ENDING of NO TIME TO DIE - Opinions and theories - SPOILER



  • sirsosirso Posts: 209MI6 Agent

    Good point about M, Moneypenny and Q having too much screen time. They should just be in the first 15 minutes, if that.

  • sirsosirso Posts: 209MI6 Agent

    I see. That puts the dampers on Bond surviving and coming back after cosmetic surgery.

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    OK I'm not sure if anyone has watched the 1st season of Tom Clancy Jack Ryan. Season 3 is now on Amazon Prime in the UK and I hadn't watched this series.

    So I've binged watched the 1st season and I'm now into the 2nd season.

    Basically in the very 1st episode of season 1, two young boys are playing the the back yard of their house in Syria maybe. I assume Israeli fighters fly above then turn around and come into a bombing run. Similar to the NTTD ending they drop bombs and its obvious both kids are dead, exactly the same sort of footage as NTTD.

    Then the episode skips forward to modern day and guess what not only does one boy survive but both do and they both end up as the main protagonists.

    Flashbacks show that they both have some injuries burns etc. I'm really enjoying this series whislt stuck in recovering from hospital ****.

    Not sure they will go down the road of Bond surviving NTTD, but hey it's the movies, maybe specialist plastic surgery at Shrublands is a way to introduce the new Bond.

    Anyway if you haven't watched this series check it out, I've really enjoyed it.


    "Do you expect me to talk? "No Mister Bond I expect you to die"
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    There is plainly enough cinematic wiggle room to bring back Craig's Bond if they want. They've done this sort of thing lately in everything from Sherlock to Indiana Jones to The Dark Knight Rises (depending on how you interpret the ending). The likelihood of their doing it is incredibly remote, but it wasn't done like showing Gus Fring in Breaking Bad, where there's no chance of his survival.

  • Gassy ManGassy Man USAPosts: 2,972MI6 Agent

    Well . . . to my eyes, you don't really see their lips kiss. It's certainly very strongly implied, much as intercourse is very strongly implied by body language and such in R-rated films, but we don't actually see the literal moment. But to each their own.

    What's particularly funny -- outside of the fact this wasn't even the first interracial kiss on TV -- is that in an earlier episode, Kirk very clearly kisses Barbara Luna, whose background includes Filipino, Spanish, and Portuguese, and a few weeks after Plato's Stepchildren, very clearly France Nuyen, whose father was either Chinese or Vietnamese. Not a peep about the interracial implications. Of course, in the United States, "interracial" is frequently defined as Black and White, as though other races don't really exist or are of lesser concern regarding such things.

  • chrisisallchrisisall Western Mass, USAPosts: 9,061MI6 Agent
    Dalton & Connery rule. Brozz was cool.
  • SomeoneSomeone Posts: 1,488MI6 Agent

    I agree. It would be easy to show the roof he is on falling in as the wall of flames races towards him, and while he appears to be immolated from our POV, he actually drops through and down into a body of water and he is carried away by the current from the collapsing building, into some other chamber, maybe the submarine pen and he is discovered by whomever was on those approaching ships. If Bond can get shot and fall from a high bridge in Turkey, get carried away by the river and survive, he can survive the poison garden missile attack.

  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 3,005MI6 Agent

    The problem is I just don't think there is any appetite from the producers to have Bond surviving it and the same Bond (albeit a different actor) carrying on in the next film with continuation. They were happy with and sanctioned his demise.

    I think I would like to see it completely ignored and just start afresh (not a reboot) and/or perhaps a tongue in cheek line in the PTS (a la the OHMSS "other fellow" line) where either Bond says or someone else says to him "You only live twice.."

    "Any of the opposition around..?"
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    You forget the scene was intentionally made to be unambigous - Bond dies. They didn't write themselves into a corner and decided they had to make it look like he dies in the end. The movie was made that way so that Bond would/could die. I wouldn't be surprised if Craig had in his NTTD a stipulation that Bond can't be "resurected" from NTTD. It would cheapen or even destroyed NTTD if it's retconned so that he actually survived.

  • MI6_HeadquartersMI6_Headquarters Posts: 168MI6 Agent

    Is it me or I'm not really that against of Bond's death? Look, I'm not a fan of the Craig Era as a whole and NTTD is one of my least favorite Bond films in the series, but I think that NTTD ending felt to me like beating a dead horse sort of thing, to me there are a lot more bigger problems in the film than having Bond die alone, even if he didn't die, the film would've still be as mediocre (or dare I say it, bad) as what we've got really.

    To be honest, I'd rather have Bond die than him to be with Madeleine (whom he had no chemistry to begin with) and be a family man forever, yes, this is just Craig's iteration of Bond, but he's still a general representation of the character, hence why many people were also reacting to his death like that, because he's still James Bond.

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    I just watched NTTD last night for the first time in a while, right to the end credits and noticed something which I don’t think anyone else has mentioned before.

    The Bond guitar chord gets played when the NTTD title card comes up which seems to signal the end of the orchestration.

    The next frame has the title “James Bond will return”. Has anyone noticed that you can hear a rumble during this frame? It sounds like the rumble of an explosion blast in the distance.

    Unless my DVD is faulty, it’s an odd sound to play during this frame. Is it a subtle hint that it could be Bond waking up from surviving the explosion?

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