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    But let's assume Cruise fails in cloning himself. Will he kill off Ethan Hunt? No-one says they're going to watch the new Ethan Hunt movie, do they? They go to watch Tom Cruise perform great stunts. If Cruise can't do his stunts anymore, why not go out in a blaze of fi.... why not leave in a memorable way? Then someone else becomes the lead in the franchise (Rebecca Ferguson?) while Cruise devides his time between producing the series and actually acting in other movies.

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    its strange Mission Impossible should now be so synonymous with one single Hollywood personality, when its the revival of a teevee series with an ensemble cast that replaced characters from season to season.

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    True. Sooner or later they'll be faced with a problem that's not completely different from when Connery left the Bond series for the first time, but only in the sense of the big star leaving his trademark role. As you point out MI isn't originally about one hero.

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    I just realised the flaw in my theory that Bond26 will start a third timeline for James Bond. You only live twice.

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    Do the Mission: Impossible! films really have that level of fan interest, though? I know people who watch them because they are big budget action movies, but I don't know anyone who is slavishly devoted to them -- and this is from someone who loves the TV series.

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    I agree.

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    I picked this up from another forum [ahem! apologies] and I guess some of you will have read it in The Guardian anyway. I wasn't sure where to post it but as the article is about Bond's demise I felt it could settle in this thread quite nicely.

    David Mitchell is a clever wordsmith and an intelligent comedian and commentator. He went up in my estimation when he nabbed Victoria Coren for his wife [ah, dude, so lucky...] I was heartened to read his take on NTTD as much of what he says rings true for me and because he's so much better at articulating his thoughts, he writes it much, much better than I ever could.


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    We'll written and thoughtful. But I'm surprised he assumes future Bond movies has to be prequels. I'm surprised he and many others don't realise or understand that a new Bond timeline started with CR and another can start in Bond26.

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    Yes, that does seem a bit short-sighted on his part, but knowing how his mind works comedically [wow, that's a word ! no spell check] I expect he's simply making the point to enforce his argument for comedic effect rather than approaching the subject broadly, as we do here on AJB.

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    I share his pain and the disturbing ending of NTTD, but I don't agree at all with his vision. Once again, when I think about Connery, Lazenby, Moore, Dalton and Brosnan, I just don't imagine their Bond will be one day "destroyed" by a nuclear missile. I rewatched GE yesterday, and I realized how Brosnan's Bond is quite different from Craig's in almost everything. This man is not supposed to be waiting for death, simply because he wasn't written this way. Cubby would never have allowed it...

    @Number24 you're right about the new timeline for Bond 26. Craig only is an iteration of the character. The death of Craig's Bond does not mean the death of Bond from a global point of view. The character existed before Craig, he will exist after...I don't understand the issue with asking the audience to forget the Craig era which is nothing but a series within the series with a beginning , a middle and an end.

    Why do some people seem to block with that ?

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    James Bond at the end of the film will kill his big love or her daughter if he touches them or gets near them because of the nanites in his Blood, and no one in the film mentions the Nanites are shielded against EMPs. So, Bond has an EMP watch that kills all machines.

    Am I the only one that has put two and two together? He sets the watch off, kills the nanites (the Poison) and they can all drive off into the sunset.

    A plot hole even James Bond could drive through without damaging the Car.

    One more thing others may have said the end of the film "James Bond Will return." Not 007, James Bond.

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    The EMP is just localised though. That’s why he has to hold it very close to whatever he’s using it on. The things are in his bloodstream throughout his entire body. So that wouldn’t work. Besides he’s shot up badly as well. So not such a big plot hole at all.

    And James Bond is 007. They’ve never said 007 will return at the end of a film. It’s always James Bond Will Return.

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    I often heard many people from the global audience saying "I'm going to see the new 007 movie", which is complete nonsense considering 007 is nothing but a number that can be used for different agents while James Bond is a real identity belonging to an orphan whose origins are explicitly described in the novel OHMSS.

    But the global audience seems to be much less sensitive to that point, some people even think it would be great to continue the franchise having Nomi or another character taking Bond's place, only keeping the 007 status as a legacy from the character we grew up with...

    Those people deserve being banned from watching movies forever 🤣

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    I think JB survived, they facked his funeral and his wake so that his enemies will believe he is dead.

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