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    And so it begins... again.

    We're starting in this thread Shakespeare's Bond: Work area (All welcome!) — ajb007

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    @Barbel you can edit your own thread title cant you?

    maybe add Containeth Ye Spoilers or such to the Shakespeare Work Area thread title, at least for the time being.

    technically, if anybody's not contributing to the Script, they're reading Spoilers anyway because the finished Play is yet to be unveiled to the Audience

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    @caractacus potts I can edit anyone's thread title! 😁

    Okay, I'll add something as you suggest.

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    Give me a staff of honour for mine age, but not a sceptre (spectre???) to control the world 😉

    I still haven’t seen NTTD, but I really don’t care about spoiler alerts any more, most of them are out in the open now.

    Yeah, well, sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand.
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    if @CoolHandBond of all people has not yet seen the film, thats good enough reason to continue with the spoiler tags. I'm sure he's not the only one, just the most prominent. and I realise I've been dropping references in threads I should not, I must be more careful

    but CoolHand you're a regular member of Barbel's writing team! you may have to watch the dvd just so you can contribute to his latest Playe!

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    Potential Spoilers!

    The short version:

    (The Italian town of Matera. James and Madeleine are talking in their room.)

    James: So, why have you brought us here, Madeleine?

    Madeleine: There’s an ancient custom here, to get rid of bad memories.

    James: And you’ve brought me here to purge my memories of a woman I knew about fifteen years ago?

    Madeleine: That’s about it.

    James: Hmm… maybe, after you’ve told me your secret?

    Madeleine: My secret?

    James: Of course. Everyone has secrets; we just haven’t got to yours yet.

    Madeleine: Well, all right then- I’m pregnant.

    James: (Astonished.) What?? How???

    Madeleine: Oh really, James, I would have thought that you of all people would know how.

    James: This is wonderful- let’s get married right away!

    Madeleine: You’re not angry?

    James: Hell, no! Come on!

    (James takes Madeleine to his Aston Martin below, whooping with joy. They set off, after he has caused the carriage to perform several doughnut-like circles in the street.)

    Madeleine: But where will we live? I have a beautiful house in Norway.

    James: I have a golden house in Jamaica.

    Madeleine: Jamaica is warmer, let’s go there!

    (Meanwhile, in a cemetery not far away, two men await impatiently, staring at their watches from time to time. One is young, barely more than a boy; the other has a false eye.)

    Younger Man: I thought he should have been here by now.

    Older Man: Yes, Blofeld definitely said so.

    Younger Man: Oh, well….

    A Mothercare shop. James and Madeleine look at some childrens clothing.

    James: What about this one?

    Madeleine: No, that’s bright blue. I feel this will be a girl.

    James: Hmm, if you’re sure.

    Madeleine: Oh look, James, this one is so pretty!

    James: Yes, indeed… Would it perhaps be possible for me to wait for you in that bar across the street?

    Madeleine: No!

    James: Then maybe I can stand in the street outside and smoke a cigar whilst you select the clothes?

    Madeleine: No, you’re going to stay with me,

    James: (Grumbles.) If you say so.

    (An attendant approaches.)

    Attendant: May I be of service?

    Madeleine: Most certainly.

    James: Madeleine, please….?

    Madeleine: No, James, stay here!

    Attendant: James….? The tuxedo and bow tie? And in the street outside, that’s a silver Aston Martin DB5, isn’t it?

    James: Yes, it is.

    Attendant: Hmm, I had been wondering what you looked like.

    Madeleine: Oh? How so?

    Attendant: He’s been responsible for 50% of our turnover for the last 70 years….


    Intermission. A young singer comes on and mumbles some words.


    Five Years Later

    (The residence in Jamaica which James spoke of. He returns from fishing, and inspects the remains of a cigar which he finds.)

    James: Hmm, “Delectados”? I believe that they are particularly hazardous to one’s health.

    Voice From Behind: And so are you, my friend.

    James: (Turning.) Felix! It’s been too long!

    Felix: That it has. I’ve come to ask for your help with a mission I’m on.

    James: A mission?

    Felix: A scientist has gone missing, and we must find him.

    James: “We”? I am enjoying my retirement, Felix.

    Felix: I can’t persuade you?

