No Time To Die- Reviews with SPOILERS

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Please write reviews below. ๐Ÿ™‚



  • Christmas TounesChristmas Tounes GloucestershirePosts: 164MI6 Agent

    It was amazing

    The world exploded

    Q's roast potatoes were spectacular

    Bond has a right romp with Nomi in a brilliant AVTAK throwback, they are in bed for a total of 37 minutes.

    1. Goldeneye 2. OHMSS 3. Goldfinger 4. TND 5. Octopussy 6. FYEO
    7. LALD 8. TWINE 9. Skyfall 10. AVTAK 11. CR 12. TLD 13. YOLT
    14. TMWTGG 15. Moonraker 16. TSWLM 17. Thunderball 18. FRWL
    19. Dr. No 20. DAF 21. LTK 22. DAD 23. QoS 24. Spectre 25. NTTD
  • LoeffelholzLoeffelholz The United States, With LovePosts: 8,982Quartermasters

    Well; that's it then. I suppose I'll stay home.


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  • 00730073 COPPosts: 965MI6 Agent

    Yup, no need to go and see the PG -version when my imagination is easily R -rated....

    "I mean, she almost kills bond...with her ass."
    -Mr Arlington Beech
  • Royale-les-EauxRoyale-les-Eaux LondonPosts: 805MI6 Agent

    Hopefully this is almost nut free...having slept on it this is Craig's masterpiece. That certainly means there will be very split camps. I've loved his time as Bond, for me it is better than I could have hoped. I'm looking forward to all the debate when we can.

    For fans of UK comedy my one true spoiler was getting a kick out of sitting behind Hugh Dennis last night then going...hang're in the bloody film! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • AgentCJ19AgentCJ19 Posts: 52MI6 Agent

    Loved it, but it's going to be divisive - wasnt sure about the ending, still not sure - I was convinced Madeline would walk into her home and see the Bunny on the sofa to end it

    Thought Ana De Armas was great

    Am I the only one who would quite like a Nomi limited series - give Prime some 007 whilst keeping Bond theatre only - could set it between Spectre and NTTD and retain the supporting cast too

  • SeanIsTheOnlyOneSeanIsTheOnlyOne Posts: 365MI6 Agent
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    Finally, for a true Bond fan, this shot is the most important ever in the entire saga:

    My heart is bleeding and it's just impossible to describe the pain I have...

  • Royale-les-EauxRoyale-les-Eaux LondonPosts: 805MI6 Agent
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  • John from CorkJohn from Cork Posts: 97MI6 Agent

    In time, most people will say that they should have gone with Danny Boyle's Idea

  • Royale-les-EauxRoyale-les-Eaux LondonPosts: 805MI6 Agent

    Bond tacking to the smack in retirement would have been an interesting twist...choose guns, choose martinis...

  • SeanIsTheOnlyOneSeanIsTheOnlyOne Posts: 365MI6 Agent

    I often said I hardly believed in the theory about Boyle's reasons to quit. People just need to watch Trainspotting to understand why it was complete bullshit.

  • HalconHalcon Zen TemplePosts: 486MI6 Agent

    Vanity fair seems to have dropped some also disappointed that Blofeld only makes a cameo appearance, which we've already seen a thousand times in the trailers...

    Sean, care to expand on your pic? does the shoe make an appearance? lol

  • Royale-les-EauxRoyale-les-Eaux LondonPosts: 805MI6 Agent

    it's not a cameo in the sense you don't have any idea what it's about from the trailers.

  • Royale-les-EauxRoyale-les-Eaux LondonPosts: 805MI6 Agent

    Dear midnight screeners. God speed, good luck. and I know. I know.

  • lotusguy2001lotusguy2001 Posts: 132MI6 Agent

    I’m guessing this is right before the invisible car, and maybe you feel franchise died at that point? Or do you have another meaning?

  • LoeffelholzLoeffelholz The United States, With LovePosts: 8,982Quartermasters

    Trainspotting is the best movie I'll never - ever - watch again, as long as I live.

