Pros and cons of Broccoli and Wilson selling their share of the Business

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As I have posted around here before, I believe this is going to happen and it's what's really holding up news of future Bond and is also the reason they killed Bond off in the last movie. Pros : New Bond Movies likely getting released every 2 years again. CR 54/67 & NSNA to finally be included in official full Blu-ray & DVD boxsets. Cons New owner might over do things by making multiple spinoffs and tv series of multi bond universe etc.


  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 36,890Chief of Staff

    That sounds awfully like what Disney did with "Star Wars", not a prospect to look forward to.

  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 36,890Chief of Staff

    Perhaps I should have said what Disney did TO "Star Wars", not with. 🙁

  • GentlemanSpyGentlemanSpy Posts: 12MI6 Agent

    There really is a Goldilocks happy-middle that we are shooting for here. A movie every three years with regularly published novels would be a dream scenario for me.

    I agree with OP. My biggest concern is the inevitable over-saturation that would come with acquiring the rights to one of the longest running and most profitable properties in film history.

  • CoolHandBondCoolHandBond Mactan IslandPosts: 6,597MI6 Agent

    I’d be very happy for Amazon to take control. A movie every 2 years. Annual spin-off TV series like Leiter and Young Bond, for example, to fill in the gaps between movies. Much better than the stagnant position we get now with a minimum 5 year gap between movies and a producer who couldn’t care a toss about the franchise.

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    I'm annoyed by what Disney did with Star Wars in some respects, especially aspects of the three continuation films but some of the spin-offs and the prequels have been really good. The thing with Star Wars is they have much more to work with, loads of key characters to work with a whole galaxy. Whereas with Bond it's really is just about James Bond. I think there would be interest in a Young Bond series perhaps, but would anyone other than keen Bond fans be interested in seeing a Moneypenny series? Blofeld Spectre series? Young M series? I'm not sure? I guess Kim Sherwood's novel has proved to be quite successful (not a fan personally) so I may be wrong.

    But in any case, please give me a new official James Bond film every two years.

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    Whoever eventually buys out Eon won't be doing a film every two years. They may do some back-to-back filming (as with MI) to be able to bring out two films in consecutive years. But the industry isn't geared to pump out good films at that pace starring the same actor. What about Marvel? Marvel has a wealth of actors and series and can have a popular character cameo in multiple films. But that's a far cry from one man shouldering an entire franchise. There would also be concerns about "Bond burnout" with audiences that include people who aren't rabid fans. Marvel is experiencing this now (people seem to be tiring of their superheroes), and as I said, they have a lot more directions in which to go.

    But yes, "universes" are currently the thing, and it's hard to imagine a new owner not wanting to maximize the IP (intellectual property). I have no idea what that would look like either.

  • PPK 7.65mmPPK 7.65mm Saratoga Springs NY USAPosts: 1,239MI6 Agent
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    Last I was aware, Amazon does not currently have any plans to make any James Bond spin off movies or tv series for their Prime streaming service. Rather they are focused on other titles in MGM's library to produce new content. A new Pink Panther movie is one idea that Amazon/MGM is pursuing more about the plans for a new Pink Panther movie at this link: New ‘Pink Panther’ Movie in the Works with ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Director - IMDb

    Getting back on topic, I do hope that we no longer see extended delays between movies. Also, I hope that during the time between movies, we still get other content to enjoy such as novels, comic books, video games and new merchandise to collect.

  • IcePakIcePak Perth, Western AustraliaPosts: 170MI6 Agent

    Is this actually something that might happen? Or is it just a what-if scenario?

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  • caractacus pottscaractacus potts Orbital communicator, level 10Posts: 4,002MI6 Agent

    @IcePak see this thread, if youre not aware

    Amazon bought MGM's 50% share two years ago (which I think MGM bought from Saltzman in 1974?)

    I remember at the time it was noted EON had unusual creative control, regardless of who owned the other 50%, and Barbara even saying there would be no Expanded Universe of spinoffs (I dont know where to find that quote though, it is important to this discussion. its in one of our threads round here if someone else wants to search).

    but as @John from Cork implies, there is reason to suspect EON have got the franchise neatly tied up all ready for another owner to take it over completely and start fresh. That's speculation on our part, but the clues are : they've regained ownership of the two rogue Fleming titles, and EON's Bond is now dead. I don't know if there's any other clues beyond how long it takes them between movies these days

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