    James: Look behind you.

    (Felix turns, to see a girl of perhaps four years and another of maybe two.)

    James: This is my… family. That’s Mathilde, and her young sister Monique.

    Felix: Ah…. Hello.

    (Madeleine enters, clearly about six months with child.)

    James: And my wife, Madeleine.

    Felix: I see your retirement has been, shall we say, productive?

    James: Indeed. And I shall be staying here to continue doing the same.

    Felix: I believe I cannot persuade you otherwise. Farewell, James.

    James: Farewell, Felix.



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    😀 Not bad - though one consequent downer would be that we'd would have to be - dead. Was looking for a picture of the Frisco mayor in A View To A Kill to accompany that but couldn't find one on duckduckgo.

    Or would we? Would Blofeld still be alive if Mads wasn't around to be his psychiatrist ? Would he then counter Safrin's plot? Oh, who cares.

    "This is where we leave you Mr Bond."

    Roger Moore 1927-2017
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    A large expansive open air swimming pool somewhere in Mexico. Guests mingle. One of them is a man with a tuxedo, late 40s, limp dark hair, or is it swept back menacingly at this point? I can’t remember, it’s years since I watched it.

    Evening. Late 1980s. 

    A waiter approaches the man in a tux. He carries a phone.

    Waiter: Long distance call for you, sir.

    Bond [for it is he]: Why, thank you. [Holds receiver].

    M: Bond? Is that you?

    Bond: 007 reporting for duty, sir.

    M: We’ll be the judge of that.

    Bond: What… did you say?

    M: I mean, thank goodness for that! 

    Bond: Ah, I thought things were going to get nast-ay.

    M: Get what?

    Bond: Nast-ay.

    M: Nast-ay? Oh, you mean nasty. [Sounds of muffled giggles] Yep. Right. Anyway, just touching base to see how you made out with that drug cartel business. Though we expect you’re now making out with some hot crumpet, giving it every which way until next Thursday. Is that what you’re up to?

    Bond: [in that plummy mellifluous Welsh voice that always takes the unguarded Bond fan unawares] You really shouldn’t be asking questions like that! I am a trained Shakespearian actor! In works by the Bard we all know that such ribald entertainments are only enjoyed by the lower sections of society, like rats caught in a barrel ravening down their natural bane. Falstaff being one example, in Henry V Part 1 or was it part 2… I also like Beckett…

    M: [Hastily] Yes, well, never mind about that. So unlike the ending of most adventures, you’re not getting your kit off this time?

    Woman’s voice: Stuffed shirt? He couldn’t even take it off!

    M: Shut up Kara!

    Bond: Kara? Is that you? How’s the cello practise? It was exquisite.

    M: [Hastily] Karla. Soviet informer. Third Man operative. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier thingy. We’re chatting.

    Bond: Oh, I know him, we share the same plummy mellifluous tones. In fact, we compete annually in the ‘Most Shakespearian voice’ competition. Hang on, isn’t he working for the other side?

    M: Well, no, the Cold War’s over Bond. Berlin Wall coming down and all that. I mean, any day now. Anyway, how’s Bob Leiter?

    Bond: Not funny. Besides, he’s still got two arms. 

    M: Chuck him in the pool then. See if he floats.

    Bond: I said, not funny.

    M: Right. Just trying to inject a little humour. Anyway, you vanquished his foe, right? Sanchez. Did I get that right or is he the one who got sent one of our lads sent off in the England game?

    Bond: No, got him. He’s a goner.

    M: Ah, you gave him the red card. Did you release him from an air lock into outer space? Drop down a chimney stack? Did he fall from the Golden Gate Bridge? Or inflate like a fat knacker and burst on the ceiling?

    Bond: Well, I set alight to him with a present from Felix.

    M: Riiiiiight.

    Bond: I mean, with his cigarette lighter. It had his name engraved on it.

    M: Were you ill-tempered?

    Bond: Very.

    M: Oh, now I geddit! Leiter - lighter. Shouldn’t take anyone 30 years to figure that out.

    Napoleon Plural, on drinks duty: Figure what out?

    M: But you sent him off with a quip, I take it? Along the lines of ‘Time to look on the lighter side of life…’ Or, ‘This will burn a hole in your pocket!’ Or, ‘Fancy a smoke!’

