NTTD Movie Questions/remarks - not Reviews (maybe SPOILERS in responses)



  • Quentin QuigleyQuentin Quigley Terminal One, Hamburg AirportPosts: 1,188MI6 Agent

    Safin: "Should I wear these slippery boots on the ice, or--"

    Boris: "NO! SPIKE THEM!"

    Always have an escape plan. Mine is watching James Bond films.
  • emtiememtiem SurreyPosts: 5,798MI6 Agent
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    Ha! 😂

  • Number24Number24 NorwayPosts: 21,981MI6 Agent
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    It's a little bit strange. Those are used when walking on ice, by for example people fishing on frozen lakes. Other crampons with much shorter spikes are used when walking on iced roads, parking lots etc.

    But Safin came through the forrest. Why did he wear that type of crampons? Why did he wear crampons at all when he planned to walk on snow and inside the cabin? It can be argued that the filmmakers knew he was going out on the lake, so it was safer for the actor to wear crampons. But the young actress who played mini-Madeleine didn't wear crampons. My guess is the crampons makes him look more scary, so that's why he's wearing them.

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