No Time To Die wardrobe: possible spoilers



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    If anyone is missing a pair of short shorts for the summer, the Jed North’s are now on sale:

    Murder | Employment.
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    Perhaps if any of our members are fluent in Japanese they would like to try contacting them.

  • Mattia De VartiMattia De Varti ItalyPosts: 451MI6 Agent

    That's a great idea. So if there's someone who speaks Japanese please comment down below.

    Or we can always use Istant Japanese, if it was enough for Bond it should serve the purpose😁... just joking

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    Was it ever settled whether Bond wears the slim or straight Tom Ford jeans in Jamaica?

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    I can’t remember, but when I was looking into MrE’s dodgy activities, he kept on pushing one style over the other that had been accepted as the screen used cut. Using his sock puppet accounts he caused confusion over the issue. Which we now realise was simply because he’d bought stock and wouldn’t be able to move it if it was considered the wrong cut. Now we know this, I’m sure the picture is clearer.

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    just get the fit that is most comfortable and looks best on you. It’s so rare to have a choice of fits in Bond clothes, you should make full use of it and damn screen accuracy in this case. It’s not like they’re even that different anyway.

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    I resisted for so long due to the price, but I finally just decided to order a pair. I found a size 36 on Bergdorf Goodman. They said slim on the website but turned out to be straight. I think I might prefer a slim cut below the knee, and I’m undecided whether I will keep them. I wish I could try the slim, but I’m not sure if where to find them.

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    Elementary level conversationally fluent in Japanese here. Lived there for a year back in 2005 for college. I could help, though often times Japanese people can be vague with answers. 😅

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    You could always get them tailored. Even Japanese selvedge denim will stretch over time. The problem always is with buying jeans they will not look or fit the same after a few months of wear.

  • Mattia De VartiMattia De Varti ItalyPosts: 451MI6 Agent

    That sounds great. Always better than Google translate abd for what we need think is enough. Let's chat on DM if it's good for you!

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    If you get them tailored, send them to Railcar Jeans for tapering. I sent a pair of jeans to them for that service and they turned out amazing. Because they are a jean company, they have all the right equipment to do the service and chainstitching on the hem etc.

    I can't recommend them enough for tapering of jeans.

  • knoxj3knoxj3 Posts: 68MI6 Agent

    Thank you for the information! Still not sure if I'm going to keep them because of the price and the fit. My other jeans (Flint & Tinder) are slim fit, and I like the way they fit better than the TF straight. The TF jeans are great though, and maybe I could find some on the forum later.

  • TheExit148TheExit148 Posts: 550MI6 Agent

    If you like how the top block fits (waist and butt/crotch) but just need the legs slimmed from the thigh down, go for the service. You can get them to match your F&T jeans.

    The only thing that I would say would push me away from tapering the legs is if there is any artifical "distressing" applied that may look out of whack when the legs are taken in. Railcair will take in from the inseam to preserve the selvedge outseam so it could affect that look Tom Ford may have applied.

  • doubleOElvisdoubleOElvis Posts: 17MI6 Agent

    I can't speak for the leg tapering service, but as a company in general, they're first class. Finally pulled the trigger on my first pair of Railcars after years of browsing their site. Jenna their sales girl was incredibly helpful, and Steven's story is pretty intriguing.

  • knoxj3knoxj3 Posts: 68MI6 Agent

    Are the slim that different from the straight? I have decently thick legs, and I don’t think I would want the top half of the jeans any tighter. I would get them hemmed of course, but I don’t think that would really affect anything.

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    Does anyone have any pics\details\confirmation of the tie worn upon returning to London in NTTD?

    Yes. Consssssiderably.
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    I can comfirm TF denim sizing 100% varies. Not every slim pair will fit the same. I’d compare it to fragrance batches if you’re familiar with high end fragrances since a lot of this stuff is hand sewn sizing can vary from time to time. Some batches are just going to fit differently. Thats why buying from other stores is tricky bc you just cant really know from whatever stock photo they use. I didnt buy any of mine from the actual Tom Ford store. Although, enticing bc they literally will fit you like a suit and get any sort of tailoring needed for them sometimes on the spot if their tailor is in that day, I came close to doing it). But alas, this definitely means you’re paying that full price, so I settled for outside pricing and just had mine tailored locally. I have TF slims that fit straight and TF slims that fit more skinny but are 100% cotton so the gradual give from wearing made them fit pretty great for me. Ironically my TF slims that run big are the pair with stretch in them. Its also more from the knee down for mine as well. Its hard to trust with tailoring raw or selvedge denim bc of the mentioned selvedge outseam and chain stitch that is highly recommended to preserve the intended look but $60+ for a taper especially if just knee down seems a bit steep. But again, if you found someone you trust then I cant blame you

  • knoxj3knoxj3 Posts: 68MI6 Agent

    Maybe these jeans are too big of an investment for me. There doesn't seem to be a consensus on whether the SA jeans are slim or straight, and I can't find a pair of slim at the moment to compare the fit. I thought if someone could confirm that the straight was SA I would feel better about dropping $750 on jeans haha. I appreciate everyone's input!

