Who should play the next MI6 regulars?



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    How about either Patrick Stewart or John Cleese playing M, Yes I know Cleese has already played Q (or R), Another suggestion would be transfer Rory Kinnear from Tanner to play Q? His late great Father the Comic actor Roy Kinnear would have been a great Q?

  • chrisno1chrisno1 LondonPosts: 1,366MI6 Agent

    Could we introduce Q'ute ?

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    Some think the next Bond and MI6 regulars (other than M) will be fairly young to appeal to a younger demographic. I'm not sure it's that easy, but it could be interesting. Not very young, but about 30 and not 40-50.

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    I'd give Mark Bonnar a shout as M. He's a Scot, he's fifty odd years old and he has a long and variable career on TV. Very good in Shetland and Guilt. I think a Scottish M would a class idea.

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    It's probably stunt casting and she's most likely far too famous, but I still like the idea of Maisie Williams as Miss Moneypenny. Maybe it's the type of casting the franchise needs to feel relevant for people under thirty and even younger? She's 24 now, seen as clearly talented and in my opinion just the type to play Moneypenny.

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    Hmm, interesting idea. You just jogged my memory. With a Scottish M in Mark Bonnar, how about a cockney secretary in Maisie Smith. She's even got Lois Maxwell's red hair, and by the time Bond 26 is out, she'll be in her mid-20s, perfect age for Moneypenny.

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    LaKeith Stanfield (30) seems like a good candidate for Felix Leiter. He's no star, but I've seen his name on lists of up and coming talent. He was in "Get Out!", "Snowden", "Straight Outa Compton" (as Snoop), "Knives out", "Selma", "The girl in the spider's web" and many other movies. He is nominated for a best suppoeting actor Oscar for his work in "Judas and the black messiah".

    I think we get an idea of what his Felix can be like, he plays a NSA agent in "The girl in the spider's web".

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