    Bond: Well, no. I just said ‘Do you want to know why?

    M: Not funny.

    Bond: Well, I’m sorry, but it’s not meant to be funny. This comes at the end of sustained intense drama. Ian Fleming wrote adult novels for grown-ups, not kids and…

    M: Well, never mind that. In any case, Q will want his car back. 

    Bond: That may prove tricky.

    M: Oh, don’t tell me. [Excitedly] Written off in a helicopter gun battle. At the bottom of the Florida Keys? Or self-destructed to not fall into enemy hands?

    Bond: Not really. I didn’t get a car this time. Q didn’t give me one.

    M: Rubbish! I know he was working on one. He sent it out to you..

    Bond: Well, I never saw it. I went to Florida, and all my quatermaster gave me was this station wagon. Anyway, sir, with respect, I’d like to know when I’ll be appearing in our next exciting, glamorous, gadget-riddled globe-trotting adventure.

    M: Yes. Well about that. I'll hand it over to 008. He knows how to have a damned good time with jokes and women, gadgets and flash cars. I think it might be best if you go on an extended leave .In fact, you and Felix, it seems.

    Bond: Oh, have you been in touch? Haven’t bothered myself over the last few weeks. How’s he doing in the service?

    M: He’s not. The FBI won’t have cripples working for them! What do you think this is, Ironside? Can you imagine if Elliot Carver, with his karate moves, were to challenge him to an arse-kicking contest? No good would come of it. We’ve got a fellow called Jack Wade lined up. American. Did work in Tangiers, I’ve heard. Looks familiar.

    Bond: Leiter will be back.

    M: Black? Well, he’s got one leg. I know the FBI are all about equal opportunity box ticking so you never know.

    Bond: But I can’t go on personal leave. This time it’s not personal. I have no Blofeld, nor Scaramanga nor Sanchez in my sights.

    M: Well, bloody find one then. You're not getting another assignment out of me. You’re forgetting the first rule of mass media!

    Bond: Which is?

    M: Always give the public what they want.

    Bond: I’ll have to use that line myself!

    M: You won’t. I’m taking my own advice. You’re fired. [Hangs up]

    Q: [to Pam Bouvier] My dear, don’t be too hard on him. Would you like a spin in my car?

    Pam: Is it a station wagon?

    Q: Station wagon? Not likely! Back at the lab we call it a ‘pussy wagon!’ I’ve got a number of optional extras installed… [He gestures towards a flash Aston Martin, appropriated from the MI6 car pool]

    Pam: Meow!

    Bond: To be or not to be…

    Q; Not to be, it turns out.

    Bond: You better not snore, Q!

    Pam: [lasciviously] Oh, he won’t be sleeping. I’ll make sure of that.

    Both turn and walk away, the sound of Q’s voice saying ‘My dear I have devised a special vibrating sex toy that I’m particularly proud of…’ just heard above the throng.

    Bond turns to see if Lupe is around, but she’s copped off with a fat corrupt South African dictator, implying that she’s basically a prostitute. Happy days.

    Bond: Guess I’ll be catching the night bus home.

    The camera closes in on an ornate winking fish. It suddenly busts into ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy…’

    Bond: Piss off…

    "This is where we leave you Mr Bond."

    Roger Moore 1927-2017
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    Nicely meta. I especially liked the Patrick Stewart joke. 😂😂😂

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    Cubby: Sean, we’d be very happy if you came back one more time as James Bond in our next film, Live And Let Die.

    Sean: Ok, Cubby, but there’sh one condition.

    Cubby: More money? I suppose I could-

    Sean: No, it’sh not the money. I come back if….

    Cubby: Yes?

    Sean: And only if….

    Cubby: Yes?????

    Sean: Jamesh Bond diesh at the end of the film.

    Cubby: What????

    Sean: Jamesh Bond diesh at-

    Cubby: Yes, yes, I heard you, but surely you can’t be serious?

    (Barbel resists using the “Airplane” reply, but it’s a close call.)

    Sean: Oh, yesh. I think it will bring my time ash Bond to an appropriate end.

    Cubby: No way! There’s years of life left in Bond- in fact, I’d bet it could go on forever, long after both of us have gone.

