Danny Boyle has left Bond25 over 'creative differences'



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    thats how I read it too, TwoFour, back to thematic Roots

    and other than that, and the two bits that made it into the film we saw, I dont see much actual info about what Boyle wanted to do. more about how Boyle fancies himself too good for franchise films. ah well, thought it was worth sharing, since we'd long speculated.

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    maybe...I probably got distracted by this in the article I read "What seems to have stalled things with Boyle’s vision for Bond’s final outing was wanting to confine the story to Russia and deliver an internal drama around Bond’s origins."

    Point stands re John Lydon though.

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    Maybe, maybe not. I don't think the overall plot can be used now anyway because of the current political situtaion, the Russian war in Ukraine and the new cold war. Ironic, isn't it? A plot about Bond and cold war can (maybe) not be shot because of cold war ....

    It's possible the plot can be used if countries like Finland, Hungary and the Czeck republic is used as stand-ins for Russia, but my guess is the script will be canibalized for use in other Bond movies.

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    I am reading this article and just shaking my head......

    I don't believe for a single second that DBoyles script was so outlandishly different and controversial then the crap that was penned for NTTD. Boyle left because he thought that killing Bond off was an idiotic idea and didn't want to be a part of DCraigs final F-You to the franchise/character. I can totally see the temper tantrum DCraig might of had over the phone with Barbara as she was trying to get him to come back after Spectre being like "If I come back one last time, Barbara, then I need to be a co-producer and I am killing Bond the **** off so I never have to do this **** again". 🤣

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    I don't believe the Boyle script was outlandishly different. If so, why would EON sign on to it in the first place? Neither do I think EON was blackmailed into the NTTD ending. I actually believe it was naturally for CraigBond to both show the begining AND the end of that timeline and both Craig and EON saw it that way. However I do think Craig insisted on that ending, and being sure he wouldn't be asked the rest of his life if he was going to return as James Bond (like Connery) was important to him. This doesn't mean NTTD was a "F- You" from Craig to the Bond character and franchise. Craig always had a deep affection fro James Bond, even though his vison of Bond wasn't the same as all Bond fans.

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    To quote Q- "That's putting it mildly, 007".

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    EON did go for that script for some time, that was what I meant.

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    Not really…there already was a script but Boyle wanted his own input, so Hodge was hired.

    Eon went with Boyle for some time.

    YNWA 97
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    Can you say anything about what was so outlandish about Boyle's ideas?

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    asp said:

    Making Bond a drug addict.

    would he at least have a Scootish accent once again?

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