Last Bond movie you watched.



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    The classic era ended with TWINE, obviously- sadly Desmond Llewelyn wouldn't be back after that.

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    I believe the classic era ended with LTK, since this was the last Bond film Cubby Brocolli, Richard Maibaum, and Maurice Binder worked on (Cubby was around for GoldenEye but not as a hands-on producer). All three had been vital to the series since Dr. No, and once they were gone none of the visionaries who'd made the classic Bonds were left, with the exception of Peter Lamont. By the time of GE the original pillars of the series had all been replaced.

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    Octopussy on ITV

    Benny Hill-era Bond, really, in particular and elderly Moore zooming the camera into a cleavage while Vijay lears... a low moment but otherwise one had to admit this is classic Bond nonetheless and so much better than its rival of the same year.

    One thing I never got, that Vijay has a catchphrase of sorts, 'No problem' in response to most of the stuff Bond says. This is why Bond says on seeing him dead, somewhat poignantly, 'No more problems' which for decades I thought was simply a rather odd, philosophical comment to make, like, what did he have a hard life or something? It's referenced later in Berlin when the taxi driver says 'No problem' and Bond and M exchange a look - I thought this was a look of trepidation that Bond is entering the hornets' nest where they'd be plenty of problems, but it's not, it's a shared memory of their deceased colleague - lost on me because the three never shared a scene, there's no evidence M ever met their man in India and never commented on his death. Just a line from Bond in the film pointing out Vijay's verbal tic would have underlined what they were doing here.

    There are low key moments in Glen's early films, subtleties I should say, such as when Fanning provokes a roll of the eyes from M when talking about auction tactics and then gracefully takes the hint that he should take his leave.

    "This is where we leave you Mr Bond."

    Roger Moore 1927-2017
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    Nice set of reviews from 2018 @Gymkata disappointed you disliked GF, but your other top 5 (OHMSS< TSWLM< FRWL< CR) exactly matches mine. Also pleased you loved MR. I notice your reviews got longer as you progressed - I had the same problem when I did a similar review thread back in, oh, 2008, I think. I wonder if this is because we find more faults in them because the writers / producers try too hard to explain everything, thereby creating the likelihood more problems.

    I loved the one line review of AVTAK

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    Current rankings:
    Bond rankings: Lazenby>Moore>Connery>Craig>Brosnan>Dalton
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    For Thanksgiving Day in America, I did a highlights tour of the four Brosnan Bonds. Because of the lulls during the day with inbetween preparations and cooking (I was in charge of the turkey!) I took advantage of Amazon Prime to eliminate the physical task of fumbling with video discs and played the action sequences. This went on into the wee hours after everyone had retired (I turned off the TV at 4 am) since I also had the final task of putting in the last of the dirty dishes into the dishwasher. I can’t help but be impressed with the coolness and suaveness of PB’s Bond and how he perfected action in a suit.

    "...the purposeful slant of his striding figure looked dangerous, as if he was making quickly for something bad that was happening further down the street." -SMERSH on 007 dossier photo, Ch. 6 FRWL.....
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