Spoiler- James Bond to possibly be cloned in Bond 26

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All that was left was his little finger as Vesper so delicately put it:

No Time to Die Writer Shares Wild James Bond Cloning Pitch (screenrant.com)

lol. Is this a good idea? Not sure.


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    its actually logical, more logical than some of my previous suggestions (a previously unseen Fleming style weather balloon or Indiana Jones style fridge), and cloning was one of the rumoured plot devices for No Time to Die before we finally saw it. Its also simpler, and maybe more realistic, than whatever these nanobots were all about, I still don't understand all that technobabble.

    But I don't believe they're going to do it, Wade's just being silly.

    btw this thread should have (spoliers) in the title

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    It was quite clearly a joke.

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    The clone could say "This never happened to any of the other fellas."

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    Horrible idea, and hopefully a joke. It's taking the technology a couple of steps too far since Bond isn't a sci-fi series. If they were serious and actually did clone Bond it means danger and death no longer means anything in the series.

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    It is a horrible idea, but isn't this the world that has been created for us now that OO7 has been 'killed off'? You make your bed, you lie in it... Ideas like this will keep the dream alive that he never 'died'.

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    What if the cloning wasn't perfect? Like, a scientist clones Bond, but the cloning gave the new Bond some mental defects? Bond 26 could be Bond facing a cloned psychotic version of himself.

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    This reminds me of an idea that was considered on the first occasion that the franchise had to re-cast Bond, for OHMSS - the idea that Bond has undergone plastic surgery to alter his appearance so that his enemies can't recognise him. Thankfully, nothing came of that. Wade's idea of cloning, as a possible way into a new Bond film is sillier still. The last thing we need is implausible sci-fi attaching itself to the inauguration of the next Bond. If the plastic surgery idea rejected for OHMSS had a precedent in the Angelo/Derval business in TB, Wade's cloning idea would smack too much of DAD, which gave us appearance-altering DNA replacement theory (Moon/Graves). Forget another way to die, another day: there really IS no credible alternative to another hard re-boot!

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