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  • Smudge7Smudge7 Posts: 25MI6 Agent

    Does anyone have any suggestions for the TF Spectre funeral tie? I know Magnoli did a version, however this is no longer available.

  • CheverianCheverian Posts: 1,450MI6 Agent

    The excellent website BAMF Style, which does occasional features on Bond outfits, has an exhaustive look at the Iceland outfit for DAD. But I’ve been utterly unable to find anything in the real world that resembles the diving pants he cites. Does anyone have a clue what I’m missing? Any leads on where to find something similar?

  • dlgumpdlgump Posts: 4MI6 Agent

    I would love a IA newsletter! Can't wait to see the new site! I went there today to check out the alternative to the matera linen overs shirt and freaked out when it was down..lol

  • RandyRandy Posts: 1MI6 Agent

    I'm new here,...and really late to the discussion. But I stumbled onto your site when looking at the Bond Alternative watches, and due to your wonderful write up on the Octopus Kraken ...I purchased one from the Watchdives site.

    I've had a side business in watch repair and restoration, so I opened the case. I have to say that I did find a few specks of debris..but overall it is really clean. Mine wound easily out of the box,..and amplitude on 20 winds hit 307.

    It has held around -4 to +3 for two weeks know..and I'm very impressed overall. I also grabbed the nicer mesh band, as it really looks like the Omega band. I've included a wrist shot, but it's not the best.

    I'm also wearing this cardigan which I think matches up nicely with many you've covered in previous posts.


    Best regards to you all...


  • armenianmoviemanarmenianmovieman The 818Posts: 674MI6 Agent
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    $34.99 with Prime shipping and free returns for this take on the Royale Ivory Cardigan.

    For those of us who missed out on the larger sizes of the Royale, this may be a good alternative.

    I know it looks a little drapey, but it looks pretty good in some of the review pictures.

    Yes. Consssssiderably.
  • kristopherm3kristopherm3 Posts: 156MI6 Agent

    If anyone's interested, I'm selling a pair of J. Crew 770™ trousers in mushroom - identified by Iconic Alternatives as a good option for the Spectre Brunello Cucinelli Gabardine Chinos.

    Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong size and was difficult to return as I'm based in the UK.

    Selling for £70 including shipping, if anyone's interested.

    Size: 31W 32L

  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 160MI6 Agent

    I have been searching for a Zorin jacket alternative and…..

    Ive ordered one and will update you. I suspect it may not be as good as the picture. Let’s see!


  • _Stocks_Stocks EnglandPosts: 391MI6 Agent
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  • armenianmoviemanarmenianmovieman The 818Posts: 674MI6 Agent

    Just realized that Dead Reckoning Part 1 is 3 months away to the day.

    Was rewatching MI2 and Cruise's suede zip shirt jacket really stood out.

    And a screencap of the Royale Filmwear website on the Bond's Apartment review of the MI6 trousers revealed an upcoming version of the Craig blouson.

    Yes. Consssssiderably.
  • CheverianCheverian Posts: 1,450MI6 Agent

    I own a closet's worth of Royale designs, but that suede looks a little pale to me, compared at least with the version Matchless made available after SP came out. I don't know the color of the actual screen-worn version. And, of course, all of Mendes' films used such heavy filters, it's hard to guess how these pieces looked IRL.

  • emtiememtiem SurreyPosts: 5,694MI6 Agent

    It looks a bit tight to wear. Not sure I'd like that.

  • ThomoThomo ReadingPosts: 949MI6 Agent
  • HalfMonk HalfHitmanHalfMonk HalfHitman USAPosts: 2,328MI6 Agent
  • armenianmoviemanarmenianmovieman The 818Posts: 674MI6 Agent

    I was wondering about the Danner Mountain Light II's:

    1) Should one go half a size or full size down from their sneaker size? Or are they true to size?

    2) Are they wearable in the summer or is it more of a bulky winter boot? (Specifically, I'm guessing one can't expect to wear these with some chino shorts and a polo)

    3) Any good boots similar to these, preferably Bond related brands?

    Yes. Consssssiderably.
  • Bottled_in_BondBottled_in_Bond Posts: 19MI6 Agent

    I've owned a pair of these boots for more than twenty years. I use them for hunting now so not a huge amount of miles on them but many days. I'm a 10 US on a Brannock device and in sneakers but my Danners are 9.5 US. Not a summer boot in my opinion, nor are they suitable for chinos and polos. For that use better something like a Thursday Captain or Vanguard.

  • 405405 Posts: 119MI6 Agent
    edited May 2023

    I have been hunting for an alternative to the Tom Ford Harrington from QoS.

    I thought about getting the Baracuta G4, which is close to the TF, but I didn't want something with the tartan liner. (Already own a G9 in navy and mist) . Even though the tartan is just a liner it peeks out from behind the jacket and sometimes I don't care for the way it looks with certain outfits.

