The Blood Stone theme/intro... wow!

hoppimikehoppimike London, UKPosts: 54MI6 Agent

Is the game good? Because that intro is amazing! Especially the theme as to be honest I prefer it to many of the recent movie themes XD

I've played through the Quantum of Solace game and really enjoyed it ^^

Just thought I'd share my recent enthusiasm for it, is all!

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  • writingsonthewallwritingsonthewall SpainPosts: 394MI6 Agent

    Bizarre Creations were a great studio: both Metropolis Street Racer for the Dreamcast and Project Gotham Racing for the Xbox were awesome racing games. Unfortunately, Bloodstone didn't perform well financially and they were closed down by Activision (the Bond licensees at the time).

    The game itself was great, a proper "Craig entry" during the hiatus between QoS and SF, and I bet you'll enjoy it much more than QoS, which was only ok-ish IMHO (apart from the excellent Kerli intro song).

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  • OrnithologistOrnithologist BerlinPosts: 555MI6 Agent

    I just re-visited both games and enjoyed them a lot despite being super old by gaming standards. QoS is a simple and generic shooter gameplay-wise but has the original QoS and, surprisingly, the whole CR storyline, too, which is nice. Bloodstone is the far better game technically, and has some non-shooter components as well, such as car and boat chases and some stealth elemtns, though it is still mainly a shooter. Also, the story isn't exactly unique or creative but certainly better than anything the actual writers came up with after Skyfall 😃 I was pleasantly surprised to have our hero still alive and childless at the end, with no mention of any stepbrothers whatsoever...

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  • writingsonthewallwritingsonthewall SpainPosts: 394MI6 Agent

    Dammit, @Ornithologist, now you've made me want to dust my old PS3 and do the same, and also my Wii in order to play the GE remake...

    "Enjoy it while it lasts."
    "The very words I live by."
  • Trigger_MortisTrigger_Mortis Posts: 91MI6 Agent

    That is pretty much the highlight of the entire game.

  • hoppimikehoppimike London, UKPosts: 54MI6 Agent

    Wow I had no idea it was by them. I have a copy of MSR and Blur is one of my favourite racing games ^^

    QOS I played through and thoroughly enjoyed :)

    Blood Stone... yeah maybe I should play it through too. I wish it was on PC!

    Movies: The Spy Who Loved Me. Actor: Pierce Brosnan. Theme: You Only Live Twice. :D

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