Sanders & Sanders: Snuff or Chocolate?



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    I had to do my own research, sending a few emails, so to save somebody’s time:

    The Sanders are cemented and made in England. Can’t comment on the quality of the sole, I’ve heard both good and bad. There may be slight variations in the quality of the crepe--a natural material--but I guess it mostly comes down to care and the way they are worn. The fact that they are cemented, however, means that once the sole is done, the whole shoe is as well.

    The Danish Playboy Footwear ones are cemented and made in China. (That does not say anything about their quality, of course, nevertheless, it clears out the confusion with Goodyear welting and production in Spain. Also, though from what I can tell they own the original Hutton designs and advertise the shoes as "the original," at least construction-wise, they are not the same. The Huttons were Goodyear welted, at least to my knowledge.)

    The George Cox version (Popboy) is Goodyear welted and made in England. This makes them the best option of the three in my view, even if you won’t find them on sale, although I’m yet to try them... I’ve seen multiple colours in both high and low top.

    UPDATE: Following my suspicions, it is now official that the George Cox Popboy is also not Goodyear welted. They are the same as Sanders -- cemented, wrapped foxing. I also presume that they are actually made by Sanders. Sorry for giving wrong information (which was provided by British Boot Company).
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    canoe2 wrote:
    Just updated the post on IA for the Sanders Playboys.

    One pair I found interesting is the George Cox Pop Boys. Has anyone tried them? George Cox claims they've also been making this style for over 50 yrs.


    They're 215 GBP on the George Cox site. But British Boot Company has them for 200GBP

    Can I suggest updating the article as the "Original" Playboy chukkas are definitely NOT goodyear welted - I've had this confirmed and there is no doubt at all!
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    Hi, I know this is old but I have a few questions about your purchase since I'm from the US too:

    1. Did you end up getting your shoe from Lester Sweden?

    2. How did you pay for VAT since it was excluded from the total amount they charged you?

    3. Were you billed for custom duties and taxes post purchase?

    4. What shoe size in EU did you get...42?

    I'm just curious because I am about the same size as you, US 9.5/UK 8.5, between 5'8 and 5'9.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the shoe. Great buy!

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