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    A series which is set 34 years on from The Karate Kid movies in the 80’s.

    Danny LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence lock horns again decades after their karate championship battle. This is surprisingly good as the original actors get to reprise their roles from the smash hit movie series, and everything is not as you may imagine. There’s a lot of flashbacks which work well with the present day action as Johnny Lawrence reopens the infamous Cobra Kai dojo.

    Fans of the movies will love it, I know I am as I hit Season 2 after an excellent first season. Great nostalgic stuff!

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    I have found the complete run of Department S on a certain dodgy Russian video streaming site. That's the ITV show that introduced Peter Wyngarde's Jason King character before spinning him off into his own solo series. I can see why, from the episodes I've watched it seems a fairly conventional spy/mystery type show except for when Wyngarde's onscreen, then he hogs every scene with his outrageous behavior to the point I forget there's a mystery they're supposed to be investigating. That's the kind of acting I can really appreciate!

    If I end up watching the whole season I may post a full report in this ancient Jason King thread.

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    At long last I have completed the series. Moore and Curtis make a good partnership but are let down with some pretty dismal scripts at times. When it’s good, it’s really good, when it’s not so good it’s tedious viewing. My favourite episode is “A Death In The Family” where Roger gets to play several Sinclair characters who keep getting bumped off.

    What is interesting is the number of Bond alumni who appear across the series, it’s always fun to spot them.

    Yeah, well, sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand.
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