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    What a load of sanctimonious nonsense

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    Lauterbach have you seen what this dirty clown looks like and no way would i listen too him

    there are way too many wrong clowns in the wrong jobs in the cirkus of the german goverment

    not all are behind them in germany and week for week they are losing more creditability

    ( funny is most of my customers be it bank workers or oberstattsanwalt think the same as i do )(of cource behind closed doors )

    i dont care what other germans here are saying there are always two sides to a story

    yes i am against quite a lot what the german goverment have done and are doing i still have a few years to work here but we have to fight for every thing we get ( work till 67 only get 47% of pay for pension and that gets taxed twice ) also im on the front line of seeing whats happing to the young people my son 24 hotelfachman has been stoped working since aprill 2020 hes on his ass we have too help him out with his apartment food and so on does he get help from the goverment does he **** all this lockdown crap is ruining the werkschaft in germany

    so that my side of the story

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    After a bit of consideration, I think it’s time for me to follow a number of others & say goodbye to this site. Whilst I’ve not been a prolific poster on here over the years, I’ve enjoyed a number of conversations away from the boards with many on here. I’ve also not enjoyed receiving other messages, but that’s now irrelevant.

    Over time there’s certainly been a toxic element that has been allowed to fester (mainly in the politics related threads it has to be said) & the patronising, arrogant & bordering on xenophobic tone that is evident doesn’t sit right with me - this is a Bond site in the end of the day which is supposed to bring people together ... not alienate those who dare to question or share alternative views.

    My best wishes to you all (yes I do mean all) & I hope that post-Covid brings a different vibe & encourages a more friendly environment where people can interact in a harmonious manner.

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    you should write a letter of complaint to the Coronavirus......

    And those lockdowns happen everywhere - not only in Germany if you have noticed.

    Hotels and restaurants are closed everywhere. Your son should get Kurzarbeitergeld or Arbeitslosengeld like everybody else.

    And very sophisticated calling out Lauterbach by his looks ( I have seen your pics posing in the snow 😂😂)

    Like it or not, Lauerbach has a record of having predicted everything correctly that has happened during Covid.

    President of the 'Misty Eyes Club'.

    Dalton - the weak and weepy Bond!
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    Just ignore this and the politics thread like I do. Then it won’t wind you up. Nothing good ever comes from politics threads on forums like this. Just don’t take them seriously.

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    I'm sorry you've had such a negative experience in AJB, Ens007. I'm even more sorry you're leaving and I hope you (like Bond himself) will return. I wish you the best.

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    Right, that's it.

    Apologies to Ens007; this was not the way I intended this thread to develop. This is, indeed, a James Bond site and political threads have always led to stress and bad feeling plus, I am very sorry to say, members leaving us and like General Gogol said in AVTAK that cannot be tolerated.

    I am therefore closing this thread and intend to let it quietly sink into oblivion.

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