    Many of the harrington options out there have a tartan liner, being replicated over and over again from the Baracuta, so finding a good TF harrington wasn't as easy as you would think. Especially when you factor in some of the other styling cues from the TF like the non ribbed cuffs, non covered pockets, and single button neck closure.

    During my search I came across what I think is a great alternative, the Triple Aught Design Vanguard DX jacket in Phantom:



    It nails a lot of the details I was looking for and it was obviously styled after the TF as TAD's description references Daniel Craig and QoS. I decided to pull the trigger on one and while it wasn't "cheap", it is still much less than a TF. I just received mine today and I am very happy with it. It's a great looking jacket and I think an excellent alternative for anyone looking.

  • mccoy87mccoy87 Posts: 7MI6 Agent

    Please let us know how it fits. Is it true-to-size?

  • 405405 Posts: 119MI6 Agent

    Yes, fit is true to size. I would say it is slim fit. I usually take a medium, 5’11’ 180 lbs. Purchased the medium and it fits perfectly.

  • mccoy87mccoy87 Posts: 7MI6 Agent

    Ok, thank you. I'll try to find one. The Medium size seems hard to find.

  • 405405 Posts: 119MI6 Agent

    There were a couple on ebay, but looks like they are gone now. I'll keep a look out for restocks.

  • WooperthWooperth Posts: 18MI6 Agent

    Do any know of good matches for the N.T.T.D. Tom Ford jeans that are currently available? I ordered two different sizes of the Jan jeans from Mango. The colour looks like a close match, especially I.R.L. and not on screen, but I find the fit a bit slim, especially considering I want to buff up some more, and when sizing up they are a bit too loose.


    There is also the Bob model, which I guess should be looser, but the colour is not quite as close.



  • PandemicPandemic Posts: 76MI6 Agent

    I recently received the PJ cotton shawl cardigan and am very happy with it. I’d emailed Royale to see if their version would be available soon, but when I didn’t get an answer I went ahead and ordered this cotton cardigan. Obviously the buttons aren’t film-accurate and the stitch pattern isn’t t the same, but it is a lovely piece that i plan to wear the heck out of this winter.


  • PandemicPandemic Posts: 76MI6 Agent

    I also got these swim shorts, which have a Skyfall vibe, even though the color is wrong. I actually got the Burgundy color, but this is closest to the Orlebar Brown color:


  • 405405 Posts: 119MI6 Agent

    I went with the Tommy Bahama Boracay jean and have been happy with them. They are very comfortable and close to the TF shade of gray. Have been thinking about buying more pairs in other colors I like them so much.

  • PandemicPandemic Posts: 76MI6 Agent

    One more from the new guy (hope I’m not spamming here). SPIER & McKay have this lovely Drago PoW check on sale for around $580 in full Made to Measure. Half canvas is standard, full is an extra $150. It’s all very customizable and the house ‘English Cut’ picks up a lot of the Bond features like structured and roped shoulders, less open quarters, etc. Slimmer 3” lapels are an option, higher rise trousers and side tabs. You can also request two angled flapped pockets instead of the straight pockets with ticket pocket that comes standard with this cut.

  • WooperthWooperth Posts: 18MI6 Agent

    Wonderful suggestion. I think that the colour looks quite close. How is the fit? I know that the original Tom Fords were marketed as slim fit but from what I saw in The Bond Experience they are a bit looser than that. Are they a bit more relaxed even for those with athletic builds?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have looked at the Boracay jeans before but the colour does not seem quite close enough in my judgement.

  • PandemicPandemic Posts: 76MI6 Agent

    I read the discussion here on sizing and altering the Catalina shirt before ordering and will add my two cents:

    I’m 6’0 and 175lbs, 38” chest and 32” waist. Always a Medium in shirts (or slim 15.5 in dress shirts). I sized down to a Small in this shirt and I think the fit is spot-on without needing any alterations:

  • HalfMonk HalfHitmanHalfMonk HalfHitman USAPosts: 2,328MI6 Agent

    Co-signed on AG, for the Jamaica jeans or just in general as a great piece of clothing.

  • JTullock23JTullock23 ArizonaPosts: 552MI6 Agent

    I also co-sign the AG Jeans thing. I also very much like the brand Fidelity Denim. Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters wear them and I’m a huge fan of him and Foo Fighters. Their Torino fit is my favorite though their Jimmy is a good one too. I have a grey pair that works well for the Jamaica outfit. Perhaps not the exact color but close. So for me, it is AG or Fidelity. That is all I own.

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  • WooperthWooperth Posts: 18MI6 Agent

    It is good to hear that they seem to be a good brand. I think I will try on some pairs later.

    I posted a separate thread but I think it is easier to get advice here, so any thoughts on my original post here?


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