NTTD Movie Questions/remarks - not Reviews (maybe SPOILERS in responses)



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    (Inspired by Imaginary Conversations) Could Blofeld sue the prison for cruel and unusual punishment because he wasn't allowed to have white cats in his cell? 😂

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    Thank you! Re. eye: perhaps it’s my own stupidity, but I feel that the film does a terrible job of demonstrating that there are TWO bionic eyes at play, one in Primo’s head and one in Blofeld’s. Presumably Nomi discovered Blofeld’s eye after M tells her to inspect him. I just wish this had been made clear. As for how Blofeld was able to SEE what Primo’s eye was seeing… does Blofleld’s eye connect to his brain somehow? A handy USB port?

    I’m also still a little perplexed by Valdo’s reasons for running away in Cuba. He’s clearly expecting an escape, and isn’t Logan Ash relying on Bond to bring him to the boat? In which case, hasn’t Valdo been told to expect Bond and Paloma? Again, forgive my if this is my own stupidity.

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    Can someone please tell me - at the end when the girls are driving off it's in the DB5 correct? Is it still shot-up or is it all pristine?

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    It's the V8 at the end. Fate of the DB5 unknown.

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    Thank you for the reply! I'd still like to see it at some point, but for the first time in my life I won't be there when it opens in the U.S. tonight! I'm waiting to see if anyone else wants to see it down the road, or maybe just wait to watch it at home. I appreciate all of the reviews and thoughts you guys have posted - I think there are a lot of good ideas as to how it could have been done differently.

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    I wonder what happened to the Land Rover in 🇯🇲 and the boat in 🇨🇺

    Yes. Considerably!
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    I haven't seen the movie yet.

    There was a lot of discussion in the past about that they injected lots of feminist and gender propaganda, identity politics and wokism into this movie.

    So my question to you who have seen the movie is if all the things that have been speculated about in the past have become true or not.

    Even though it is a Bond movie I usually don't watch movies that shove left wing propaganda down peoples throats !

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    Let's say there are elements in NTTD that won't be to the liking of all leaders of megachurches. I can also say you can expect lots of the aspects you've come to expect in a Bond movie, and many are very well done in my opinion.

    But Are some elements feminist and woke propaganda or the series staying relevant to today's world? People have different opinions even though they saw the same movie, so the only way you can truely decide what you think about NTTD is by watching it.

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    I can also say I highly reccomend staying off this thread and other threads marked "spoilers" until you've seen the movie yourself.

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    What was the motivation for Mr White to kill all of Safin’ s family?

    Why didn’t he kill Safin?

    What became of the x-ray of Blofeld’s brain, which had been identified from earlier trailers as carrying a birth date which wasn’t fitting - and therefore nurtured the theory, that NTTD was about cloning?

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    I thought that Mr White tried to kill everyone by poisoning the whole family. It’s just that Safin survived and the scarring on his face is the effect of the poison…

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    Your safe. It’s not the woke mess that was speculated or that a certain person constantly brought up during the marketing.

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    Can you guys let me know what you thought were the most "007" moments of the film for Craig? I was thinking of starting another thread to ask what your favorites are of the series (no matter the actor).

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    For example; CR - "That last hand nearly killed me." Or Skyfall when he sees Silva blow up the Aston - the look on his face when the Bond theme kicks in and you see him ready to destroy his childhood home in order to get his way. Willing to kill himself and destroy everything he has to get it done...

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    I think the DB5 doing the business in the Matera square is a great moment in NTTD.

    "Any of the opposition around..?"
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    Sure sounds like a favorite! His pause while letting Madeline get freaked-out by the gunfire before letting it rip sounds excellent!

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    Sorry to repeat myself from another thread but why didn’t Safin just infect bond with a virus that would kill EVERYONE. Leave out the bloated needless hair scene and overthinking. He would have made such a vial as insurance for himself.

    it would have made Bond’s sacrifice a more convincing sacrifice rather than offing himself because he didn’t want to raise his daughter on Zoom.

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    Was all the Dr. No speculation just that then, speculation?

    Safin did seem to have a similar air of calm menace about him and opting to dress in a kimono style garb in the latter part of the film.

    I swear one of the henchmen refers to him as Dr.

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    One gripe that is obvious. but nobody seems to have mentioned it. Safin basically shoots Bond numerous times in the body, from close range, they're not flesh wounds. Yet next thing is, he's off running around and getting chatty over the phone to his lady love. I mean, I'm roughly Craig's age and you try getting me to go for my morning jog.

    I thought it would be explained by his having a bullet proof vest but no. On that basis, John Lennon would have had time to nip back into the studio and lay down a couple of tracks - and wouldn't have died anyway.

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    There wasn’t much claret either when Madeleine’s Mother was shot or when Safin was shot by Madeline.

    Yes. Considerably!
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    12A certificate stuff, surely.

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    In the PTS, why was Safin able to survive being shot multiple times (after first seeming to be dead)? Yet when Bond shot him, he (presumably) died?

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    I think NTTD has (some of) the best fight scenes in the entire series. Not stunts and big action scenes in my opinion, but fisticuts and gunplay. Discuss ...

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    OHMSS trumps all every time: more Bourne before Bourne, the snap and crack of fist on flesh, the crackling editing, the music or lack of music, the sense Lazenby-Bond can really dish it and in some imaginative places : the sea, a bell tower, a mountainside, a bob sleigh.

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    I kinda just spotted NTTD's biggest plot hole, although I'm not certain about it:

    When Bond grabs Madalleine by her wrist it was basically to tell us he just got infected by the nanobats Safin gave her in the little fragrance. But since Bond was basically sprayed all over with the virus targeted at Spectre agents earlier in the movie on Cuba, wasn't he already holding a virus that would kill Blofeld? Why show us that extra step that basically said "aw damn now he's infected because he grabbed her"?

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    very good point.

    unless that was all other Spectre DNA only excluding Blofeld's - but if all of Spectre then i'm sure Blofeld would have been in there.

    great catch.

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    @MrZareba I noticed this too! You’re right - it does seem like an unnecessary step because Bond would already be carrying NanoBots that would kill Blofeld anyway. But I’ve thought about this and maybe it does tell us something about Madeleine that is important to the story.

    Blofeld plants the seed at the beginning of the movie that Madeleine is working with Spectre and then, during his meeting with James, reveals that this was actually misdirection. Since Blofeld has a vested interest in screwing with Bond, it might be hard to know which version of his story is true. However, because we’ve seen Madeleine prepare to kill Blofeld, we can believe that she really didn’t betray Bond. When they analyse the NanoBots that Bond is infected with, and pin Blofeld’s death on Madeleine, this for me is the point at which the plot hole is at its worst, but I think they probably wrote it that way because maybe it allows Bond to realise he can trust Madeleine again and that he’d made a mistake in Matera. 

    Whatever the reason, I agree this certainly seems like a flaw in the story. 

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    No, the nanobots are DNA targeted to their victim - that was made clear…Blofeld was not at the party, and as all the SPECTRE agents there were going to die an never come into contact with Blofeld, then there was no point in including a DNA-targeted nanobot for Blofeld…Safin knew Blofeld only spoke to Madeleine, hence why he gave her the spray.

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