No Time To Die wardrobe: possible spoilers



  • bondfan10bondfan10 Posts: 74MI6 Agent

    Lighting is kind of tricky here, but is it the same tan color?

  • welshboy78welshboy78 Posts: 10,125MI6 Agent

    Yeah I think it is. Also noticed it on mid season finale

    Instagram - bondclothes007
  • misssteelemisssteele Posts: 10MI6 Agent

    Re: swimsuit - thanks for the comments. It was only available in baby pink and black. Dependant on light, looking at owner’s tagged photos on S&S’s IG page it does sometimes appear navy. I also received this email back this evening in response to mine, which had 4K images from the film attached asking whether it was theirs.

  • IceQIceQ Posts: 277MI6 Agent

    Bennett Winch SC Holdall back in stock on Marrkt for £350

  • Westward_DriftWestward_Drift Posts: 2,926MI6 Agent

    Green one sold, but they have the blue canvas and brown leather versions in stock.

  • NoiNoi Posts: 646MI6 Agent

    thanks for ther alert, I really like the concept of the BW Holdall but am I the only one who thinks that the bag would look much better with two leather straps around it? (similar to the j crew weekender). The sewn on handles make it look a bit cheap, at least for something that retails for £765

  • NoiNoi Posts: 646MI6 Agent
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    Christies sells some nttd-wardrobe items...some interesting details, would love to get to know the brand of the socks he wears with the tux

  • Mattia De VartiMattia De Varti ItalyPosts: 451MI6 Agent

    After Safin's costume was revealed yesterday as part of the Christie's auction I've digged a bit and found boots and crampons.

    Boots are from Arket x Diemme. Black leather and rubber duck boots. 'Designed in collaboration with ARKET, this version of the Diemme Anatra Boot is made from premium leather that has undergone a chrome-free tanning process. The boots are handmade in Italy and features a rounded shell toe, a lace-up closure and a rubber duck boot sole.'

    You can noticed the Diemme logo on the side and the writing SUPPORT in the rubber part

    As for the crampons they're Musume crampons ice cleats traction snow grips. You can easily find them on Amazon for a reasonable price.

    Notice the little arrows which point which way you have to put them on

  • Mattia De VartiMattia De Varti ItalyPosts: 451MI6 Agent
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    Nomi's boots are instead a pair of U.S. military jungle boots. A little battered...

    Don't consider the bottom image. First one is the correct

  • Smithers500Smithers500 Spectre IslandPosts: 1,198MI6 Agent

    Great detective work as usual Mattia!

    Japanese proverb say, "Bird never make nest in bare tree".
  • Mattia De VartiMattia De Varti ItalyPosts: 451MI6 Agent

    Imagine you've also seen this. Paloma's pochette is a Jimmy Choo 'Vivien’ blue liquid velvet clutch bag with deco crystal detail.

    Which makes sense cause as I've previously find out Madeleine's black pumps are Jimmy Choo as well

  • Mattia De VartiMattia De Varti ItalyPosts: 451MI6 Agent

    Have you managed to save the socks image? Can't find it today but yesterday saw that

  • IceQIceQ Posts: 277MI6 Agent

    Not sure if that would improve look, quite like it ‘clean’ - couple of notes on it - material a bit prone to staining, I’d maybe spray it with fabric protector before use, had a bit of dye transfer from jeans in to it first use. The coat hanger included isn’t super sturdy so I’d use a plastic one if it’s going to be in and out of overhead - speaking of which it seems bigger than what would normally be let on as hand luggage but no one stopped me in four flights so far. Otherwise it’s nice and a good way of keeping suit in shape while travelling.

  • Tato007Tato007 France Posts: 316MI6 Agent

    Someone know what triped shirt and shoes Mathilde worn?

  • TheExit148TheExit148 Posts: 550MI6 Agent

    Was watching NTTD on 4k yesterday and noticed in the Norway scenes that the duster has a half belt on the back. Now, none of the versions from MA I've seen for sale or from their site had this detail. Does anyone know if this was added by production?

  • Cg23Cg23 Posts: 227MI6 Agent

    I definitely noticed what looked like an imprint of where a belt would have gone in the regular version. Clearly that shot you posted has part belt looking to be sewn in on the back.

    There really are some oddly specific details added and removed from pieces in this movie’s wardrobe.

  • IceQIceQ Posts: 277MI6 Agent

    Massimo Alba have really rinsed this one too, price is 30% more than originally, never discount code valid and they keep changing the design and running out of stock…

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