    Sean: Well, if that’sh how you feel…

    Cubby: It most certainly is.

    Sean: Shee you shometime.

    (Sean exits. Cubby picks up the phone.)

    Cubby: Hi, Harry? Do we still have Roger Moore’s phone number?


    Cubby: Roger, we’d be very happy if you came back one more time as James Bond in our next film, The Living Daylights.

    Roger: Ok, Cubby, but there’s one condition.

    Cubby: More money? I suppose I could-

    Roger: No, it’s not the money. I come back if….

    Cubby: Yes?

    Roger: And only if….

    Cubby: Yes?????

    Roger: James Bond dies at the end of the film.

    Cubby: What????

    Roger: James Bond dies at-

    Cubby: Yes, yes, I heard you, but surely you can’t be serious?

    (Barbel again resists using the “Airplane” reply, but struggles.)

    Roger: Oh, yes. I think it will bring my time as Bond to an appropriate end.

    Cubby: No way! There’s years of life left in Bond- in fact, I’d bet it could go on forever, long after both of us have gone.

    Roger: Well, if that’s how you feel…

    Cubby: It most certainly is.

    Roger: See you sometime.

    (Roger exits. Cubby picks up the phone.)

    Cubby: Hi, Michael? Do we still have Pierce Brosnan’s phone number?


    Barbara: Daniel, we’d be very happy if you came back one more time as James Bond in our next film, No Time To Die.

    Craig: Ok, Barbara, but there’s one condition.

    Barbara: More money? I suppose I could-

    Craig: No, it’s not the money. I come back if….

    Barbara: Yes?

    Craig: And only if….

    Barbara: Yes?????

    Craig:: James Bond dies at the end of the film.

    Barbara: Yes, no problem.

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    London 2012

    Bond, Moneypenny, Tanner, and Q are seated in a private room at a karaoke club.

    Bond: I'm going to need a lot more alcohol if you expect me to sing in public.

    Moneypenny: Public? There are four of us. No whisky for you, James. You'll get all dour and subject us to 'Hurt' by Johnny Cash.

    Tanner: Complete with a Kentucky Fried accent.

    Bond: I was thinking vodka martinis and the Nine Inch Nails version.

    Moneypenny: Don't be a smart ass. Who shall go first? Q?

    Q: Do you really have to call me 'Q'?

    Moneypenny (Whispering into Q's ear) Well, Mr. Boothroyd, how about your university nickname? Boo Boo?

    Q: Q it is.

    Moneypenny: So what are you singing?

    Q: I do a mean Freddie Mercury.

    Tanner: I'm thinking something from The Rocky Horror Show. (Q gives Tanner an appreciative look.) What about you, Eve?

    Moneypenny: (Scanning the catalog) They have songs from After School. Maybe I will start with 'First Love'.

    Q: K-Pop. Nice.

    Bond: You speak Korean, Eve?

    Monneypenny: I was stationed there for three years, James. Something you'd know if you took an interest in your coworkers.

    Bond: What will I sing? Something upbeat? How about--

    Monneypenny, Tanner and Q: No ABBA!!

    Thirty Minutes Later:

    Bond knocks back a double sake served at the perfect temperature, 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit. He takes the microphone. Music begins and Bond begins to sing:

    No one knows what it's like
    To be the bad man
    To be the sad man
    Behind blue eyes

    Moneypenny: Oh my god, something else he's good at.

    Tanner looks to Q and Moneypenny.

    Tanner: You two look as if you are about to start drooling.

    But my dreams they aren't as empty
    As my conscience seems to be
    I have hours, only lonely
    My love is vengeance
    That's never free

    Bond finishes the song, Maybe it's the sake, but he is having fun.

    Bond: Do you mind if I do another?,,,,(He scrolls through the song selections)...Perfect.

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    The Who? Interesting selection!

  • caractacus pottscaractacus potts Orbital communicator, level 10Posts: 3,394MI6 Agent

    the song makes perfect sense, as he does have Blue Eyes. and its probably a more appropriate lyric, than lets say Uncle Ernie

  • Westward_DriftWestward_Drift Posts: 2,926MI6 Agent

    Exactly @caractacus potts that's why I chose Behind Blue Eyes. Goldmines in the Sky, well...there's audio of Daniel Craig singing it.

