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    Had a hankering to watch AVTAK last night and chucked on the Blu-ray. Really enjoyed it after not having seen it in a few years.

    A few things stood out on this viewing...


    • Roger Moore looks better than he did in OP, he's slimmed down and there's less of an overdone tan. He looks excellent in particular in the PTS, Ascot and throughout the finale, plus moves well too. Clearly he's fit. He looks pretty old when he's tailing Stacey in SF and of course, underwater. But for all he complaints, he's bloody great!
    • Zorin and Mayday are great villains and the backstory connection to the KGB is good stuff.
    • Rich and lush work by Barry (title song is the best by far).
    • Excellent costume design; everyone's outfits (barring Moneypenny's) are brilliant, Mayday and Stacey's 80s gear looks good now.
    • The film isn't trying to be bigger than it is. Minus all the killings, it's actually quite a muted affair (and if you're in the mood that's good). Location wise, only having two major settings in France and SF means you absorb into them. The rip off GF plot is easy to understand and the backdrop of the horse world adds a touch of something else.
    • The mine set is pretty awesome.
    • I like Stacey (stunning to look at) and I think the non-over-sexed relationship between her and Moore is good and appropriate.

    Not so good:

    • In OP when Vijay gets killed it's awful and it snaps Bond into movement. In AVTAK the killing of Tibbett AND Chuck is too much. Add this to the way Zorin and Scarpine kills off everyone in the mine? Also, wouldn't the death of a CIA agent warrant a pretty big response?
    • There's not enough screen time between Bond and Zorin. The interplay between the two when they are on screen is great. It's a bit of a waste considering Walken is probably the most interesting person to play a Bong villain...ever?
    • There are a few clunky scenes in the start of the movie. Desmond's reading of the lines in M's office is pretty clumsy, the initial meeting between Bond and Scarpine and discussion around Pegasus' brother is slow.
    • The fire at city hall and fire engine chase.

    Still. I love AVTAK, it's just so...interesting. It's not over the top, it's just a solid, oddball 80s retirement flick for Moore.

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