Morocco Suede Blouson from Royale Filmwear COMING SOON!



  • Westward_DriftWestward_Drift Posts: 3,100MI6 Agent

    I would think that calf suede is thicker than lamb. Interesting.

    The original John Varvatos Split Seam Racer is goat suede and it is light weight and fantastic.

    Perhaps in the future RF can do a goat suede version with screen accurate details.

  • Agent EternalAgent Eternal Athens, GreecePosts: 164MI6 Agent

    I just received mine. First impression is that i love it!

    Leather feels substantial and is softer than what i was expecting. It is as warm as i thought it would be and i actualy prefer it that way because it will get used a lot during fall, winter and early sping here in Greece. I am sure that i wouldn't wear the original during summer either.

    The fit is perfect and i LOVE the way you can shape the colar anyway you want.

    I am the same size as David Zaritsky so if you are in doubt about size and you use him as reference, i am 100% sure he will go with the Medium when his review is up. I was size Small for the Royal Miami jacket as well as him.

  • PandemicPandemic Posts: 100MI6 Agent

    Mine just arrived. Quality is excellent and I’m happy to say the fit is perfect (was a little nervous, based on the charts). The wire collar can be molded to taste. I was also surprised (and happy) to see there are no collar fastening hooks - it looks much neater and I would never do it up at the collar.

  • jonathanpinfieldjonathanpinfield Posts: 19MI6 Agent

    For anyone who's got the Royale Filmwear Morocco jacket and also owns the Rogue Trader waxed canvas jacket, how do the sizes compare?

  • Agent EternalAgent Eternal Athens, GreecePosts: 164MI6 Agent

    I am Medium in both. I feel the RT jacket slightly tighter around my body. Royal's Morocco jacket feels softer and roomier.

  • 405405 Posts: 119MI6 Agent
    edited October 2023

    Received mine today and I have to say it exceeded my expectations. I've had a few Royale pieces and the new Blouson may be my favorite already, next to the Talamone cardigan.

    The new Blouson feels very luxurious and the suede is buttery smooth. I don't own the original Matchless, nor have a handled it. The Royale Blouson I would classify as a mid weight jacket. Not as light as the RGT or a Harrington, not as heavy as a real leather jacket. Do not think I would be very comfortable wearing this in temps above 65F.

    I took a medium and am happy with the fit. For reference I am a medium in most clothing, including all the Royale pieces I've tried. In the RGT supply jacket I'm a large.

    I would highly recommend the new Blouson and I can't wait to see what Dan does with the newly announced London Suede Racer.

  • jonathanpinfieldjonathanpinfield Posts: 19MI6 Agent

    Thanks, that's great to know. My RT jacket is a size M and a good "snug" fit, so it sounds like a size M for the Morocco jacket would be a good fit for me.

  • PandemicPandemic Posts: 100MI6 Agent
  • PandemicPandemic Posts: 100MI6 Agent

    Thanks! Those are JCrew 770 5 pockets. Today I’m wearing the Spectre train (blue linen shirt) outfit with John Hentric taupe chinos.

  • Bond_AmbitionsBond_Ambitions Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 463MI6 Agent

    What’s that navy polo you have on there mate?

  • 405405 Posts: 119MI6 Agent

    How does the John Hentric chino color look with the royale blouson color?

  • PandemicPandemic Posts: 100MI6 Agent

    I like it. Maybe a more brown than grey taupe to the originals but the colour still works really well with the jacket. However, they are a ridiculous skinny taper that strangle my calves.

  • 405405 Posts: 119MI6 Agent

    Looking good! Thanks for the photo.

  • 405405 Posts: 119MI6 Agent
    edited December 2023

    Just pulled the trigger on these pants in Mushroom to fill in as the Brunello taupe chinos . Not cheap, but the color looked good to me. Will report back.

  • PandemicPandemic Posts: 100MI6 Agent

    The colour looks good, though for a five-pocket you’ve got a lot of options. I look forward to your review!

  • HarryCanyonHarryCanyon Posts: 267MI6 Agent

    those are fantastic looking trousers. Yeah, I await feedback for sure.

  • 405405 Posts: 119MI6 Agent

    Received the R51 pants yesterday, color is good in person. Its the right combination of brown/grayish taupe color. I've been searching for alternatives for the BC chinos for a while and tried out a few only to send them back due to color not being right. To me the color was the most important feature of the pants for an SA look.

    Fit is nice. Slim but not skinny. They have some stretch to them so the are very comfortable. I tried out the John Henric ones but they were way too tight in the calf area (and I don't have XL calves). So if you were like me, the R51 will be a little more roomy here. I chose a 32 size, my usual pants size. For reference I am a 32" in the Royale MI6 pants.

    I plan to get some photos this weekend next to my Royale Morocco blouson. I'll share them here.

    So overall I am very happy with and these will be a keeper pair for me.

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