    Any guesses about the rest of the Scooby Gang's choices?

  • caractacus pottscaractacus potts Orbital communicator, level 10Posts: 3,394MI6 Agent

    oh I dont know the other actors resumes well enough to guess...

    is it

    Q does Freddy Mercury?

    Tanner does Rocky Horror?

    Moneypenny does Korean K-pop?

    now if it were Blofeld from Diamonds are forever (who even dressed in drag) I could see him singing something from Rocky Horror. In fact I believe I once did.

  • Westward_DriftWestward_Drift Posts: 2,926MI6 Agent

    For Tanner it was either Rocky Horror or **hint** Putting on the Ritz.

  • GymkataGymkata Minnesota, USAPosts: 4,154MI6 Agent

    Come now, we know exactly what Tanner would sing.

    'I' sexy for this shirt...too sexy for this shirt...'

    Current rankings (updated 12/21)
    Bond rankings: Lazenby>Moore>Connery>Craig>Brosnan>Dalton
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    My thought process on the songs:

    Q does Queen because Ben Wishaw was rumored to play Freddie Mercury in a biopic.

    Tanner does Rocky Horror because he played Frankenstein's Monster in Penny Dreadful. Yes, it's a stretch. Plus it sews the seeds for the Q/Tanner stuff in previous imaginary conversations.

    Moneypenny choosing K-Pop is just because it's fun. Plus circa 2012 when Skyfall was released was the apex of K-Pop according to some.

    Everyone saying "No Abba!" was a dig at Pierce Brosnan's singing in Mamma Mia. It was the original capper to the skit before I hit upon Bond's songs.

    Bond's choices are described in my last post.

  • GymkataGymkata Minnesota, USAPosts: 4,154MI6 Agent

    Ach, I'm daft. totally missed the Frankenstein's Monster riffage. You are absolutely correct.

    Current rankings (updated 12/21)
    Bond rankings: Lazenby>Moore>Connery>Craig>Brosnan>Dalton
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    westward sez:

    For Tanner it was either Rocky Horror or **hint** Putting on the Ritz

    yes I've always enjoyed the Frankenstein Monster's rendition of this Irving Berlin classic

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    Hello, Swiss Furniture AG?…… Ah hello again, Mr Goldfoot…. Finger, sorry…..Why, yes, of course we’d be available to do a job for you…. A table, you say? No problem, we can do that. Now, what size?…. Eight foot by three? Well you see, we use the metric system here and… Yes, that’s better, we can do that for you. Now, the wood- oak? Pine? Perhaps mahogany? …. Oh, you want gold… No, of course I realise your name isn’t Mahoganyfinger ha ha… Still, are you sure? We could produce the same effect with brass, and that’s a lot chea- ….. All your life you’ve been in love with- ….Colour, brilliance, divine heaviness… No, of course we can do it, it’s just that it’s going to cost rather a lot…. And you want manacles on it… Two sets of manacles… We’ll get to work on it straight away, Mr Goldhand… -Finger, my apologies. Now, do you want it delivered? …. I see, you’ll send your odd job man round to collect it. Thanks again, Mr Gold, ahem, Goldfinger.

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    Now that Nay Time to Die is finished I find myself going through withdrawal. I therefore present a harmless bit of fun. If only I had photo editing software.

  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 33,451Chief of Staff

    I'm going through withdrawal as well. I'll most likely do another one of these before today's over.

    Loved "Ipcress Folio"!

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    edited February 28

    I'd like to see some of these rivals of Sir James

    of course Steed is so old school we'd hardly notice the difference


    EDIT: actually how would you transpose Steed to the Elizabethan era? the point is he seems a century behind the times, so he'd have to be the scion of an old Saxon family, still dressed in vintage Saxon fashions and demonstrating authentic Saxon manners.

    Lady Peel of course would be decked out in all the latest 16th century fashions. did they have leather in the 16th century?

    and how would you transpose something like A Touch of Brimstone which is about an evil organization dressed in 18th century fashions in the 20th century? in fact so many of those plots were about reactionaries still living as if it were an earlier time itd get right confusing what was Olde just because its Shakespeare and what was supposed to be really Olde within Shakespeare!

