Quantum of Solace Bond Tom Ford Polo: Update in Post 440



  • You guys take this hobby way too seriously. How about this...I go, I leave, I do not want to be a part of your "community". And you stop deleting random guys on here. Sorry notimeforpie. Apparently the Truth is not welcomed here.

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    Its inevitable anyway. The only reason he isn’t banned now was because a few of us thought he deserved an opportunity to explain. It’d either work out or he’d hang himself. Sadly. He took the latter route, and then some.

    Creating just one sock puppet account is a banning offence. Using a shed load of them for 6 years is on a completely other scale.

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    One really hasn’t been presented with any to like or dislike. From you at least.


  • Says the guy who blocked my messages when I tried to send them. I also gave you a response when you asked for it publicly, I did tell the truth so to say I haven't presented any, is a lie in itself. Why am I getting sucked into this? I'm on my way out. If you decide to open your mind a little and face the facts, we can have a conversation then. In fact, you give me your e-mail address, and I will establish a crystal-clear line of communication with you. 100%. The only lie I told was not having more names, I owned up to it. How about we talk outside of the forum? I get off the forum for good and we talk. Man to man. 100% truth. I can show you all the proof you like.

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    PM SirMiles the proof then. He has asked for it many times. I’ll look.

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    Wow, this is all a complete revelation, I had no idea about MrE background nor history., or the fruitless shenanigans that seem to to have taken place. Where does this leave this project? David Z seems to have stepped back sometime ago, apologies DZ! . Is Luigi even aware this conversation is taking place? Someone needs to step up if this is to move forward now that MrE has removed himself. This project has taken soooo long, so I'm not holding my breathe. Notwithstanding, it seems to have a strong confirmation list, so maybe this actually could happen. At the end of the day this polo might end being a "must have" item after after the CD Mr White jacket.

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    I have contacted Luigi a few days ago to re-engage him and to see if they still have an appetite to do this project. They do and that is when he reminded me of the 50 minimum shirts.

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    Probably best to start a new thread so all this mess is left in the past.

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    Agreed….I’ll close this one…and could someone start a new thread?


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