  • Cg23Cg23 Posts: 227MI6 Agent

    Im a huge TF fan and a big denim guy. TF makes exceptional stuff but I definitely would not pay full retail for their denim. It’s well made and I do like it but that’s more of a branding price compared to other top notch denim. Even some of the best Japanese Raw denim in the world costs way less than TF charges.

  • Mattia De VartiMattia De Varti ItalyPosts: 451MI6 Agent

    Basically, today’s post is threefold and covers some garments worn by our favourite Quartermaster Ben Whishaw aka Q. First of all the acknwoledgements: thanks to my dear friend Zulfi @006 without whom the final piece would have been hard to confirm.

     1 – Percival navy corduroy overshirt

    Worn during the third act/plane scene this navy corduroy overshirt is described as “Overshirt, a shirt for over another shirt. A shacket. A shirt come jacket. A mens overshirt or shirt for whomever wants to wear it, and wear it they may. This could be a hobby shirt, a DIY shirt, a workshirt a WFH shirt. A muscle shirt? Maybe not that last one. But what you do in your ever so nice Percival deep navy cord shirt is up to you. Could even be a lazy shirt.”

    Surprsingly still available and for a good price ( Button stance which does not arrive till the end, buttons, single breast pocket and cirved pocket match the pictures from dvd/Making of NTTD book

    2 – Alexander Olch ‘Lighthouse’ light blue/pink-ish linen tie

    Worn during the lab scene with M and Tanner. Not much info on this piece is available, just that it was from 2019 collection. You can notice the brown label when Q turns towards M quitting the lab. Described of Alexander Olch’s Facebook pages as “Stripes are layered beneath cascading contrast yarns in our exciting new Lighthouse design. Special mixes of fine linen (the technical term is melange yarns) weave over and under each other to create a sense of depth, subtle texture, and hints of color.” Very interesting the same brand has been used for both Q and Bond, like BC was used for Bond’s shirt and Q’s other tie.

    On a side note, the same tie with a different colour scheme was worn by actor Paul Rudd while promoting Avengers: Endgame at Graham Norton show (

  • Mattia De VartiMattia De Varti ItalyPosts: 451MI6 Agent

    3 – Church’s ‘McPherson’ brogue shoes

    Thanks to Zulfi and his contact I’ve been able to confirm the model. While not official brand agreement has been signes, we all know Church’s has been the favourite shoes brand of the leading man from GE to QoS. The McPherson model used in the movie – which should be from 2019 collection and slightly different in colour compared to the current model – is a brogue derby with very distinctive metal eyelets and rubber commando sole similar to Timberland’s boots.

  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 2,636MI6 Agent

    Great work Mattia🧐👍

    "Any of the opposition around..?"
  • The Domino EffectThe Domino Effect Posts: 3,551MI6 Agent

    Fantastic as usual!

  • sruzgarsruzgar Welcome to ScotlandPosts: 1,466MI6 Agent

    incredible work @Mattia De Varti

  • Mattia De VartiMattia De Varti ItalyPosts: 451MI6 Agent
    edited March 28

    Thanks @The Domino Effect and @sruzgar , these were some pretty amazing pieces to find must admit

  • The Domino EffectThe Domino Effect Posts: 3,551MI6 Agent

    I have just received my Anderson & Sheppard short-sleeved Henley. Although awfully expensive, they've used a gorgeous linen that looks and feels lovely and I am very much looking forward to wearing it. It was quite an indulgent splurge that I have questioned myself over making a number of times since ordering it, but now that I have it in my grubby little hands, I have no regrets at all. It is beautiful. Incidentally, the A&S website says to allow 8-10 weeks for receipt. I ordered mine on January 6 and it took about 14 weeks to reach me.

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    I’ve been looking for a while to find the swimming costume Madeleine wears when she transitions from young to old Madeleine and appears in Italy.

    After slowing down the frame rate of her swimming, we can see that she wears a gingham costume with a lower than usual, squared cut back. The front of the costume also definitely has a tie of some sort in the same material across the bust and the straps over the arms are of a runched fabric.

    After countless hours of searching, I’m certain I have found the correct swimsuit. It was released in 2019, a black and white seersucker material, made by Solid and Striped and it’s called the Ellery. Sold out almost everywhere, RRP was approx £150 - I have managed to get hold of a new one however, pictured below. Hope this helps someone! 👙


  • Bond_AmbitionsBond_Ambitions Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 433MI6 Agent

    Wow. Great discovery Karla. I think Mattia will be envious haha!

  • NoiNoi Posts: 646MI6 Agent

    Tony Dalton/Lalo Salamanca from Better Call Saul wearing the RGT Jacket

    great work misssteele, really hard to identify that piece, have you contacted Solid & Striped and asked for confirmation?

  • Mattia De VartiMattia De Varti ItalyPosts: 451MI6 Agent

    Oh I'm not envious at all, been through so much work lately that I've not focused myself too much on IDs . Good work @misssteele though as Bond_Ambitions suggested it could be worth checking with them.

    Pattern seems OK, the white squares stand out as the swimsuit is soaked in water. But checking the 4k version to me it still remains blue or navy. Have you checked if they had a navy version as well? And to completely check all the details, I don't seem to distinguish the sewing all along the straps in Madeleine's

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