No Time To Die wardrobe: possible spoilers



  • chriscollins007chriscollins007 North Somerset , England Posts: 1,091MI6 Agent

    can we purchase these boots in the UK , anybody know ?

    007 reporting for duty
  • Bond_AmbitionsBond_Ambitions Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 349MI6 Agent

    To those who already pulled the trigger on the Palladium boots, how did you find their sizing compares with other brands? 

    Which size would be right for me? I wear US 11 in Converse, US 12 in Nike, US 12 in Sperry, US 12 New Balance, UK 10 in Loakes Trappers, UK 10 Drake's Crosby.

    I managed to snag a pair in size 11 but I'm pretty sure they'll be too small.

    I'm looking for a pair in US 12. If there's anyone out there with a pair to sell or trade for a size down, please send me a pm.

    Apologies for the selfish dump fellas

  • Mattia De VartiMattia De Varti ItalyPosts: 325MI6 Agent

    Finally been able to track down Valdo's glasses as seen in the character poster. It's a pair of Ray Ban RB6448 2501 51-21 ("Occhiali da vista Ray-Ban HEXAGONAL OPTICS RB6448 Nero - Metallo - 0RX6448250948 | Ray-Ban® Italia"

    It's silver wired with slightly exagonal shape.

  • The Domino EffectThe Domino Effect Posts: 3,215MI6 Agent

    Mattia strikes again!

    Cin cin, amico!

  • shilton125shilton125 SCOTLANDPosts: 318MI6 Agent

    just spoke to Stuarts of London they are expecting the Danner Bond boots in and was told to keep an eye on their website

  • NoiNoi Posts: 535MI6 Agent
    edited September 14

    some items from the Connolly x 007 were launched today, among other things the Connolly x Finamore Linen Shirt seems to be back in stock, its hard to tell if this is a "inspired by" shirt or the sa fabric:

    also in navy and light blue available:

    and a "007 Circuit Pouch"

  • CheverianCheverian Posts: 1,169MI6 Agent

    So much for the limited run Connolly x Finamore shirt I purchased last winter!

    Actually, I'm glad others can pick one up.

  • asd007asd007 Posts: 189MI6 Agent

    I cant seem to find a size chart on their page. Am I missing it?

  • CommandantCommandant Posts: 1,278MI6 Agent

    The NTTD commando trousers are now available on N Peal's internet site.

    Based on the size chart, they are very short.

    I have watched David's review and they do not look too short on him.

    Does someone know if N Peal did a mistake on the size chart?

  • Westward_DriftWestward_Drift Posts: 2,573MI6 Agent

    No size chart, per se. The sizes given are metric, so the 41 is a 16 inch neck, the 42 a 16.5 inch, etc. However it is reportedly a very slim fitting shirt, so you may wish to size up.

  • CheverianCheverian Posts: 1,169MI6 Agent

    I'm not seeing the trousers on the US site. Do you have a link to the page, Greg?

  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 1,668MI6 Agent
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    Hey gang!

    @Commandant I'll share here what I posted about the trousers in another thread for @Cheverian. I got into N.Peal NYC on Sunday and was able to try them on. Here's a pic of me in the medium (the sales ladies were a little bored and made me try them on with the sweater):

    For reference, I'm 5'9", 175 lbs, and have 29" inseam and 32/33 waist in most brands.

    From the other post (combined with some notes I shared with Jay on Instagram):

    The pants were ... interesting. The detailing was very cool. And I will say I liked them a lot as a concept. But I could never see myself wearing them. The fit is also a little strange. They come in small, medium, etc. instead of numeric waist sizes. I'm a 32/33 waist in most pants and the small was just too snug to be comfortable. The cotton fabric is a heavier weight and has no stretch. That, combined with all the pockets, buttons, zippers, etc. made them feel pretty binding (I'll add that they might feel better once the fabric softens up, but I wouldn't expect them to stretch much with wear; fabric is heavier than I expected). And they're very slim through the leg. So even though the inseam in the small was good for me, everything just felt a little too tight.

    When I went up to the medium, the fit was more comfortable in the waist and hips (and the fabric tab adjusters help). But then I got this weird fit where they were baggy through the thighs but super tapered below the knee, so they almost looked like jodhpurs. And the inseam was too long so there was a lot of stacking and that made the problem worse. Of course, because of the zippers and snap buttons at the cuffs, they'd be next to impossible to hem shorter.

    The sales associate didn't know anything about the suspenders when I asked. But they are obviously on sale now.

    General thoughts: very cool design and nice details (although that unfinished back seam is a bit of a mess). Seriously, all the little extras they've built into them around the pockets, waist and cuffs are really fun. But they're just not made for my body. If you're a 32 to 34 waist and over 5'11" I think the mediums would fit you well and look good since your inseam would be long enough to allow the slim fit legs and tight cuffs to taper properly without all the stacking I got. Also, even though the cuffs are narrow, with the heavy zipper plus the tab with snap button closure they are bulky. So I'm not sure how comfortable they'd be tucked into boots.

    Hope that helps!

    Edit to add: @Cheverian I haven't seen them on the U.S. site either.