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    Hmmm, maybe sometime but right now I'm going to stick to the Imaginary Conversations cos they've been a bit neglected lately with us all doing Fakespeare.

    A plane heading across the Atlantic.

    Stewardess: Captain, I think we may have a problem with one of the passengers.

    Pilot: Oh? What’s that?

    Stewardess: Well, you remember we all had to go on a course to help us identify passengers who might be a problem?

    Pilot: Yes, of course.

    Stewardess: There’s a man here who I’m sure is carrying a gun. I saw it when his jacket moved as I handed him a drink.

    Pilot: Have you got a name for him?

    Stewardess: Yes, it’s a Mr Bond sitting in seat number… (Checks clipboard.) 007.

    Pilot: Bond? James Bond?

    Stewardess: Yes, that’s right- do you know him?

    Pilot: No, but that name came up on one of the awareness courses. Tell me, what drink did he order?

    Stewardess: A vodka martini. Funny, he insisted on it being-

    Pilot: Shaken, not stirred?

    Stewardess: Yes, how did you know?

    Pilot: Now listen, you’re quite right, we may have a problem here. Tell me, was he sitting in a window seat?

    Stewardess: Yes, he was.

    Pilot: Damn. We may have to go to an airport.

    Stewardess: An airport- what is it?

    Pilot: It’s a large area with runways, but that’s not important right now.

    Stewardess: No, what’s the problem with the window seat?

    Pilot: It’s just that he has a history of…. Well, never mind, I don’t want to alarm you.

    Stewardess: What should we do?

    Pilot: Double check that we have enough parachutes, for a start.

    Stewardess: Including one for him?

    Pilot: Oh no, he won’t be needing one. Is that all?

    Stewardess: Yes, I think so… apart from the giant with steel teeth in the back row.

    I was sorely tempted to put the "Surely you can't be serious?" line in but I resisted.

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    @Barbel Glad you liked The Ipcress Folio. It was actually the last one I thought up yet it's so obvious. I hope you're okay with the additions to the titles of Shakespeare's CR and QoS. It's funnier to make them a Part 1 and Part 2. Also makes the titles more "Shakespearean".

    @caractacus potts There were a lot of Elizabethan plays set in earlier times, so an anachronistic Steed works. There were leather outer garments back then. I have no idea what they really looked like, but TV and movies have made them overly modern. I envision that Avengers tale to be the third in the series after The Avenging Lord Steed and Lord Doctor Keel and The Avenging Lord Steed and Lady Gale.

  • caractacus pottscaractacus potts Orbital communicator, level 10Posts: 3,394MI6 Agent
    edited February 28

    oh I got no funny dialogs for Shakespearean Avengers, but it sure does get my mind spinning over the geeky historical stuff that would come into play.

    yes I know what you mean about historical period pieces within Shakespeare. I know I was supposed to learn something about history from Richard III for example. not sure if Shakespeare ever had a character who dressed like it was 1500 alongside characters living in 1600, and if he did would we even notice it?

    I think even for Steed and Peel it would have to be in two parts: one just to establish the stylistic contrast between the two characters, then the second could be something like a backdated version of A Touch of Brimstone, confusing the era even further. But my brain breaks down when I try to imagine 1600 minus 100 years for Steed's style, then subtract a further 100 years (therefor 1400) for The Hellfire Club's style. We would need to consult with a historical fashion expert.

    other thing is Peel's style: it was up-to-the minute when those shows were broadcast, but we perceive it as a nostalgic vision of swinging Mod London that may never have existed outside the movies of the time.

    and @Barbel probably wants this unproductive offtopic brainstorming to continue in the other thread because this thread is for Imaginary Conversations that actually exist!

  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 33,451Chief of Staff

    I wouldn't say unproductive, but yes, the other thread is more appropriate.

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    I notice on @Barbel's thread about Bond actor suggestions for one last movie, he tactfully refrains from having Cubby Broccoli suggest that after Licence to Kill, the franchise had many more years left in it.

    "This is where we leave you Mr Bond."

    Roger Moore 1927-2017
  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 33,451Chief of Staff

    😃😃😃 though that's not the reason it isn't there, of course.

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