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    "I am not an entrant in the Shakespeare Stakes." - Ian Fleming
    "Screw 'em." - Daniel Craig, The Best James Bond EverTM
  • Agent EternalAgent Eternal Athens, GreecePosts: 156MI6 Agent

    Just returned home from the theater. I am still under the emotional impact of the film (barely talked on the way home) so my first thoughts will be raw and partially unprocessed.

    Major spoilers are following..

    For everyone that listened to that last track in the soundtrack and pieced things together (like we did in the music discussion), the ending will not be an out-of-the-blue surprise. However, seeing it actually happening felt like nothing else i have ever experienced in a 007 film. For decades long fans of the series like me, seeing Bond dying had an unprecedented impact on my mind. It almost felt like a part of my dream world died with him. I am not sure yet what the narrative significance of this event will mean for the future of the franchise but it definitely changes things. They were right about that. I feel like my perception of the whole series has now changed as well as the way i will perceive the next 007 film if any will follow . Yes, I saw the "James Bond will Return" at the very possible end of the credits but i am not sure he will ever return. Definitely not as we knew him. Certainly not as we hoped to see him.

    As a film i have to say it was well made. Direction was above average but not a masterpiece. The photography was almost as good as the one in SKYFALL. The music did its job and the Visual FX were of the quality one would expect. The screenplay however was not as good as i thought it would be. To me it felt like each writer was pulling it in a different tonal direction while at the same time trying to make it conform somehow to the overarching decision of the producers to end Bond.

    Usually a review for a 007 film would have to comment on the action scenes, the villain and his plan and all the usual 007 elements. Today i feel like none of that matters. The action scenes are fine and Safin had his plan but to me none of that matters anymore. NTTD was all about the end of this fantasy as we knew it.

    NTTD was a film i liked but not the 007 film i hoped for.

  • IceQIceQ Posts: 298MI6 Agent

    Yeah, I’m not sure what I think, might have to see again, was paying to much attention to details rather than just letting go. Positives - Nomi is great, Safin is truly creepy, it was better than Spectre I think…

  • danjaq_0ffdanjaq_0ff The SwampsPosts: 7,283MI6 Agent

    I'm easily pleased, The film didn't feel how long it was for sure. 2 007's and a 003.5 for the price of 1 :D it's certainly different to any other Bond while showing homage to the others. I will miss Commander Craig but look forward to the new Era.

    Looking forward to seeing it at the Cast and Crew again Saturday.

  • Jflynn2112Jflynn2112 Posts: 68MI6 Agent

    Went to the midnight showing last night.

    I was mind blown at the end, I was amazed by how much emotion they managed to get into the film. I loved it.

    I do wonder how much I loved it ‘in the moment’ though and without the emotional gut punch how much it’ll stand up to repeated viewings.

    This is the perfect bookend to Craig’s tenure.

  • FerinstalFerinstal North of Londinium...Posts: 310MI6 Agent
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    Was also at the midnight screening at the local - going IMAX this evening, which I think I need after that first viewing.

    The time really did fly by and there is a hell of a lot crammed in it - which may not necessarily be a good thing. The OHMSS moments found me with a little grit stuck in my eye... but was very disappointed with Safin. For a film that long, I expected a much stronger story/performance from the bad guy side of the film. Would have loved to have seen more from Paloma but I guess that was at the expense of cramming more elements in.

    Much to enjoy and any hint at plot I may have tried to deduce from the one trailer I saw was totally turned upside down very quickly.

    BTW - anybody else shocked at some of the choice language?

    Yes. Considerably.
  • NoiNoi Posts: 705MI6 Agent
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    big spoiler alert

    Director with license to kill hehe and I dont mean any death scenes I mean that he deconstructs the figure of James Bond which is the logical conclusion at the end of the craig era. the screentitle-sequence where ancient statues (which is James Bond by himself) falling apart are very matching and a great metahporic picture.