    Edit again: Try this one:

  • apple8apple8 London,UKPosts: 111MI6 Agent

    Thanks for posting, seems we are a very similar size and build, very helpful 👍

  • CommandantCommandant Posts: 1,278MI6 Agent

    Thank you for posting N Peal's link for my friend Cheverian.

    Thank you so much for the review!

    Your help is well appreciated.

    It looks like N Peal's size chart (inseam measurements) is wrong.

    BTW, the trousers look good on you!

    You should think about it :)

    Was size M too large at the waist (I also wear size 32-33)?

    As always, after seeing the movie, we will run to buy the clothes before they are sold-out...

  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 1,668MI6 Agent

    Yes, I'd say the size chart is incorrect. There is no way the smalls and the mediums had the same inseam. I would say the small inseam was a 30. But the medium was more like a 32 or 33. I didn't get that stacking around the calfs with the smalls, that's for sure.

    Medium waist was a little loose on me. But as I said, you can tighten it up with the adjusters to fine tune it.

    I guess the only thing I can add about them is this: I can fully appreciate the work that's gone into them and I think they fully deliver in terms of fabric and details (lots of leather accents here and there that I never expected). In no way do they come across as "cheap pants" and look almost every penny of the price tag (except for that back seam; why they didn't tape that is a mystery to me). But because of the fit on me, I'm going to admire them from afar. They're made for a certain type of body. And it ain't mine 😁

  • Bond_AmbitionsBond_Ambitions Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 349MI6 Agent

    Here's Finamore's offical size chart from their website. I don't think there's any reason for this shirt to be sized differently

  • CommandantCommandant Posts: 1,278MI6 Agent

    Thanks matte!

    Let us know if you change your mind :)

  • goneontheroadgoneontheroad Posts: 145MI6 Agent

    I bought the pampa cuff months ago. Wrong color, of course. It as far as sizing goes, they were HUGE on me. At least a whole size big.

  • 007JBDCMWR007JBDCMWR Posts: 2,163MI6 Agent
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    As an owner of the original "not so ltd run", I sizesdup a half size from usual 16 / 41 to 16.5 / 42 (tho both sizes defined as Large).

    The fit is perfect. Fitted but not tigh, aka my tf shirts.

    If I'd gone usual 16 it would Def be too fitted.

    Of course this is dependent on this new reissue fitting the same.

    Skewered, one sympathises...

    1. CR. 2. TSWLM. 3. LTK. 4. GF. 5. SF.
  • 007JBDCMWR007JBDCMWR Posts: 2,163MI6 Agent

    As an owner of the original "not so ltd run it now seems" shirt. I sized up a half size. Fit is perfect. Usual size 16 would not have worked.

    This advice is obviously dependent on this reissue fitting the same.

    Skewered, one sympathises...

    1. CR. 2. TSWLM. 3. LTK. 4. GF. 5. SF.
  • CheverianCheverian Posts: 1,169MI6 Agent
  • NoiNoi Posts: 535MI6 Agent

    here is the full 007 x Connolly Collection:

    I asked Connolly about the shirt and they stated that they have the same constituents in make and style but the bale of fabric is not the exact same one provided for NTTD. you probably need a side by side comparison to tell if this is true or not.

    Anyway the the Cocktail Case is nice but £4000...

  • JTBondJTBond Posts: 46MI6 Agent

    I really wanted to purchase the trousers...until I saw the $345 price tag. For that price I just can't justify it in my mind. I think I'd rather buy the Danner's and the Vuarnet 06's; items I'd get some every day use out of.

  • chriscollins007chriscollins007 North Somerset , England Posts: 1,091MI6 Agent

    Is it just me or are we feeling 007 burn out with all these new additions.

    My head is spinning what to go for.

    Connolly shirt , Danners boots , Barbour jacket, Palladium boots and Npeal trousers.

    Not to mention when we finally find out which white henley is underneath the Guibinno , navy swim shorts and Garage scene jeans.

    Wish they would of done it in stages to gives us a breather and my wallet 😆

    007 reporting for duty
  • ichaiceichaice LondonPosts: 399MI6 Agent

    Connolly shirt, Danner boots, Npeal trousers will not be troubled by my wallet.

    I love Bond clobber but only buy what I would wear.

    Yes. Considerably!

  • The Domino EffectThe Domino Effect Posts: 3,215MI6 Agent

    You forgot to mention the Orlebar Brown t-shirts! 😁

    I feel your pain Chris, but on the bright side the pain actually started 18 months ago with the NPeal woolly-pully, Vuarnet sunglasses, Barton Perreira sunglasses, Tommy Bahama shirt, Tom Ford clobber, etc etc etc. Imagine if everything had come out at once around the original launch date, I would be divorced and homeless now (although well dressed!).

  • 007JBDCMWR007JBDCMWR Posts: 2,163MI6 Agent

    Npeal have measured the trousers for me. Inside leg is 29-30 inches on all the M and L they had to hand...


    Def forcing wearing with a boot of some sort

    Skewered, one sympathises...

    1. CR. 2. TSWLM. 3. LTK. 4. GF. 5. SF.
  • Westward_DriftWestward_Drift Posts: 2,573MI6 Agent

    I'd want a 34 inseam at least. So if you are taller than DC, looks like the combat trousers are a no go.

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