Budget Bond Collectors Resource

Decided to finally start organizing all the links to Budget Bond/DC alternatives I've found. Turned into this site:


Amazing what you can do when you're sick in bed with the flu and bored. :)

Few things:
1. Many people here deserve credit: Mantis and Matt S for inspiration and ideas, and Ornithologist who suggested a way to keep track of the links we share on this thread: http://www.ajb007.co.uk/topic/46768/suggestion-updated-craig-era-wardrobe-alternatives-thread/. I still think that thread would be a great idea.

2. This a quick and dirty site, but if I post a link shared by another user, or use a picture, I am trying to give credit. If I have missed someone or if you do NOT want your link shared, I will happily remove it.

3. I am NOT selling anything on this site, and I am not making any money off it (affiliate links, etc.). It is just a way to curate some of the cool/interesting/affordable items I/we come across. If you do find a link that looks suspect, please let me know and I will change it.

Rather than try to organize things by film/actor, I organized them by item, with about 5 to 10 budget options for each; keeping the number of options low should help me remove dead links. If you want to share something you find, let me know in the comments of the site or PM me here and I will add it as soon as I can (I don't plan to be sick forever, so it probably won't be added immediately). Likewise if you have an item you are looking for, PM me and I can have a look or share what others find. I will keep adding things as I can; right now I am finishing up posts for alternatives to the TF Harrington jacket, the Riveria Polo, braided leather belt, NP Spectre sweaters, Levis 306 Sta-prests.

All the best


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