    Even when DCs Bond dies in the end, the figure of James Bond dies much earlier again and again in that movie by "killing off" his sexappeal, his elegance and so on. the last shot of DC is just the conclusion of everything that you see during the whole film anyway. The Bond Franchise rescues themself into the future with that film and this fact alone makes NTTD beside all of the excellent action sequences a great movie in my eyes.

    some criticism: the main focus is on the realtionship between Bond and Swann, like a real love story but as a viewer I do have problems to find that emotional or heartripping or whatever, I dont know what it is but I wasnt even a fan of that couple in Spectre. the short scene where bond stands at vespers grave was much more heart rippin for me than the whole swann-bond story. and mathilde must be forever traumatized by all the gunfire and dead corpses that she sees but that child doesent care :D she is more like macguffin

    and I dont know if Safin works for me that good, I find the little scene with Waltz much more creepier than the whole safn-final. Malek does a great job. I think thats more a problem of the script.

    however the movie is kind of sad, its hard to enjoy it in a classical way, but I guess thats the exact thing what Broccoli wanted. Mission accomplished.

  • FerinstalFerinstal North of Londinium...Posts: 310MI6 Agent
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    Totally agree on the Safin/Blofeld point.

    Yes. Considerably.
  • Jflynn2112Jflynn2112 Posts: 68MI6 Agent

    A lot of people commenting on Safin. I thought given the magnitude of what he was planning and what he was prepared to do to Bond, his calmness was terrifying.

  • Jflynn2112Jflynn2112 Posts: 68MI6 Agent

    I think if I’m being truly honest “Bond in love, the family man” - Isn’t the plot of a James Bond film for me but given circumstances and the ‘arc’ of Craig I’m happy to accept it.

    I wonder if casual viewers will be so forgiving.

  • Jflynn2112Jflynn2112 Posts: 68MI6 Agent

    3 posts in a row - Ha. Could have condensed.

    On the death of Bond - I’m absolutely fine with it. The next movie was never going to be a continuation anyway, always a reboot and going forward this little collection of Craig films could always stand alone.

  • ichaiceichaice LondonPosts: 591MI6 Agent
    edited September 2021

    Just seen it. I’m giving it 7/10 but still feel a bit disappointed. When I saw Casino Royale I couldn’t wait to see it again. This one I can easily wait for the home release. It’s definitely better than Spectre so that’s a major plus.

    I thought Safin was poor but then I think all the DC villains after LeChiffre and Mr White have disappointed. Nomi was ok. Leiter was good while he was there. The big surprise in a good way was Paloma who was the best character in the film in my opinion. Blofeld and Madeline shouldn’t have returned although they were better in this than in Spectre, although not by much.

    At times there was too much dialogue like when Bond was on his knees before Safin. The ending was dreadful, just no need for that. M’s poem was poignant though. Can’t remember at the moment but some of the things Bond said seemed a bit strange for the character.

    The Mi6 gang was good particularly Q who had some great lines.

    Anyone know why English Vesper Lynd was buried in Matera Italy?

    Plenty of good things there as well so could have been better but could have been a lot worse as well. The whole Jamaica thing was great and the all the time in the world references quite touching.

    Hammersmith riverside looked sublime as it always does.

    I waited until the end of the credits and James Bond Will return so the show goes on ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

    Yes. Considerably!
  • jon_1ukjon_1uk Posts: 672MI6 Agent

    Just got back ..really enjoyed it because wondering how "James Bond" can ever appear again..

    "some men are coming to kill us, we're going to kill them first"
  • johnraidersjohnraiders Posts: 97MI6 Agent

    Makes it hard to rate the film, as ending was poor. Not as good as Skyfall or Spectre

  • SeanIsTheOnlyOneSeanIsTheOnlyOne Posts: 365MI6 Agent

    No, I mean even if everyone knows DAD is a big spoof in some way (although the first part is quite good and Brosnan's performance is amazing in this one), I still consider it's linked with the rest of the series, so are movies like TMWTGG or MR which didn't really catch the genuine spirit of Fleming's work.

    The Craig era is disconnected from the rest and the last part of NTTD illustrates it the most explicit way it can. And that, for a traditional Bond fan, is something too hard to digest for the moment. I don't know if I should consider it as a betrayal or not, but given I completely lost the enthusiasm I had for Bond long before the release of the movie, it sounds more like a confirmation. And that, my friend, is so painful to me that I can't even describe this feeling.

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