like the movie. I'm not a huge fan of the title song, I think her voice is a bit too frail, but that's a matter of personal taste. The only thing which really bugged me was the downright annoying behaviour of Obruchev and Ash, both really could have toned down the clowny behaviour in exchange for some credibility. Had the actors watched JW Pepper's appearances for inspiration? They could have walked straight out of the Moore or Brosnan era. And Safin was bland. No physical threat, no humour.

    Don't let this stop you from watching it. I don't regret watching it and I'll go and watch it again in a few weeks, with a few friends. None of them have watched OHMSS, so I'll have to educate them first by inviting them to view it, as I don't want those references to be lost on them.

  • wordswords Buckinghamshire, EnglandPosts: 249MI6 Agent
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    This is the thing. I'm loathed to criticize because it's obviously a very well made movie and had alot of things I really enjoyed in it. But having watched every Bond since Moonraker at the Cinema this is the first time I've left the Cinema feeling really flat. Sure I thought (for example) DAD was a bit ridiculous but it didn't depress me. Maybe it will need a second viewing but right now I almost feel relieved the Craig era is over even though there's been alot to enjoy.

  • bainesy1usbainesy1us Posts: 42MI6 Agent

    Not gonna post a full on review but just left the cinema thinking they should have leff this arc with Spectre. It was really enjoying it until they got to the island. After that i jusy felt a bit confused and deflated

  • TheTowerBridgeFoxTheTowerBridgeFox Posts: 14MI6 Agent

    Im still recovering from watching this.

    MUCH BETTER than I was expecting

    excellently directed and musically scored all the way through.

    The ending came as a real surprise.

    But luckily I always stay in my seat until the whole of the credits have run!!!!

    so unlike those who walk out during the credits I saw the

    James Bond will return as the last words on screen.


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    I need to read You Only Live Twice by the sounds of it.

  • Jflynn2112Jflynn2112 Posts: 68MI6 Agent

    Bond pushing the car onto Logan Ash - Was that a call back to Roger Moore in FYEO do we think?

  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 35,964Chief of Staff
  • wordswords Buckinghamshire, EnglandPosts: 249MI6 Agent
  • Virgil37Virgil37 Posts: 1,211MI6 Agent

    Just came back from seeing NTTD. Amazing. Emotional. Second best of Craig's tenure only to CR, IMO.

  • wordswords Buckinghamshire, EnglandPosts: 249MI6 Agent

    Was very happy to see Tim's V8 Volante back in action btw. Perhaps a nod to him being the forerunner to Craig?

  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 35,964Chief of Staff

    I'd like to think so. Otherwise, it's just another break in continuity like M knowing about the DB5's ejector seat since Craig never had a V8 Volante.

  • IacobvsBIacobvsB Posts: 15MI6 Agent

    Folks, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but has anyone identified the song after “ We have all the time in the world” plays in the credits? Is it in the soundtrack?

  • apple8apple8 London,UKPosts: 140MI6 Agent

    spoilers warning!


    I watched it at the imax this afternoon, I’ve been home for 3 hours now and I’m still trying to process it! One of the best openings ever and It personally put a smile on my face as I have a young daughter called Matilda (English spelling) who’s favourite ’item’ it a toy rabbit but the ending……I’m starting to be annoyed by it

  • LexiLexi LondonPosts: 3,000MI6 Agent

    I’m still processing it to be fair.

    I keep saying to Sir Miles… he’s dead!

    I mean, he’s dead. I’m in mourning 😭

    I thought this was excellent. I wasn’t a huge fan of Skyfall or Spectre… although they both brought something to the story arc. (Casino and Quantum most definitely my top Bond films ever) and I wasn’t sure how this film would sit… but my God, it was brilliant.

    It didn’t seem the 163 minutes… in fact it felt like 120…

    Craig was excellent and it was nice to see him with some script for a change. Waller-bridge certainly lived up to the hype of her involvement.

    Paloma is by far the best Bond girl we’ve have in a long while, and Q was his usual amazing self.

    The relationship between Bond and Swan felt real and the regret from Bond after realising he was wrong about her betrayal was visceral. And don’t get me started when he first clapped eyes on Matilde 😥

    watching this again on Sat… I need to see again to process… I just hope I don’t cry quite as much as I did yesterday!

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  • chrisno1chrisno1 LondonPosts: 3,112MI6 Agent

    I'd agree with this. I too have watched every movie from MR on release in the cinema and I didn't feel any cheeriness on exit, not from me or anyone. I sensed a lot of exhaustion.

  • Number24Number24 NorwayPosts: 21,594MI6 Agent
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    I watched NTTD tonight. I don't intend to write a review now. Partly because I need more time to process it, partly because it's 1 AM and I'm getting up early tomorrow to check if we got any fish in the net we put in the sea before I left to go to the cinema.

    I can say NTTD is a very well-made movie in many ways. Every character from Spectre is better in this one. Killing Blofeld and his organisation and Felix would've been a big mistake if Bond didn't die, but here it's okay. The scene where Mathilde watched Fantorangen on TV got more of an audible reaction than any other scene from the audience. Q is clearly gay, and I wonder how that will play in some countries and minds. I wanted this Scooby-gang to remain for decades, but I don't think they can given the end of NTTD. Ana de Armas gives is a fun and light-hearted Bond girl, something we haven't seen in many years.

    So what about Bond's death? I wonder if I'll ever decide 100% if that was a good or bad idea. We'll discuss that one until the end of time. I am sure I'm very happy Nomi gave up the 007 status to Bond. If she hadn't I would have disliked the ending a lot. My friend and I agreed NTTD was a good old-fashioned Bond movie apart from Bond having a daughter and then dying.

  • Virgil37Virgil37 Posts: 1,211MI6 Agent

    Most likely. I was expecting a white Lotus, mind you. But the nod to TLD and Dalton was the logical move, no doubt.

  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 3,080MI6 Agent
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    Well, just seen it for the first time and truly disappointed and sad about the ending. Could have been left open. They've killed Felix, Blofeld and Bond in one fell swoop. Stupid.

    Left me pretty upset. Cubby told his daughter "don't **** it up!" I think the ending, as emotional and moving as it was, was just that. DC has been great, I've enjoyed his tenure. NTTD isn't a bad film, has some great moments and I agree with many in the reviews already posted. But to actually kill off James Bond. Ridiculous, and it was just uneccessary to show it so graphically. They've painted themselves into a corner now for me.

    I might feel differently in time but pretty damn fed up right now. Not sure how I can watch another DC film knowing this is how it ultimately ends.

    I can handle Bond's apparent death as in the YOLT novel, but the way it appears on screen. There's nothing ambiguous or uncertain about it.

    After a lousy two years and a six year wait for this film. Our favourite hero back to lift our hearts, I just feel so flat and down with what they've done😞

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  • Christmas TounesChristmas Tounes GloucestershirePosts: 164MI6 Agent
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    It's a very emotional movie which we haven't had since OHMSS.

    It's pacey, gripping and action-packed. It's a huge improvement on Spectre.

    I had the pleasure to see it at Pinewood Cinema for the second time, which was a vastly nicer experience than watching it at Odeon Greenwich.

    I rank it 15/25 in the series so it is a very solid outing from Craig.

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