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  •  I was told to give an explanation to cover at least 5 years on the forum, then I was told I wouldn't give an explanation for a.) b.) c.) then when I chose to give an explanation, I'm told that I'm comforting myself and rambling on? And that's the problem, there really is no winning with some on here. Once you're in the bullseye, one can present all the truth in the world but when that finger's already itching, you gotta pull that trigger. And you can never, ever admit to being wrong, that would be...unthinkable. 

     You see that's the problem, you're actually out of touch with how 50% of the forum feel.  How would I know? I've been here for years. A lot of people are just afraid to speak up. As I previously said, but we will just tip-toe around that can of worms, won't we? Alex006, tell me how did I wrong you? You and I have never done a business deal. So I gave you some unsolicited advice one time, that's it? I didn't have to admit to being more of a seller than a fan, but I did. And I stand behind what I said, I've never scammed anyone on here. If you feel like I truly have, then message me, and I'll make it right. There are many seller platforms out there, I don't have to stay here, or try to make things right, but I'm willing to. I don't tuck tail and run, it's not in my nature. Are these the actions of a scammer? They always head for the hills, always.

     If I give you the product code of the screen accurate Carhartt hat, a screen shot of the e-mail from the business that confirms flyye industries, e-mail after e-mail of unhappy forum members, proof after proof of everything I said, will I get an apology? Of course not, you can never admit to being wrong, I could present all those facts, and you'd simply throw some childish insult at me. I've been here for years, you learn a thing or two. 

    I could easily make a bunch more fake screen names, come at you sideways, continue selling, but Sir Miles won my respect, he was willing to at least hear me out. @Bond_Ambitions @JTM @Victor B if you really do think I did you wrong somehow message me, I can at least cover the shipping costs of the items you received from me or I received from you.

    I really did mean it when I said I do not hate anybody on this forum.

  • IceQIceQ Posts: 277MI6 Agent

    Can we please get back to the bag, this is tedious

  • TennysonTennyson A View to a KillPosts: 583MI6 Agent

    Thanks @IceQ, that’s the very reason why I opened the other discussion!

  • Alex006Alex006 Posts: 150MI6 Agent

    Has anyone ordered the SoTech 00 bag yet? Really curious to hear if there's any differences from the standard model other than the name

  • TennysonTennyson A View to a KillPosts: 583MI6 Agent

    No, not yet.. I was hanging on to see what’s changed first. I think the only 2 changes will be the position of the 50mm buckle will be moved to the ‘bag end’of the strap as opposed to the shoulder sling end, and the small 25mm buckle on the shoulder pad will be moved. Beyond that the only other possible differences they ‘should’ make is no patch logo and paracord zip pulls.

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    The irony is that I managed to find and order a Flyye bag the day before S.O. Tech staked their claim. It's been slowly making its way to me from Guangzhou. I'd previously purchased a Lancer Airsoft bag (it doesn't seem to be readily available anymore). The Lancer is a decent knockoff, but the materials are inferior to both Flyye and S.O. Tech based on the specs at least.

  • Alex006Alex006 Posts: 150MI6 Agent

    Well hey, if they were to make them without those patches, how else would we get those screen-accurate stitch holes? ;)

  • Bond_AmbitionsBond_Ambitions Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 433MI6 Agent

    Yeah am I crazy because this thought has crossed my mind unironically?

  • CheverianCheverian Posts: 1,292MI6 Agent

    Before SO Tech came out claiming to have provided the sling bag, I put in an order for the Flyye from these folks:

    It took about a month, but the bag finally arrived, and I would echo those who said it is well made, and has the looks we want.

    I won't wade into the competing claims, but for those who want a bag that looks SA for half the price of the SO Tech or some of the larger outfits, this seller worked for me, albeit slowly.

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    I edit, therefore I am.
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    Wow.. that’s really interesting… now what the hell is it… so here’s my thoughts..

    1. is this really the ‘Hero’ piece.. when you look at the boots and other items in this costume that have been through the ringer, why is this so immaculate… I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same pouch, but one of the many back ups.. @Asp9mm, you have seen the hero one for real I believe, does this look correct?
    2. strange that for all the ‘tactical’ look they have here, why have a shiny mirror silver press stud (snap to you yanks!)… odd.. but that was a look when ‘tactical nylon’ became a thing in the 90’s, when mainly US cops moved from leather to either nylon or kydex pouches..where I worked we started with silver press studs on our pouches and slowly transitioned to dull brass then black for more ‘tactical’ customers.
    3. So looking at an adjusted image taken from the gallery, the pouch shape is quite odd, not a dressing or compass pouch as I first thought, and not wide enough for handcuffs.. it’s not moulded, but has plenty of fabric in the body, almost a gusset, so could be a Captor/CS/Pepper spray pouch.. did think flash bang but again the silver press stud doesn’t fit there.
    4. it is a really high quality piece, I don’t think it’s an AliExpress special, 1000d textured nylon, 2mm foam lined, high quality binding and a rounded pouch as opposed to the quick and easy square cut. The sewing looks impeccable too. Again this was the sort of pouch quality coming out of the US in the late 90’s. Bianchi and Safariland spring to mind.

    by my reckoning, this is from the archive.. I’ve spent all day looking and so far can’t find anything similar around. This fits into the known Eon narrative of clearing out silvermans in the 90’s!

    that said, I will keep looking!!!

  • IceQIceQ Posts: 277MI6 Agent

    Additional belt loops interesting too, not standard on the belt

  • TennysonTennyson A View to a KillPosts: 583MI6 Agent

    So, I think we have progress gents. I've done loads of digging, reverse image searches along with contacting various companies, I just couldn't nail it, so I changed tact and went back to my roots with some proper detective work.

    Knowing the webbing on the belt is 55mm wide, I could determine the length and width of the pouch, and when I compared it to my old police belt, I could confirm the size was that of a Captor/CS/Pepper/OC spray pouch, so I hunted on that.

    I took a punt on aliexpress (having initially said it was high quality), and searching 'police duty belt, I noticed this baby on the full rig

    This seemed to measure up, and after some digging here in NZ, I found someone who was selling them in country - the quality in the image above is very good, and looks like the same 600-1000D textured nylon, so I took a punt and bought a set (nope, I just couldn't find anyone selling just that pouch) - thankfully the price was like $20USD so I wasn't bothered, BUT I wasn't convinced the quality would be there either, especially as the stock images on Aliexpress etc are normally taken from the higher quality item, and that theory played out.

    The belt turned up, and where I am satisfied that the pouch on DC belt is the same type of pouch, its clearly not of the same quality - the dimensions are 100% identical, but the one I got had a plastic 'stiffer' inside, where DC's and the stock image above clearly doesn't . Also the nylon is a much cheaper grade, and the press stud looks like it was put on by Stevie Wonder. In all honesty this wouldn't last a week on patrol on my old patch!

    As you can see I have it mounted on the same type of roll pin belt (although I couldn't find my black one, so had to use the desert tan one, and the features are there, along with the relevant positioning in the components to the belt, and the bottom edge is also 'rounded'. My press stud is black rather than silver, but some images on Ali are silver, but again, you can't seem to choose the finish here.

    I will keep an eye out for the proper one, but for now I will just cut out the stiffer piece, and replace/reposition the press stud with a silver one. If anyone has any other ideas for brands, please feel free to chip in and comment!

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