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    @Gala Brand said:

    It's amazing that the Broccoli/Wilson family have being almost nothing but make James Bond films for more than sixty years but they still seem to be semi-clueless.


    to be fair there was a generational handover with the first Brosnan film

    Cubby seemed to know exactly what he was doing for the 25 or so years he was in charge, with only a bit of confusion what to do next towards the very end

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    I think the time is overdue for a spectacular ski scene: This is Candide Thovex who EON really should contact .

    Candide is really a girls' name and the Bond movies should use it.

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    Should there even be a Bond 26? With the Alpha Male becoming less relevant in today's world, and 25 being the first movie that Bond doesn't get away at the ending...Should the Franchise have just packed up and closed shop with 25?

    I'll be really curious to see how Amazon might make Bond more feminine and less alpha. Will he be too sensitive? Will there be an evoluition of a female Bond? Perhaps his daughter? IMO the franchise would tank if they don't keep Bond male. It'll be interesting to see if they ruin the franchise.

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    There should be and will be more Bond movies. The interest in James Bond and the box office says it will.

    Bond relevant? I think he is. I remember after the cold war ended some asked if 007 was still relevant. GE answered that question. About 50% of people are male. Not all are alpha males, but I believe there will be room and need for male movie heroes who love beautiful women and uses their skills and bravery to defeat villains. To me the question if alpha males are relevant is strange. People have told stories about them since long before Herakles and Leonidas and today it continues with Tony Stark, "The Ghost of Kiev" and so many others. The Ghost of Kiev wasn't real, but when the people of Ukraine started getting bombed by Russia, they felt the need to tell and listen to stories about a man who shot down Russian fighter jets by the dozens.

    Evolution to a female Bond? Why? Are there no stories to tell about female heroes? Isn't it possible to make female heroes interesting and engaging? If so they need to take established male heroes and make them female in some way. But I'm convinced female heroes can be great, and the success of Katniss Everdeen and others tells me so. I think the idea of a female Bond is insulating to women, because the idea says female heroes has to stand on the shoulders of existing male heroes. I'd much rather that they keep making James Bond movies.

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    I just got an idea for a Bond action scene! Bond and a second 00-agent are about to make a HALO jump from the edge of earth's atmosphere as the other agent attacks Bond. The attacker knocks out (or kills) the pilot and the plane starts going up and down, sometimes going high enough for them to go weightless (Zero-G). They fight in withtlessness. Then the plane goes down and gravity kicks in, slaming them to the floor etc. Obviously the weightless scenes should be done in the "vomit comet" plane. Maybe the scene ends with the plane getting destroyed, Bond knocks out the henchman and steals his parachute. He gives the parachute kit to the pilot (the Bond girl?) and they jump off the plane. Later the henchman wakes up without a parachute in a non-functioning plane crashing from the upper levels of the atmosphere .....

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    I had problems finding a good thread for this post. Isn't there a thread about the title song anywhere? Anyway, I saw the mayor of Kansas City saying that Taylor Swift's relationship with one of the players in the upcoming Superbowl has according to some estimates generated about 350 million dollars extra for Superbowl.

    Of course I can't say if this estimate is correct, but it seems to me like having Taylor Swift sing the next Bond title song seems like.a good commercial choice. Naturally commercial impact shouldn't be the only consideration when choosing a title song artist, but while I haven't followed Swift's career I haven't heard anything from her that makes me think she's unfit for the job. What do you think?

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    She would certainly be a big draw and it worked with Billie Eilish. I'm sure she could come up with a Bondian sounding song. That bit is not difficult, writing a genuinely good song is more so.

    In any case, will be she still be the biggest pop star in the world by the time Bond 26 is released in 2030...😄

    "Any of the opposition around..?"
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    I'n no expert (read: I know next to nothing about it) on the pop market, but it looks like Swift is at another level than Billie Eilish. In fact it seems like she's on a level of her own these days.

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    What I would like in Bond 26 is for the new Bond to be the same Man he was from 62 to 02, nothing to in your in face and no constant throwbacks, just have him briefly mention past Villains Goldfinger/Oddjob/Zorin/Carver at the end while having sex with the girl

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    Id'd rather not have Bond mention any of the past villains. If anything the throwbacks should be much more subtile, such as the Tomorrow newspaper being read or someone using Goldfingers Rolls Royce (like they did in SPECTRE).

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    twofour said: the throwbacks should be much more subtle, such as the Tomorrow newspaper being read


    this is a good idea, keep some of these fictional brand names and minor characters around for context.

    in Marvel Comics, whenever anyone (no matter how intelligent) reads a newspaper its always the Daily Bugle, even though in real life New York has a half dozen daily papers and the Bugle is clearly shown to be muckraking tabloid trash.

    unfortunately for our Bond universe, I think the Tomorrow newspaper would have shut down after the events in that film, and the name not revived due to its poisoned connotations. Same problem with Zorin industries and whatever Stromberg's company was called. Somehow these fictional corporate names have to be subtly introduced before the film in which the owner is revealed to be a supervillain.

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    I think she's too big a fish for Eon to net. Would love to be wrong, of course.

