Wrath of Man Harrington ID

Can anyone help me ID the khaki/tan Jason Statham wears in in Wrath of Man? Specifically the food truck scene (no spoilers).

I thought it was a Baracuta G9 (still might be) but there was no flap on the back.

I have zero need for another jacket let alone a Harrington but I feel drawn to it!


  • bondfan10bondfan10 Posts: 40MI6 Agent

    I too was wondering the ID.

  • bondfan10bondfan10 Posts: 40MI6 Agent

    Was anyone able to ID this?

  • MikeG77MikeG77 Posts: 1,587MI6 Agent
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    I'm pretty sure it's not from Baracuta as the back of the jacket has a different design plus this jacket appears to not have the side adjusters.

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  • apple8apple8 London,UKPosts: 110MI6 Agent

    Such a shame filmjackets.com has gone - someone on there would have id it straight away!

    I think it’s a custom Baracuta - Statham has worn the brand in movies and personal life previously so very unlikely he’d wear a ‘copy’

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    I concur, it is a shame that filmjackets.com is gone. I may post something to RPF or The Fedora Lounge.

    The harrington from the film has some unique characteristics. The collar has some curved stitching toward the rear.

    The pockets look to be simple slash pockets rather than the flap pockets of the Baracuta G9. Also it looks like there are shoulder seams instead of the Baracuta raglan sleeves.

    Also, while not definitive, pictures from the front aren't showing the familiar Baracuta lining. While the jacket may not be unzipped enough to show the lining, the lining was easily visible when Statham wore a G9 in Killer Elite.

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    anyone follow him on Twitter? If so, ask him.

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  • bondfan10bondfan10 Posts: 40MI6 Agent

    Just by the way it fits and looking at certain angles in the film. I think it may be unlined.

  • bondfan10bondfan10 Posts: 40MI6 Agent
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    An additional distinguishing characteristic of this jacket is that on the cuff, there is some stitching. Something I haven't found on many of the tan harrington jackets I've seen online.

  • bondfan10bondfan10 Posts: 40MI6 Agent

    Has anyone reached out to the wardrobe department?

  • bondfan10bondfan10 Posts: 40MI6 Agent

    Following up. Any luck anyone?

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