New poll (2020): Who do you want as the next James Bond?



  • lotusguy2001lotusguy2001 Posts: 132MI6 Agent

    No, you were able to kind of say what I thought. I just couldn’t find the right words and at 44 and somewhat set in my ways I wasn’t sure how to say it without possibly offending any of our community.

    Honestly I thought that with the Lucius picks they might have thought Bond should be 25 and LGBTQ in the controversial thread.

    That would definitely be a huge change but I don’t know if the world would be ready, I have to say I wouldn’t be ready as it doesn’t seem the character that was created.

    With that being said perhaps it’s time to organically introduce a side character or fellow agent that identifies as such?

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    I wouldn't be opposed to Tanner or Leiter being gay. I liked the way the character "Steve Jinks" in the TV-series "Warehouse 13" was portrayed. The character was gay, but this was never a plot point or discussed at length. His sexual orientation was treated as an aspect of the character, not that different from another character's fondness for cookies (even though a person's sexual orientation is more important than a fondness for snacks, but in story terms they were treated equal). They both went on with their work and the show didn't focus on those aspects of the characters. This is unlike the otherwise brilliant movie "Barbie". I found it too heavy-handed in its message. I think a LGBQT+ character who is just another person who helps the story move along is the best way to represent that community in a blockbuster. An example of this is David Suchet's character in the 1998 triller "A perfect murder". His character is shown to be a muslim and I belive he prays in a scene, but nothing more is made of his religion. He's just a man, not a villain or hero, who moves the story along with his actions. Hollywood movies should probably have more minority characters like that who are just a person and not a message. Ironically that's the best message.

  • lotusguy2001lotusguy2001 Posts: 132MI6 Agent

    I Guess that is kind of how they handled Q in NTTD.

    I’ve not seen Warehouse 13 I’ll look it up. I do agree with you that it’s more natural just to have a character go thru their day by day routine to give glimpses of who they are rather than try to overtly show you every aspect of a character’s life to reinforce the trait, belief, or sexual orientation the writer wishes you to see.

  • Number24Number24 NorwayPosts: 21,340MI6 Agent

    Exactly. The Craig era had an excellent Scooby gang, but it's important not to spend to much time on their private lives. Q waiting for his date was perfectly measured in that respect.

  • writingsonthewallwritingsonthewall SpainPosts: 417MI6 Agent

    Nic Hoult has been cast as Lex Luthor in James Gunn's upcoming Superman: Legacy movie. Does this mean he's out of the Bond race (assuming there is one outside of fan speculation)?

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  • Royale-les-EauxRoyale-les-Eaux LondonPosts: 800MI6 Agent

    As long as it's done by 2035....probably not 😁

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    He'll complete a Superman trilogy before Bond gets going so I don't see any problem.😁

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    This is the dude

  • Number24Number24 NorwayPosts: 21,340MI6 Agent

    Does he have a name?

  • NeverIsForeverNeverIsForever Posts: 2MI6 Agent

    The only one who fits the bill

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