    Does he have to mention them in that exact order? It might be tricky to keep the young lady interested.

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    Barbel's comment raises an interesting question what title song artist was the biggest in the charts at the time the movie premiered? I'm not talking about the actual sales of the title song, but jow much their LPs and singles sold around that time.

    Duran Duran? Tina Turner? Madonna? Adelle? Someone else?

  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 35,974Chief of Staff

    If we count The Beatles, then Paul McCartney hands down.

  • Number24Number24 NorwayPosts: 21,623MI6 Agent

    But Paul McCartney wasn't in the Beatles then. We're thinking of non-Bond sales of LPs and singles around the time of the movie's release, give or take a year or so.

  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 3,094MI6 Agent

    Paul McCartney was still selling millions of records and a huge act in 1973 despite the Beatles having broken up three years earlier. The other contenders I would say are Adele, Madonna, Billie Eilish, Duran Duran.

    "Any of the opposition around..?"
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    I'm not sure record sales are as high as they used to be: as popular as Eilish I bet she hasn't sold anywhere near what McCartney had by '73- or even Adele by 2012. As N24 mentioned, you'd imagine Tina would have been up there.

  • Number24Number24 NorwayPosts: 21,623MI6 Agent

    I think Madonna and McCartney were the two biggest stars if we consider their whole careers. When it comes to their careers at the time of the Bond movie I think the Red Kind's list looks likely. Then again, I know very little about the music industry.

  • emtiememtiem SurreyPosts: 5,648MI6 Agent

    Yeah I think you're right; plus Madonna was having her renaissance around that time, after Ray of Light and Music- I remember she was everywhere around then. If they'd got her for TWINE that probably would have been the moment when she was hottest.

  • John from CorkJohn from Cork Posts: 111MI6 Agent

    Another wish/fantasy that I have for 26 is John Cleese back as Q, Samantha Bond as M (Moneypenny got promoted) and Michelle Keegan as Penelope Smallbone

  • Number24Number24 NorwayPosts: 21,623MI6 Agent

    Again we disagree. In want them to start with a clean slate and without too obvious ties to the 1990's. Personally I think Cleese and Samantha Bond weren't particularly good in their roles either.

  • John from CorkJohn from Cork Posts: 111MI6 Agent

    Apparently one of the scripts for Dalton's abandoned 3rd movie had him mentioning a load of 60s vilians in the end scene

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    Once again, it depends on the example. I don't necessarily imagine Dalton being the man who defeated Rosa Klebb thirty years ago because of the obvious print of FRWL within a specific period, like the fact Fleming's Bond is a WWII veteran for instance. Authors like Gardner and Benson considered the original timeline as a model, but there are some uncanny elements like a "modern" Bond remembering his hand marked by a Smersh agent 45 years ago. Was it the best example to use (although we are dealing with a torture scene) ? I don't know the answer. I guess it fits easier in terms of literature but "relevance" is not the word I'd use to describe the concept.

    Nevertheless, there are some elements you can perfectly keep without destroying the relevance, precisely because they are timeless. Bond being an orphan is somehting Deaver uses in Carte Blanche which is a modern reboot of Fleming's universe, and it works (not to mention the Craig era). Bond being a widower also works (TSWLM, FYEO, LTK, TWINE), and that's the kind of point I'd like Bond 26 to mention. Tracy doesn't exist in the last reboot, and it would be great to have her "back". Her name doesn't even have to be pronounced...

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    Hello all!

    • I would like first of all - James Bond to wear a bullet proof vest - in Bond 25 - when he lands on that island - full of armed I get it when he wears a tux but, when he's in military gear - pls - wear military gear.
    • I loved Craig's toughness but, not the fact that they wrote him as a burned out operative. It was well done, it was ok - but, it was just not the direction I wanted to see. I want to see James Bond in full 100% capabilities ready to rain hell on anyone baddies.
    • I would like a longer chase scene with a car full of gadgets - I feel the full potential has never been attained with these. I love the DB5, would love to see it again but, wonder if he'll just stick out like a sore thumb.
    • I liked very much the songs in the newest movies but, the score track lost some of its punch to my taste buds. I hope they can have a composer who's a little more "classic Bond".
    • I'd REALLY love some underwater action - I'm one of those people who actually liked Thunderball.
    • James Bond HAS to kill the villain. Casino Royale - he doesn't kill LeChiffre. Quantum of Solace - he doesn't kill Mr Green. In Skyfall - he kills the villain - but - with a knife in the back - no sense of thrill. Spectre - he doesn't kill Blofeld. No Time... - he shoots Malek with a kind of offscreen uninterested move.
    • PLEASE don't bring back Naomi or a guy or anyone - James Bond is a one man show.
    • Naomi had to be a BLACK WOMAN, Q a GAY man, pls - do not bring in M in a wheelchair. I know - I might get dissed on that one and people think I'm racist, against women, homophobic - it's not the case. I would've actually left Pussy Galore as a lesbian if it'd been up to me. I just want the characters to be true to what they are supposed to be and not be token.
    • The actor no more than 35 so that we can be sure to have sequels.
    • A villain with a very original plan and a huge henchman that will give James Bond his money's worth!

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